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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1003: A Pissed Off Fox

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Disorder crept into the world of immortals. The previous overlord of the monster spirits—Levitating Island—had completely collapsed. Monster spirit ancestor Silverlight had been captured by an even stronger entity, leaving Goldenlight kneeling in front of the Dao Academy gates and begging for the sovereign of monster spirit dao to save his beloved.

Sovereign of the monster spirit dao—the primordial monster spirit ancestor—naturally didnt refuse to help. She traveled to Levitating Island with a group of academy experts and met the unknown master in battle, overturning all of the North Sea for several months.

The remaining two heavyweights in the North Sea, the masters of the Dark North Sword Sect and Ingress Island, fully evacuated from the area. They sought shelter in Witherdew Major and became important officials of its court.

Since the Witherdew celestial court had just been rebuilt, it lacked mighty subordinates under its command. Though the Xue Clan and rest of Withdews once peak factions had greatly recovered thanks to the Dao Academys protection, they were still a far cry from the strength of the other eight majors.

But with the inclusion of the Dark North Sword Sect and Ingress Island, the major grew rapidly in strength. 

However, as Wuzhiqi was a connate demon god and an existence that exceeded great emperor, no faction in the world of immortals had a right to intervene in the battle of the North Sea. Even the ten newly awoken titans in the ten lands didnt dare provoke the ancient demon god.

The rulers of the ten lands were all powerhouses from the time before Emperors Fall. The demon gods name had shaken the heavens in that age and they clearly remembered his terrifying might. There was only one exception to that group—the torch dragon from Xuan Yuans tomb had made use of hellfire to project its image to the North Sea.


“Fellow daoists, its you alright!” The torch dragon immediately recognized the Deaf Prince, Lin Yan, and the others when it saw them. “You want to make use of Wuzhiqi to break free from your tribulation, dont you!”

Lin Yan nodded with resignation and the Deaf Prince remained unable to hear before he fully returned to himself. Therefore, he looked dumbly at the torch dragon making weird mouth shapes at him.

“I hate foxes,” the torch dragon suddenly grumbled when it saw the little fox.

The little fox didnt dignify that complaint with a response. If it wasnt for her trapping the torch dragon in Xuan Yuans tomb, it wouldnt have survived to modern times.

The Deaf Prince, Lin Yan, Jing Dichen, Feng Ruyu, Bai Qi, and Beicang Qiong had called upon Mount Vastpace together in their clash against Wuzhiqi, turning the local seas into a world of the human dao treasure of space. Theyd sealed off a region of water a hundred thousand kilometers across, forcing Wuzhiqi to fight them.

The demon god was no fool either, he naturally knew what the prodigals wanted to do when they showed up en masse. Help six hated rivals break free of their tribulation so they could return to their core essence as demon gods The sky would have to fall in first!

In return, Wuzhiqi sealed off Levitating Island and ignored the taunts and catcalls from the outside world. If it wasnt for the six prodigals ramming the island with the power of Mount Vastspace day in and day out, he wouldve comfortably shifted his focus to perpetuating his bloodline with Silverlight a long time ago.

“Its a pity that water monkey is too perceptive and refuses to fight us no matter what we do,” sighed Beicang Qiong.

Hed been Zhurong, ruler of the Huo Nation, in his past life. After the establishment of human dao, Zhurong stepped aside in favor of Crimson Emperor Chi Biaonu and became the grand priest of the human race. His status and authority among humanity was one of the highest as he was a pillar of the race.

The current Zhurong in the world of immortals and the ancient god of fire Zhurong in the Primordial Era were also his legacies.

If Beicang Qiong recovered his past self, the Zhurong Clan of the world of immortals would catapult to the top as well. Instantly becoming a peak faction, they would return to all of their glory days in the great wilderness.

“In all honesty, you dont need to be in a rush to break out of your tribulation.” The torch dragon nodded at Beicang Qiong. “Its not a bad thing to be caught in it. You six arent entities like Hongjun, whos ready for his next trial at any time after concluding his previous one.

“You keep a spark of hope alive by constantly remaining in a state of being tested. If you break free now, youll die without a doubt when the great cataclysm descends.”

The little fox jerked with surprise as Beicang Qiong and the others looked askance at each other.

“Whatd he say now, eh” Aware of his handicap these days, the Deaf Prince blared out his question while staring blankly at the torch dragon.

Jing Dichen rolled her eyes and transmitted what the torch dragon had said into her friends mind.

“And here I thought it was something important!” the Deaf Prince laughed heartily. “Senior brother Lu took our soul force in the great wilderness so that we would be able to find ourselves again no matter what happened in the future. Is there a difference whether were caught in or escape our tribulations Am I not me if Im not Goumang

“Let things proceed as they will, we just need to do whatever needs to be done at the moment!”

“You certainly have an open mind about things.” Lin Yan flicked a sideways glance at his friend and transmitted his retort.

“I have to keep an open mind since my ears are closed,” chuckled the Deaf Prince.

“How about I just destroy Levitating Island” the little fox suddenly suggested. “Ah Zhi and I created the landmass and I left some of my core essence on it. I can activate it to blow the whole thing up.”

Levitating Island was the last failsafe that she and Ah Zhi had created in case something went awry with their plans after they left the great wilderness. Itd also been where the little fox had split her soul into three separate entities, leaving one of them in relative safety on the island in the form of Xing Mou.

Xing Mou and Liu Qingmiao were independent life forms now and slowly growing and developing. They would safely come into their own one day, so there was no need for Levitating Island to exist further.

Plus, the little foxs skin crawled whenever she thought of the disgusting depravity that Wuzhiqi had looked at her with.

“I hate foxes,” grumbled the torch dragon when it looked at the little fox again.

“Hate what, you piece of reptilian tripe!” Stung by the repeated complaints, the little fox finally erupted and jumped in front of the torch dragon. She pointed at its nose and punctuated each sentence with an angry jab. “You ungrateful bastard that bites the hand of one who feeds you, you ugly reptile! If it wasnt for me and Lu Yun protecting you that year and taking the heavenly judgment for you, do you think youd be able to take shape here in all your loathsome glory!

“If it wasnt for me risking my life and more to lure you to Xuan Yuans tomb and sealing away your life, do you think youd live until now!

“You hate foxes More like I hate bumbling, idiotic, four-legged snakes!” Spittle sprayed across the torch dragons face as she ranted and raved, then firmly spat for good measure at the end of her tirade.

Was that… admiration in Lin Yans eyes when he saw this

Flustered, the torch dragon quickly wiped off the saliva on its face and hastily retreated to the rear.

Though the little fox had lent the Bell of Chaos to Tianqi, she still possessed the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals. Unrelenting in her fury, it whipped forward as a long white chain and cracked across the torch dragons projection.

Skittering in fright, the mighty dragon hadnt thought that the little fox would attack him without forewarning or even room to beg for forgiveness!


The scroll snapped viciously through the projection and reduced it to nothingness. At the same time, the little fox whirled around with a glare—


An enormous mushroom cloud rose from the nearby Levitating Island as the entire landmass spontaneously crumbled away into dust.

“Ook ook ook!! Tushan, I will have your head for this!!” Clutching Silverlight by the neck, an incensed Wuzhiqi shot out of the wreckage and brought down his emerald club firmly on the little fox.-

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