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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1021: Creation Seed

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“We, were still alive!” The four chaos creatures had no idea how far theyd run. Theyd also completely forgotten about Lu Yuns command to hunt down chaos beasts.

That hadnt been a random excuse to send them away; the little fox had broken through simply because shed eaten that nine-headed snake.

Therefore, Lu Yun deduced that since he and the little fox werent true chaos creatures, they werent able to fully absorb the pristine chaos currents. When the little fox ate the nine-headed snakes meat and digested the pure energy it contained, it was the same as taking an enormous nutritional supplement that instantly propelled her to break through.

She was chaos realm to begin with and had been artificially held to empyrean realm. Once pure chaos energy suffused her body, she immediately ascended back to her old cultivation level.

This made Lu Yun think of Qing Yu.

As the dao sovereign of the immortal dao, her understanding of it and her cultivation realm had long reached unfathomable heights. Thus, she required impetus from an outside force to continue progressing on her path. The pure energy of the chaos would be that momentum.

If chaos beasts or the flesh and blood of other chaos creatures were useful to the little fox, then theyd also be useful to Qing Yu!

A single piece of the nine-headed snake was enough to satiate the little fox—the rest would come from her own cultivation efforts. However, Qing Yu was different. She could continuously increase her cultivation level if she consumed chaos creatures.

Cultivating… didnt seem to be that difficult for Qing Yu.

Lu Yun hadnt realized until just now that Qing Yus mastery over formula dao had reached great perfection. She could deduce her own affairs and knew how she should cultivate. She hadnt come here to hunt chaos creatures because she knew that would attract too much attention.

When chaos heavyweights came to investigate the matter, both Lu Yun and the little fox would be dragged into her affairs. The little fox had summoned a chaos tribulation with her breakthrough, but Qing Yu would inspire so much more with hers.


“Do you think those two venerated ones came here for that” the young girl suddenly thought of something. “Ole Tree, Merefrost, Purplequake, lets not fight about it anymore… That thing is probably common knowledge now.”

“Impossible!” The black clad young man called Coldnight Merefrost jumped with fright. “The creation seed is still growing, theres no way it couldve been leaked…”

He suddenly realized something and clapped his hands over his mouth. The other three regarded Merefrost with fear and killing intent.

“Well, the great one knows now!” Ole Tree lamented with despair. “What do we do”

Hope also left the girls face.

“Lets tell him the truth,” Purplequake chuckled wryly. “How many chaos tribulations have we guarded through Success is at hand, but who wouldve thought...”

Resignation filled his face. Since there was no passage of time in the chaos, its denizens used chaos tribulation occurrences to mark a sense of progression.

Chaos tribulations occurred with regular frequency. During these events, life forms yet to reach chaos realm would be smote to nothingness if they werent protected by an expert. Even those of the sacred clan were no exception.

A creation seed was an unusual treasure within the chaos, one that granted immediate ascension to creator realm upon refinement. This was a treasure that propelled one to the heavens with a single step and could only be dreamed of being found.

There happened to be one growing in this part of space and the four were here to protect it. Their potential wasnt strong, so reaching chaos realm was already the limits of their abilities. The creation seed bore the sum of their hopes.

Theyd remained here for countless chaos tribulations and even created their own faction, becoming a local tyrant. They did all this in anticipation of the seed maturing. Who wouldve thought that the most terrifying of the sacred clan would visit this remote locale and have their junior endure a chaos tribulation here at a critical moment 

Great terror had suffused their hearts earlier and they hadnt spared any thought for anything else. Now that they had some breathing space, they realized with growing horror that the chaos dragons must be here for the creation seed!

The great master might have no use for it, but it would be very useful for his junior. The next chaos tribulation was upon them. If Coldnight Merefrost hadnt mentioned the creation seed just now, the four might have had a hope of salvaging the situation. But now…

Its name had been spoken aloud within earshot of a sacred clan master.

“Lets hunt down a few chaos beasts first and then tell that master everything!” Ole Tree refocused his attention. “It… might not impossible for us to join the sacred clans banner and become creators ourselves then.”

He swept a cold glance at Merefrost. That little bastard had certainly mentioned the creation seed because he wanted to join the sacred clan!

The others had no other choice available to them now that things had progressed to this point. Chaos creatures were even more afraid of death compared to living beings of the realms. Since there was no sense of time in the chaos, they were absolutely terrified of death and wanted to live forever.


“Creation seed That thing isnt used to ascend from chaos realm.” A grin crossed Lu Yuns face.

Hed naturally caught wind of their conversation. Though he wasnt a true sacred clan expert, he was making use of the pure currents to communicate with the Tome of Life and Death, conducting part of its strength into his body.

He would catch wind of all disturbances in this area.

Since hed decided on playing the tiger to scare the wolf, he had to see the act through. He was already making use of some clues to deduce the location of the creation seed.

After an indeterminate period of time, Merefrost and the others returned with an empyrean realm chaos beast each. All of them were ingratiating smiles on their faces.

“That will do. The four of you can go guard the creation seed. Notify me when its matured.” Lu Yun summoned the chaos beasts to him with a beckon.

The four trembled with fear when they heard his words but didnt dare say much else. Still shaking, they left the area.

Lu Yun then utilized the Tome of Life and Death to connect with the Bridge of Forgetfulness and sent the four carcasses to Qing Yu. She wasnt going to really eat them, but refine the energy within them.-

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