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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1016: Reappearance

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“Huh” The little fox was stunned herself.

Shed only cleared her throat and hadnt even had the chance to deploy a real chaos dragon combat art before the snake had… keeled over from fright.

Lu Yun and Qing Yu looked upon the scene with spasming expressions as well.

“Chaos beasts are probably the lowliest beings in the chaos. Right now were… hmm, kings of the chaos creatures. Thats why you scared it to death with a quick cough.” Lu Yun laughed when he saw the little foxs expression.

Tushan was empyrean realm and thus far stronger than the nine-headed snake. The snake had been unable to withstand the little foxs holy croon, and thus was terrified right out of the world of the living.

The little fox quirked her lips and slowly changed her form into a charming seventeen year old young lady.

“Why have you taken human form” Lu Yun and Qing Yu blinked.

“Because I want to, what can you guys do about it” she harrumphed and habitually wanted to burrow back into Qing Yus embrace. However, her current form was inconvenient to do so, a realization that drew a swift blush to her face.

“Im a, Im the dean of a great dao, arent I I cant be a fur ball day in and day out,” she said weakly.

Qing Yu smiled without a word while Lu Yun coughed dryly. “Alright, lets take a look at that continent. We still dont know anything about this second realm.”

In the world of immortals, they called this place the chaos. But in the fourth realm, Qing Yu had deduced the structure of the four realms, so Lu Yun referred to this place as the second realm.

The world of immortals was the first, the chaos the second, and where the little girl in a red dress was the third.


A continent roughly a thousand kilometers across floated in the void. The humans on it fell to their knees when they saw the three and called out loudly in a foreign language, but Lu Yun and Qing Yu could understand them.

“Shall we go take a closer look” The little fox used the language of the chaos creatures.

“No need.” Lu Yun shook his head.

Staring at the humans on the continent, Qing Yu activated her formula dao to gain a better understanding of the second realm through the inhabitants of this continent.

“Lets go.” She paled and frowned in consternation.

Lu Yun and the little fox didnt understand her reaction, but they departed without another word. The little fox made sure to retrieve the snake carcass on the way out. After all, Lu Yun had mentioned snake stew.

“What is it” Lu Yun asked when they were far away from the continent.

“It was a trap!” Qing Yu heaved a long sigh of relief. “The nine-headed snake was the puppet and that continent the true threat.”

She turned and looked back where theyd come from, her heart still racing. “That was a chaos realm chaos beast. We wouldve been eaten if wed set foot on the continent.

“The chaos beasts in the chaos are stronger than the ones in the palaces!”

The chaos beasts in the dao palaces were domesticated beings born in the zone irradiated by the energy of the realm. The ones in the chaos were full of feral savagery and much stronger because they could partake in the clean currents here.

Though the little foxs dragon howl had scared the nine-headed snake to death, it hadnt elicited an answering response from the unknown chaos beast. It was waiting to eat them so it could become a creator.

Thankfully, it was subject to its own natural limitations. It wouldnt be able to move before it became a creator, so it had to pose as a continent and wait for its prey to approach.

There were numerous existences like it in the second realm. 

This was a place far more dangerous than the border of the chaos. A single moment of inattention could cause one to become food for others.

Though Lu Yun had destroyed three creators with the Bridge of Forgetfulness, there were many entities in this realm that wouldnt even give him time to summon the bridge. The group wouldnt even know theyd died. That unknown chaos beast had been but one small glimpse.

The humans residing upon the chaos beast were as if parasites. They couldnt leave after latching onto the beast. Thus, generation upon generation had to remain as bait.

“We dont need to understand everything about this place. Well just do whatever needs to be done. Were not trying to settle down here, were just here to rob the place!” Qing Yu suddenly declared venomously.

The little fox nodded solemnly and turned to Lu Yun. “When do we eat snake stew”

Lu Yun: ……

Qing Yu: ……


There was no issue with Qing Yu and the little fox remaining here. Not only could Qing Yu cultivate here, but so could the little fox.

Going by the clock of the world of immortals, Qing Yu ascended from High Immortal of the Great Firmament to Golden Immortal of Grand Unity in only a few days, while the little fox took one step closer to the chaos realm.

At the same time, Lu Yun and Qing Yu bent their efforts to calculating the whereabouts of the sixth dao palace. Since they were in the chaos, they could use formula dao to calculate everything about the realm.

“Its too far.” Fine beads of sweat dotted Qing Yus forehead and she looked at Lu Yun hopelessly. “Even if we push ourselves to the limit, itll take thirty years of travel before we reach that location!”

Shed determined where the sixth dao palace was and that theyd be able to reach it in a short period of time if they were creators. But for now, even the strongest among them—the little fox—didnt possess the ability to travel there quickly.

“No worries, focus on cultivating first.” Lu Yun opened his eyes with a smile. “With the Bridge of Forgetfulness, we dont need to fear not being able to get there.”

“The Bridge of Forgetfulness…” Qing Yu nodded gently when she thought of the bridge. She wasnt actually willing to use it much since it was an item of the human dao hell. The experts among the chaos creatures would certainly recognize it.

Though the bridges strength had reached unfathomable heights, it couldnt be certain that there werent any similar existences among the chaos. The three of them were also mere ants scrabbling for existence in the dirt.

“Cultivate for twenty years first, I only need ten,” continued Lu Yun. However, a pair of purple eyes opened in the void as soon as he finished his words. Two beams of hazy light lit up the premises as if they were twin pillars of purple flames.

“Its you!” Lu Yun shot to his feet and peered at the eyes. Hed seen them in Pangus tomb before, guarding the truth of Pangus death.

“Are you the being who made the first transaction with Violetgrave and obtained netherfire” Lu Yun asked the eyes.

“I am,” admitted the owner of the eyes. Itd been him whod utterly destroyed the human dao hell.-

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