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Extreme despair newly blanketed Silverlight. Wuzhiqi was displaying strength far beyond what hed shown when he attacked Levitating Island. His presence surpassed the little foxs! He suppressed even the strength of Mount Vastspace in this moment.

Roaring and snarling, the connate demon god reached for the big mountain. Layers of space flooded out of the cerulean blue peak, firmly holding off the enormous hand.

However, Wuzhiqi was no longer affected by the power of space levied by Mount Vastspace. He grabbed the mountain proper and an image of him flashed through the treasure.

“No!” The Deaf Prince shouted and summoned an enormous mountain of immortal crystal over his head. 

Energy flowed over his body and surged into the mountain, expanding it to incredible dimensions. It crashed down on Wuzhiqi with momentous force, joined by five other crystal mountains at the same time.

But the connate demon god was too strong and he continuously released chaos realm strength with abandon. Though six mountains of immortal crystal came howling through the air and slammed into him, it was as if they were just tickling him.

The little fox started to grow frantic as well. She hadnt anticipated that Wuzhiqi would play along with their plans and take advantage of them to send a replica into Mount Vastspace. He was trying to bring the treasure under his control!

His efforts were already bearing fruit—the Deaf Prince and his friends were finding that the treasure was turning sluggish to their commands. 

A cerulean blue haze sparkled within Wuzhiqis gray fur—the power of Mount Vastspace.


“Tushan!” Wuzhiqi glared at the little fox with his huge eyeball. “This mighty one is not interested in foxes!”

“This wondrous one isnt interested in monkeys either!!” The little fox was ready to explode with rage. How dare that flea-ridden fur bag ridicule her at a time like this If she still possessed the Bell of Chaos, shed smash him into minced meat with the actual bell itself!

“Foxes may not be interested in you, but I am.”

A scarlet crescent of the moon suddenly appeared in the void, turning all of the North Sea into a bloody color.

“Who goes there!” Alarm seized Wuzhiqis expression. This color was very familiar to him… but it was also more horrifying than the color of his memories!

A man with crimson hair walked out of the scarlet rays of moonlight.

“You! How is this possible” The connate demon god's hairs stood on end when he saw the newcomers appearance. Horror rose from the bottom of his heart and peeked out of his eyes. There existed very few beings who could kill him, even Di Jun had only been able to seal him away. But there was one exception to them all—Asura!

The combination of a heavenly and earthly demon, the representation of the only true demon beneath the humans and the counterweight to human dao. Though Wuziqhi was a legitimate god as he possessed a divine decree bestowed by Taiyis celestial court, this decree was nothing but a joke in Asuras eyes.

“No, youre not Asura!!” Wuzhiqis body shrank rapidly from several million kilometers tall to a big monkey three hundred meters tall. The emerald club thatd disappeared earlier reappeared in his hands.

Fear vanished from his eyes, replaced by a thick bloodlust. “Asura is dead, quartered by Daoist Ingress himself. The outer-coffins of the qilin, phoenix, dragon, and turtle ancestors stripped his heavenly and earthly demon status from him. Youre not Asura, youre just whats left of him after he died.”

Asura was dead. In the eyes of these stunning personages from the Primeval Era, Asura was a concept thatd been entirely erased from heaven and earth. No matter what walked out from the four evil coffins, he was no longer Asura.

The blood demon understood that as well, so he called himself the blood demon and not Asura.

“That may be so, but thats still enough to kill you.” The blood demon didnt mind what he heard. He beckoned his Blood Moon into a ray of bloody light that sliced down upon Wuzhiqi while the connate demon god met it with his club.

The blood demon was in the chaos realm, as was Wuzhiqi. Great battle was joined once again in the North Sea. However, Mount Vastspace was now just several dozen meters across. Wuzhiqi maintained a death grip on it, and the six prodigals had been sucked into the treasure along with their crystal mountains.


“Thank goodness that Lu Yun made the twenty-four facets whole again and restored the world of immortals to one complete planet. Otherwise…” Having retreated from the North Sea, the little fox observed the proceedings from the seaside stronghold on Nephrite Majors borders.

The Witherdew celestial court had been reestablished and even the Truespirit and Exalted Palaces reconstructed. With the heavenly palace and kingdom of hell holding down the fort, the world of immortals was no longer barely stitched together as itd been in the Primordial Era. It was one complete whole.

The world of immortals was the primordial world of celestials, a new world born from those foundations and stronger than its predecessor. It was impossible for two chaos realm masters to destroy it, but that war a hundred thousand years ago had splintered it all the same.

Even now, no one knew what had occurred in that great war.





Collisions sounded over the North Sea like claps of thunder. Titanic tidal waves surged in all directions as two ponderous beings threw themselves at each other in the most instinctive way possible.

Combat arts and cultivation methods abounded, so numerous that they dazzled the eye.

Wuzhiqi and the blood demon were the strongest experts of the world of immortals. Their general understanding and comprehension far surpassed any level of enlightenment reached by anyone else. Their every move and technique embodied the ultimate dao and rationale of this realm.

Thus, the immortal dao absorbed the insights from their battle and reflected them in the consciousness of all denizens around the world of immortals. Many peak grand pure experts champed at the bit to observe this mighty fight between two great masters.

“Someones purposefully instigated this fight and wants to make use of Wuzhiqi and that unknown demon to integrate the chaos realm into the immortal dao! Well be able to glimpse the path of breaking through at the same time!” One of the rulers of the ten lands came to this realization with delighted surprise.

They were people from before Emperors Fall and had naturally observed chaos realm masters before. But those were chaos realm masters of the human dao era. Since human dao differed from immortal dao, that meant the chaos realm of immortal dao was a different concept as well.

Wuzhiqi and the blood demon were both chaos realm masters under the immortal dao. The combat arts and cultivation methods they released were all of the current great dao and possessed high instructional value to the rest of the beings in the world of immortals.

This naturally occurred to Wuzhiqi too and he squawked with fury. Hed come out on top against Tushan, only to fall right into the Flame Emperors plans. However, he had to concentrate on battling the blood demon for the moment and calling upon everything available to him. His opponent showed signs of being stronger than him and if he relaxed his guard, he really might die to Asuras remnants.-

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