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Though the little fox was flustered, she wasnt a rookie fresh behind the ears.

Having cultivated five thousand years in hell, she was well versed in controlling the chaos dragon body. When the tribulation descended, she swept her tails forward and combined the crystalline lower bodies as one, flinging a great combat art upward and shattering the black lightning.

She then lifted three dragon heads and howled in challenge back at the clouds. Stark-white ripples reverberated through the void and crushed the rest of the lightning before it had time to descend.

In the breathing space she created, the little fox gathered herself and barrelled straight into the heavy bank of tribulation clouds.

Everyone thatd gathered for the show was shocked out of their wits. They all knew about the terrors of a chaos tribulation; it was the threshold that ordinary beings crossed over to become noble and lofty chaos realm masters. A free and unfettered existence awaited one who made the leap. They would never be confined to a tiny part of reality, but those who failed to step over would be blown away as ashes upon the wind.

This was essentially the same as the heavenly tribulations of the world of immortals. However, no one had ever seen an immortal hurtle straight into the tribulation clouds. This was blatantly courting death!

“The sacred clan is indeed something outside of our comprehension…” Several figures had surreptitiously appeared in the area to observe the proceedings. They were all in human form and had reached chaos realm. Every single one of their pores constantly drank in the pristine currents flowing through the locality.

At present, they looked upon the little fox with deep veneration. It was the uncontrollable reaction from a being when they gazed upon a higher life form.

“Look, theres someone over there.” An elder pointed at the ruined big tree. A figure in blue stood there, quietly gazing upon the chaos dragon undergoing her tribulation.

“Thats a… mortal being” The chaos creatures were dumbfounded by what they found.

In the eyes of the chaos creatures, all life forms that had yet to reach chaos realm were mortal beings. They were the lowest on the totem pole in the chaos and didnt even have the right to live.

Where that mortal being stood was within the zone encompassed by the chaos tribulation. Even chaos realm masters didnt dare wander within rage, to say nothing of mortal beings! So how was that one maintaining perfect composure in the face of this dreadful trial

“Dammit, thats no mortal being! Thats a great master who we cant see through, one thats ascended beyond creator realm!” A young man with black hair shuddered and pulled his companions away.

Color drained from the faces of the other three beside him. Of course there would be experts from the chaos dragons watching over one of their young endure a chaos tribulation! That person playing the pig to eat the tiger was plainly the guardian in charge of this excursion!

Chaos dragon experts were the ultimate sovereigns of the realm. They were capricious and eccentric. Perhaps the young chaos dragon would celebrate her successful tribulation by razing this area to the ground afterward!

“What should we do” The elder in gray robes was so terrified that he was almost transparent. He couldnt hide the colossal fear bubbling up from the depths of his heart. Suddenly, he shrieked and fell to his knees in the void. The young man in blue had turned around and was looking at them!

When the other three noticed Lu Yuns movement, they quickly revealed themselves and knelt on the ground as well, not daring to look at him.

“What are they doing” a flabbergasted Lu Yun murmured to himself. Hed noticed some faint ripples from that corner of space and subconsciously glanced in that direction. He was more surprised than anyone to see four chaos creatures fall out of the void!

However, some quick thought pieced together the puzzle for him. He retracted his gaze and refrained from looking at them further.

“It looks like chaos dragons wield more authority in the chaos than I thought.” The corners of his lips curved upward.


“Look at his vicious gaze! Hes going to kill us all after that young chaos dragon passes its tribulation!” the only girl among the four mumbled hopelessly.

“Shut up!” A young man in black yanked the hem of her shirt. Knowing that shed made a misstep, the girl quickly shut her mouth.

The four of them lifted their heads at the same time to sneak a glance at Lu Yun, but they happened to meet his gaze instead.


Foreheads slamming back onto the ground, they splayed their hands forward in utter surrender, not daring to whisper anything else or sneak further glances at the mighty one.

“Seriously Isnt this too much” Lu Yuns jaw dropped. “You four, come here.”

“Under… understood!” The four chaos realm masters scrambled up from their positions when they heard Lu Yuns words and cautiously approached him, but hesitated again when they came close to the edge of the chaos tribulation.

If they dared set a single foot inside, they would die all the same.

Lu Yun finally understood the source of their misunderstanding. He was standing beneath the chaos tribulation, but wasnt being attacked by it. They couldnt sense any ripples of energy from him, so they mistook him to be an incredibly strong chaos dragon.

In reality, he could stand beneath the chaos tribulation firstly because he was too weak. He wasnt even a dao immortal yet, so the tribulation completely passed him over. Secondly, the Tome of Life and Death concealed the ripples of his cultivation so that the tribulation wouldnt attack him. But he naturally wouldnt enlighten them about the true facts of the situation, so he casually sauntered out of the tribulations zone of effect.

There were three young masters and one elderly master before him, one female and three male. They maintained human form, but they werent the strongest to be found within the chaos. They were similar to Huashe who hed killed in the great wilderness, which placed them on a mediocre level of strength.

“Out with it, what are you four doing here Scheming against my younger sister, huh” Lu Yun raked them with a frosty glare that seemed to physically scour their bodies.

“No, never!” The four fell to the ground again. “These humble ones would never dare think about harming the sacred clan, even with all the courage in the realm!”

“The three creators I destroyed earlier didnt sing the same tune as you,” Lu Yuns voice grew even more unfriendly.

“Mercy, mercy!” Kowtowing for dear life, the four didnt know what else they could say other than to beg for mercy.

Three creators hed killed earlier

Thered been news in the frontier earlier that someone of the sacred clan had killed the three creators guarding the zone of pollution. Who wouldve thought that that sacred clan member would come here after that

“Get up. I will overlook this matter if you deliver two chaos beasts to me,” Lu Yun said solemnly. “My sister weathers her tribulation today and formally enters the chaos realm. I do not wish to spill blood.”

“Eh” The four thought theyd heard wrongly and lifted their heads to stare blankly at Lu Yun.

“Well Go!” he shouted.

“Yes, understood!” Crashing into each others way, the four sped out of the area on their hands and knees.

“Other people play the pig to eat the tiger, but Im playing the tiger to scare off the wolf” Lu Yun shrugged. “If those four know that Im just a pathetic peerless immortal, their first thought would probably be to make dinner out of me.”-

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