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When he operated the Dragonquake Scripture, Lu Yun could turn his body into a chaos dragon. It wasnt an outward effect from a combat art, but a true transformation. Although he felt that the Shapeshifting death art could achieve the same result when it reached its ultimate form, he wasnt quite there yet.

Instead of being a combat art, the Dragonquake Scripture was a dao method, the first in the chaos. Even the terrifyingly strong three-eyed man had ardently wanted to lay hands on it—a testament to its great might.

Still within the boundaries of the realm, the three returned to hell. They would reemerge in the same spot without attracting any attention. Operating the Dragonquake Scripture out in the open was the last thing they wanted to do as the ensuing ripples of energy would be too noticeable, and theyd easily attract unwanted attention.

Once they utilized the dao method to become chaos dragons, they wouldnt be able to take their own forms again before returning to their world.


Within hell.

Utilizing the Tome of Life and Death, Lu Yun forcefully instilled knowledge of the Dragonquake Scripture into Qing Yu and the little fox.

The method was too complex. Even though Qing Yu had previously learned the Dragonsearch Invocation, Dragonshift Method, and Dragonspike Litany, she wasnt able to call upon the Dragonquake Scripture without first fully mastering the other three.

Lu Yun had to shove the method into the minds of the other two through the power of the Tome of Life and Death.

He hadnt taught it to them before entering the chaos because they didnt possess a treasure like the book to conceal its presence. Since the three-eyed man also practiced the Dragonquake Scripture, he wouldve immediately sensed that they knew it too. But after one transformed into a chaos dragon, the unique presence of the method faded away entirely.

A full five thousand years passed in hell before Qing Yu and the little fox gradually digested the method and took shape as perfect chaos dragons.

Five thousand years!

Both Qing Yu and the little fox were true powerhouses of the realm. Even then, it still took five thousand years and consuming several hundred karmic fruits before they truly grasped the method.

Chaos dragons possessed three heads, three tails, and twelve feet—as if three dragons shared the same body. The three dragons represented the three methods embodied by the Dragonquake Scripture—Dragonsearch, Dragonshift, and Dragonspike.

The nature of the relationship between chaos dragons and the Dragonquake Scripture remained out of Lu Yuns reach. He only knew that this was the form the wielder took when they operated the method to its maximum.

“Are you headed into the chaos” Violetgraves voice suddenly sounded out.

Lu Yun jumped in startlement. Since hed returned to hell, time was frozen in the outside world. Even Hongjun wouldnt be able to enter the netherworld at this time. Yet somehow, here was the incomparably mysterious Violetgrave.

“Yes, I am.” He calmed himself and nodded, returning back to human form.

“Not like this though. Chaos creatures also have their true forms, they just very rarely show it to anyone else.” Violetgrave looked at the three of them with a half smile.

“They appear to be whatever the beholder is” Lu Yun blinked.

Violetgrave shook her head. “Observe what I am.”

“…human” Lu Yun responded subconsciously.

“Correct. Chaos creatures also look like humans.” She nodded.

“Theres humans in the chaos” The little fox also reverted to her true form and jumped onto Lu Yuns head.

“Youve already met her in the fourth realm, havent you” Instead of answering the little fox, Violetgrave turned to Lu Yun and Qin Yining.

Taken aback, they both thought of the strange little girl in a red dress. She… did indeed appear in human form. Based on Qing Yus deductions, the little girls third realm and the fourth realm that they wanted to explore were both bigger than the chaos.

“I see… but surely there are differences between the humans of our realm and the humans of the chaos” Lu Yun frowned.

“Operate the Dragonquake Scripture to turn into chaos dragons, then use that as a foundation to transform into humans,” Violetgrave chuckled. “Dont make the chaos creatures out to be more complicated than they actually are. Theyre just the same as you—completely ordinary life forms. They are born, grow old, get sick, and die. They feel emotions as well. You are all the same.”

Neither Lu Yun nor Qing Yu noticed that Violetgrave had just used “you”.

“To turn into chaos dragons and then into humans… That probably requires complete mastery of the Dragonquake Scripture to do so. We… will probably need to practice it for another hundred thousand years before we can do so,” Qing Yu chuckled ruefully.

Although time wasnt an issue for them since they could make use of hell, a hundred thousand years was still a staggering number. It came down upon them with a stifling weight.

“Theres no need for that. You can solve all of your problems by refining this.” Violetgrave waved a hand and sent three beams of hazy purple light into their bodies.

Suddenly mentally refreshed, the three spontaneously understood all of the true meaning within the Dragonquake Scripture. Astounded, they stared at Violetgrave.

“Well, Ill be off now.” With that, she was gone.

“Were those three beams what Tianqi is guarding!” The little fox stretched out a hand and called out a ball of something that seemed to be both light and qi into her palm.

This was the purple qi that Tianqi had given to the little fox. Upon making no headway after years of study, Qing Yu had returned it to Tushan.

“Theres still a bit of a difference… the purple light just now was purer.” Qing Yu hummed in contemplation. “We cant let the chaos creatures obtain it no matter what!”

That beam of purple light had been too astounding. A single second had cancelled out a hundred thousand years worth of hard labor! In fact, their understanding of the scripture might not have reached these heights even after that many years of deep study.

Apart from that, the purple light further reinforced their foundations and brought marvelous changes to their body, nascent spirit, and true spirit. Those remained yet undiscovered since their current cultivation realms were insufficient to detect the changes.

Though the purple qi was lower grade compared to the purple light, it would absolutely enable the chaos creatures to defy the energy of a realm.

“Lets go pay Tianqi a visit.” Lu Yun looked at Quietus in his hand, suddenly feeling that giving this sword to his disciple was the best decision.

With that, the three turned into chaos dragons and then utilizing Shapeshifting to turn back into humans. After some thought, the little fox split the purple qi into three and gave a strand to each of them.


When the three returned to the chaos, the little fox took a moment to sense where the Bell of Chaos was before the three streaked in the treasures direction.-

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