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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1008: Ten Years

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The five elements were the basics of everything and formed the foundation of all great daos within the immortal dao. Every kind of life form and great dao was inextricably tied back to the five elements.

The deans of the five elements had broken through to great emperor realm through refining their respective elemental dao, which further strengthened the immortal dao in turn. It radiated more vitality than ever, facilitating the growth of all beings beneath it.

Current circumstances in the world bore a remarkable similarity to the restoration of the void realm, and a corresponding boost in ascension speed appeared as well. Just as cultivators had most easily broken through in those times, great emperor suddenly seemed a cultivation realm easily within reach.

Though the sovereigns of the five elements were also the deans of the Dao Academy, the academy represented the will of the immortal dao to a certain extent. After all, the immortal dao was rooted in Mount Xuanhuang and Qing Yu was the dao sovereign of the world. Thus, the elemental dao that the deans of the five elemental schools grasped was also a great dao of the immortal dao.

When they broke through to great emperor and fully made the elemental dao theirs, the consequential strengthening of the immortal dao wasnt just a simple reinforcement, but a fundamental enhancement of the immortal dao.

In that moment, a thick blanket of immortal force descended from the heavens and enveloped Heavenly Emperor Qing Taxian, the celestial lords of the nine majors, rulers of the four seas, and the monarchs of the ten lands thatd already reached great emperor. It fortified their core essence and instantaneously stabilized their cultivation level.

“Damn it!” cursed one of the monarchs of the ten lands. “Id planned on kicking in the doors of the Dao Academy and preventing the nine celestial lords from reaching a decreed cultivation realm. But now that weve benefitted as well…”

As thick-skinned as they may be, the rulers of the ten lands couldnt contemplate making trouble for the academy headmaster or the dao sovereign anymore. Their motives had been very similar to Wuzhiqis, but with a slight difference that they would allow other great emperors to appear in the world of immortals after they were strong enough to occupy the positions at the top.

A stage of speedy progress and development was upon the world of immortals, backdropped by Wuzhiqis roars and snarls over the North Sea.

Completely berserk, he flung himself at the blood demon with everything he had and was answered in kind by his opponent. Why, the blood demon was an entity that had once instigated countless wars across the lower worlds and multiverse at large! Though hed acquiesced to Lu Yuns command, he wasnt afraid of anything in the world, including the first monkey beneath the heavens.

As the two connate demon gods battled, the ripples of the immortal dao deepened with clarity and the presence of the chaos realm grew more defined.


Ten years!

The two massive beings fought in the North Sea for a full decade!

While their conflict raged on, the world of immortals advanced at an incredible pace. This also extended to the immortals in the lower realms, giving rise to Supreme Immortals of Original Order in other worlds as well as countless ingress, primordial, and principal immortals.

Once at the top of the totem pole, dao immortals were now humdrum and ordinary. Traversing the unknown space to find ones cosmic dao fruit and ascending to dao immortality was no longer anything of major import. Progressing through dao immortality and reaching ingress realm was the new symbolization of reaching the heavens.

Ingress, primordial, principal, and even supreme pure immortals began to appear in the world of immortals with increasing frequency.

From the forty-eighth year of the Xuanhuang calendar to the fifty-eighth year, the immortal dao experienced its greatest decade ever of development. Even the years after its initial establishment in the Primordial Era paled in comparison to these crucial ten years.

One could say that the modern world of immortals had fully caught up to and surpassed the primordial world in only a decade.

These ten years were also hailed as the golden years of the immortal dao. The number of experts born in this time period were many times greater than the entire sum from the period spanning the Primordial Era to the founding of the Dao Academy. The world of immortals was finally a true planet of immortals, a world in which its denizens abounded with immortality.

During this time, joyous tidings repeatedly traveled from the lower realms as world after world was reconquered. All of the yin spirits occupying those worlds were exterminated, and the lower realms as a whole began to recover their vitality upon being nourished by the immortal dao.

At this point in time, only one dao palace remained out of Lu Yuns grasp and a bold thought brewed in his mind. He wanted to collect all six, extract their chaos stars and refine them as his dao fruits.

This was a plan jointly explored between him, Hongjun, Fuxi, and Qing Yu. The greatest laws of orders within the chaos existed in those stars. If he could refine them for his own, then he could very possibly integrate those six laws into the immortal dao. Once that was accomplished, the world of immortals… the realm as a whole would no longer need to fear the chaos creatures.


Autumn in the fifty-eighth year of the Xuanhuang calendar.

Fourteen enormous pillars of light shot into the firmament and converged at the highest point of the world of immortals, within the heavenly palace of the Central World. The heavenly emperor, nine celestial lords, and rulers of the four seas had finally reached a decreed cultivation realm. Heavenly Emperor Qing Taxian was a great emperor while the remaining three were peak grand pure cultivators.

Peak grand pure realm had been the realm of the immortal emperor in the Primordial Era! In this moment, the world of immortals officially surpassed the ancient world!

Whether it was the heavenly emperor or the remaining thirteen rulers, they were all born and bred locals of the world of immortals. They were no old farts from the Primeval Era or the reincarnated self of some ancient personage. They represented the current strength of the world of immortals!

All daos resonated in unison as multiple images of the Dao Flower floated down from the sky.

From Mount Xuanhuang, the immortal dao shot into the firmament as if a dragon and entered the Central World, connecting the heavenly palace to the mountain. Two enormous characters for “restriction” appeared in the void.

A restriction against immortals!

This was the materialization of the two restrictions that had once existed in Dusk Province and the Blood Sea. They flared with radiant splendor and integrated into the immortal dao as twin streaks of immortal light.

They were also a failsafe left by the three founders of the immortal dao. Since they prohibited immortals, that meant they carried a spark of the immortal dao within them. In the event of the immortal daos destruction, a new one could be formed as long as the two restrictions still existed.

The Blood Sea frothed and boiled over, its inhabitants shrieking with outrage. One of the restrictions had belonged to them, but they didnt dare do much else other than express their fury.

Calm returned to the bloody depths before long. The Blood Sea had inherited a part of the human dao hells legacy and was a failsafe created by another great master in the Primeval Era.


“Since theyve all reached a decreed cultivation realm, its our turn now.” The eight great heavyweights residing in Mount Vastspace suddenly erupted with action.

“AHHHH!!” Furiously battling the blood demon, Wuzhiqi howled with anguish as his body swiftly withered away into a dry husk. Something was madly absorbing his flesh and blood, his immortal force, and everything else about him.

Mount Vastspace and the Timelight Tower abruptly appeared in the skies over the North Sea.-

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