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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1014: Someone Else

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There was no time in the chaos, but living beings had time.

There was no sense of direction in the chaos, but living beings had direction.

Just like the great dao of the realms, heaven and earth itself were objective. There was no such thing as an inherent great dao, just objective laws and rules. But once living beings were born and developed subjective will, the laws and rules gathered together to become the great dao that they knew, supporting the world.

Such was the same in the chaos.

Indistinct and undefined, it slowly incorporated time and direction after living beings set foot in it. However, it was much bigger than a world and thus its own great dao hadnt formed yet.

The chaos irradiated by the energy of a realm and the chaos outside of it were extremely different. A noticeable border existed between the two different zones of existence, within which a cloud of hazy purple qi sparkled. Violent thunder and lightning enveloped the ball, making it appear to be a purple pool of sizzling electricity from the distance.

The shadow of an enormous bell hovered in the void over the pool, clamped down over it.

The Bell of Chaos!

The treasure that the little fox had lent to Tianqi was fully deployed and continuously expanding as it absorbed the energy of the chaos around it. If its current form was transported back to the world of immortals… it probably wouldnt fit into Nephrite Major.

A small figure sat outside the pool—Tianqi. Still presenting as a youth, increased majestic dignity now colored his face. Dressed in a long black robe, he exuded undeniable authority.

Some other figures were also seated within the intersection of the two zones. Theyd been halfway through their probe of the area when the Bell of Chaos blasted them back. Since Tianqi now thoroughly eclipsed Leize of old and was infinitely close to the realm of creator, he could deploy the bell to even greater heights than the little fox.

“Master.” A sudden notion struck him and he firmly suppressed the urge to turn around.

He could feel three strong chaos creatures approach from behind. These pure creatures of the chaos were stronger than the ones sitting in front of him, not just in terms of strength, but in core essence and status. However, he could still recognize that one of them was his master!

Sharp-witted and quick on the uptake, Tianqi naturally understood Lu Yuns intentions in traveling here under disguise. He would never jeopardize anything by blowing his masters cover.

“Who goes there!” He jumped out and ignited two pillars of black flame in his eyes. Since Lu Yun had come here, Tianqi had to play along with his masters act.

In the form of a snow-white little dragon, the little fox curled quietly in Qing Yus arms. Qing Yu and Lu Yun walked side by side with a purple haze sparkling around them that seemed to shove the energy of the realm away from their bodies.

Although Tianqi was putting on an act, the chaos creatures sitting across from him were deeply frightened. They could easily identify the presence from these three creatures—chaos dragons!

The sacred race of the chaos creatures!

There were extraordinarily few of their kind and rumor said that they could all be counted on two hands. But three of them had appeared at the same time in this place!

And they seemed to be juvenile chaos dragons.

“How is this possible… A venerated chaos dragon has just returned to the sacred palace, so how are there three more all of a sudden” a mighty existence murmured quietly to himself.

The venerated one he spoke of was the three-eyed man whod mastered the Dragonquake Scripture and turned into a chaos dragon.

However, his mumblings enabled Lu Yun and Qing Yu to clearly discern the language of the chaos creatures. Qing Yu surreptitiously activated formula dao while Lu Yun called upon the Tome of Life and Death. The two began to deduce the full language of the chaos creatures and, in turn, theorize about their civilization.

This was similar to when Lu Yun had seen writings from the ancient divine court in the sword barrow, then used those writings and the power of the Tome of Life and Death to derive the particulars of the ancient courts civilization.


“Theyre juvenile chaos dragons,” one of the chaos creatures suddenly said. “The chaos dragon bloodline is powerful and every part of their bodies is a treasure. If we eat them…

“The chaos dragons of the sacred palace are brutal and savage. The one who just returned ate countless numbers of our tribe along the way.” Viciousness crept into the unidentifiable chaos creatures tones. “Kill them and eat them all! Well be able to cultivate into advanced life forms then. Though we still may not be able to destroy the realm, well be able to escape the chaos and not be attacked by the energy of a realm!”

Speaking in hushed tones, there were three chaos creatures standing in front of them. Lu Yun couldnt hear the sounds of their discussion. Even if he could, their language was so complex that unless they injected their words with their consciousness, he still wouldnt understand what he heard.

He and Qing Yu were still quietly deriving their language.

Tianqi stood up and rang the bell outward, sending ringing peals of power throughout the chaos. It forced the three chaos creatures back a few steps, away from the boundaries of the realm.

“Master, theyre discussing whether or not they should eat you!” Tianqis voice transmitted into Lu Yuns mind. “Be careful, theyre all creators. They have the strength to seize the purple qi, but are unwilling to come close for some reason.”

The pool of purple qi happened to reside precisely where the energy of the realm radiated into the chaos. Half of it was within the confines of the realm, the other half wasnt. With Tianqis current strength, he was no match for a creator and wouldnt be able to hold out for long in an offensive.

However, the three creators simply remained on the scene, not claiming the purple qi but also not leaving.

“Take this sword.” Lu Yun sent Quietus to his disciple with a swift thought. “There are traitors among the connate demon gods. If the chaos creatures really did want this purple qi, they wouldve obtained it long ago.”

Hed thought that this was the chaos creatures most urgent goal, so that they could enter the realm and destroy it. But it now seemed that this wasnt the case.

There are pitiably few inhabitants of the chaos, and they always ensured an escape plan for themselves.

They still want to use their old methods to destroy our realm… but stay here to keep an eye on the purple qi because they dont want Tianqi or anyone to take it, Lu Yun mused. Tianqi isnt a creator and wont affect their plans in our world much. There should be someone else here!-

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