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An enormous altar encircled by the altars of the five elements slowly materialized within the heavenly palace.

The mother altar!

Qing Yu had moved the mother altar from the Xuan Yuan Tomb into the heavenly palace. As it appeared, the Deaf Prince and seven others sacrificed everything that was Wuzhiqi to the mother altar and received enormous power in exchange.

Chaos realm strength blossomed from the Deaf Prince, Jing Dichen, Lin Yan, Feng Ruyu, Beicang Qiong, Bai Qi, and even Jing Huaci. Their original cultivation realms had finally returned to them!

Seven mighty figures loomed out of a haze of light and slowly approached from the past, making for their seven contemporary reincarnations. Their great wilderness selves, ones whod commanded the wind and rain in eons past, were returning to their rightful place.

But just as they were about to sink into their current selves, the immortal dao trembled slightly and disintegrated them into powder that vanished upon the wind.

The Deaf Prince and six others had recovered their original cultivation, but their former selves had been obliterated by the immortal dao, leaving only seven life forms under the immortal dao that had been baptized by endless cycles of reincarnation.

Standing off to the side, the attack rippled out to Houtu as well. Her image and concept began to dissolve beneath the immortal daos might, but before she was also lost upon the wind, raging energy of reincarnation suddenly surged into her body from an unknown patch of space.

The power didnt come from hell, but from the chaos, and belonged to Tianqi. He offered up his last bit of control over reincarnation in this moment and gifted it to Houtu, enabling her to experience the process as well.

Houtus form stopped fading away and she discovered a gradual return of strength that had once belonged to her. It solidified her identity as the Yin Prince!

Being the first generation Yin Prince, she was the empress of the netherworld that walked the great wilderness. After her departure, Tianqi had stepped into her shoes as the second generation Yin Prince and never managed to pass it on after that.

Upon her return after experiencing reincarnation, Houtu was officially instated as the one and only Yin Prince beneath the immortal dao.

Since the heavenly palaces master was Heavenly Emperor Qing Taxian, there would be a corresponding position in the kingdom of hell as well—the Yin Prince!

Mount Vastspace and the Timelight Tower materialized over the North Sea, slowly assimilating into the immortal dao and becoming one of its treasures instead of a human dao treasure. At the same time, the sword bell, sword cauldron, and sword tower of the primitive great dao also traveled through the void from an unknown world and merged with the immortal dao.

A huge jade-colored plate of light took shape in the air—the treasure of the immortal dao. Once grasped in Hongjuns hands, the Jade Record of Creation was the big plate that Lu Yun and Qing Yu had seen in the Sovereign Rankings.

The three treasures of the primitive great dao and two of the human dao had summoned the treasure of the immortal dao. It was now officially known to the world, and the six treasures also represented a certain reversed process. The usual order went: from dao came one, and one begat two, two gave birth to three, and from three resulted all living things.

The process thatd actually occurred was that all living things had already existed in the great wilderness, and the primitive great dao resulted in three dao treasures. When the primitive great dao metamorphosed into the human dao, two more dao treasures were born. And finally, when human dao dissolved and was replaced by the immortal dao, the Jade Record of Creation appeared as its sole dao treasure.

However, the last one had been arranged for long ago. When Lu Yun first met Hongjun, the creator had been holding the rough form of the jade record. It was just a rough lump then and wasnt yet the treasure of the immortal dao. It only took shape after tempering from both the primitive great dao and human dao, making it what it was today.

With its appearance now, it absorbed the other treasures into itself and fully embodied the proper order. It appeared for a split second, then vanished without a trace afterward.

Though countless experts across the nine majors, ten lands, four immortal seas, and four great oceans had witnessed its existence, this was something that they could only look upon and not covet.


Wuzhiqi was dead, no trace of him remained.

A temporary tranquility seemed to grip the world of immortals once more. This time, it was only on the surface as political currents ebbed and flowed in the shadows.

Untold multitudes of powerhouses had appeared after a decade. Most of them werent great emperors or grand pure realm, which left plenty of them as supreme pure or jade pure immortals.

Power corrupted, and when corruption set in, so did ambition. Ambition stoked ever growing desires, which inevitably gave rise to clashes. As minor scuffles and struggles were magnified, conflict began to develop across the land.

Though there were still endless numbers of yin spirits outside the world of immortals, breakthrough victories had been established in the lower realms. Most of the yin spirits there had been swept clean, so in the eyes of many, there wasnt much to the yin spirits outside the world of immortals either.

Thankfully, the land was a cornucopia of resources. Although the world of immortals now was stronger than its primordial self, contemporary immortals numbered less than one percent of whatd existed in the Primordial Era. Given the abundance of resources, immortals could always find whatever it was they desired. Thus, the conflicts in the world werent too severe.

Most people now butted heads over the ancient tombs in the world.

Though the world of immortals was the strongest itd ever been, with combat arts and cultivation methods flourishing to an uncommon degree, the contents of the tombs were the distilled essence of a million years. Stemming from the Primordial Era, many of them were still extremely helpful to immortals now.

Though modern society thrived and prospered, it possessed only eighty thousand years of history. True development had occurred only within the sixty years after the Dao Academys establishment.

While Qing Yu and Lu Yun had deployed formula dao to the utmost during this time to theorize cultivation methods and combat arts, they were still unable to rival a million years of history.

At the same time, the academy also wished to excavate more tombs. The various items from the tombs contained wisdom from the Primordial Era, a foundation for which one could derive application suitable for modern times.

These days, a new question occupied most of Lu Yun and Qing Yus attention. Where did these ancient tombs come from and whod buried all of the immortals fallen in that great war

The burial layout over the world of immortals had been perfectly disrupted by the tombs that forested the world. Lu Yun had originally thought this to be Tianqis handiwork since his disciple was very close to the creator realm. However, while he possessed the requisite power and knowledge, he didnt have the strength to erase the memories of everything in the multiverse at the same time.-

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