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Lu Yuns thirty-six golden armored warriors had quietly infiltrated the richest region in the depths of the chaos. They approached from all directions and headed toward the sixth dao palace. Though the last dao palace might be a trap and hed already decided to practice the little foxs cultivation method, he still wanted to give things a try and obtain the last remaining palace.

What would happen after he collected all six palaces and combined the six laws of the highest order

His thirty-six golden armored warriors had already spread word of the creation seed. At first, no one believed that such a treasure had appeared in the chaos. But after some great masters made some calculations, they really did find traces of this wondrous treasure and came in pursuit of it.

To the humblest creatures of the chaos, a creation seed was a paramount treasure that would enable them to ascend to creator realm. But to these unparalleled masters, a creation seed was a priceless treasure. Using it to break through to creator realm was just the misbegotten notion of those not in the know.

During this time, Lu Yuns thirty-six clones concealed their presences and thoroughly integrated themselves with the chaos creatures.

Chaos creatures were the same as the life forms of the realms; the chaos creature moniker had been coined by Fuxi and the others. They werent one singular race—they had their own clans and factions. In fact, they were so numerous that their numbers exceeded all of the life forms in all of the realms.

This was a vast world without boundary or end.

While he waited, Lu Yun took in reports from his thirty-six clones and gained a rough understanding of the power structure within the chaos.

The strongest within this realm was the six dao palaces. They represented the highest laws of order within the chaos and ruled over everything within the realm, apart from the area named the zone of pollution.

Beneath the six palaces were the five sacred lands of the five elements and the four sacred lands of origin. The two types of sacred lands were bitter enemies with each other. Whether the foundation of the chaos was the five elements or the four origins was a point of constant contention and the source of many wars between them.

The six sacred dao palaces were as if lofty gods within the chaos. Though they were hailed as the rulers of the realm, they were more a symbolic presence. They wouldnt appear unless the chaos was in danger of being destroyed.

Thus, the sacred lands of the five elements and four origins were the true masters of the chaos, but the six sacred palaces were holy treasures within the chaos. Theyd once sheltered all chaos beings from certain death and were firmly grasped by the origin sacred lands. This was no secret, which was why the four origins had always reigned superior to the five elements.

Various factions within the chaos swore their fealty to the sacred land camp of their choice and engaged in inexhaustible conflict and battle. Naturally, there were also many factions that remained neutral and abstained from their war.

Now that word of the creation seed spread through the chaos, numerous experts from the nine sacred lands came forth to fight over this treasure.


Weathering her tribulation was an easy task for the little fox. She easily withstood the chaos tribulation and quickly returned to chaos realm. With that, she carried herself with greater confidence and self assurance.

She was also much stronger. At the very least, she could smack those four chaos realm cultivators to death with a single slap.

“Thats strange, the six sacred palaces are the factions that originate from the six dao palaces, but they dont control their own homes.” Lu Yun and the little fox had found a new hiding spot to take shelter in. [1]

The region populated by the enormous plants had seen an explosion in visitors as of late. Creators appeared with increasing frequency, and life forms even stronger than them occasionally appeared to survey the surroundings as well.

Ole Tree and the others had returned and concealed themselves in another spot, but they remained in close contact with Lu Yun.

“Since the six dao palaces have been sent to the realms, that means theyve been discarded. The sacred palaces must have something better now,” the little fox replied without thinking.

Lu Yun blinked with surprise. “That… makes sense. Chaos stars arent rare here, so although stars that have formed the laws of the highest order are hard to find, there should still be plenty of them given how large the chaos is.”

“Surely you dont plan on seeking out six new stars in the chaos” The little fox flicked a sideways glance at Lu Yun.

He shook his head. “Perhaps the chaos stars within the sacred palaces are the strongest to be found within the chaos.

“What do you want to do!” the little fox asked with trepidation, an awful feeling rising in her heart.

True to her ominous premonition, Lu Yun said, “Lets grab the six sacred palaces then! The sacred clan of the chaos lives within them and were one of the clan right now. Well have a chance of taking those palaces if we slip inside.”

“Youre crazy!” The little fox shuddered. “Do you know what those six sacred palaces represent Theyre just like the primordial immoral court or the previous nine celestial majors, or at the very least, the current Mount Xuanhuang!”

“Were enemies at the end of the day, so if we cant find a way to coexist peacefully with them, we have to destroy them. Those six sacred palaces are the pillars of the chaos creatures. If we get our hands on them, thatll be destroying their foundation.” Lu Yun stroked his chin in deep thought.

“My point is, do you think there exists two cultivators in the world of immortals have the ability to steal your Mount Xuanhuang” the little fox forced out through gritted teeth. She might be bold and have an appetite for adventure, but she wasn't the sort to go looking for death.

“We only have thirty years. Though we cant feel the passage of time while were within the chaos, that doesnt mean it doesnt exist for us.”

According to Lu Yuns sudden flight of mad fancy, they would need to somehow infiltrate the sacred palace, cultivate within it, and slowly rise to its senior council. Only then would they have a hope of stealing it.

Thirty years wasnt enough for that.

It was very difficult for Lu Yun to open the Gates of the Abyss where they were now, and even if they could duck back inside, there were no pristine chaos currents in hell. That would be a useless course of action for the little fox.

If she wanted to become a creator, she had to remain in the chaos. She had to absorb its pure currents and perceive its laws. As for the flesh and blood of chaos beasts—there wasnt much to be gleaned from them anymore, other than a satisfying meal.

“We cant do it alone, of course, but someone can help us.” A grin played on Lu Yuns lips. “Remember the three-eyed man Hes already found one of my golden warriors and hes the one who proposed stealing the sacred palaces. All we need to do now is to make a mess out of everything."

1. It would appear that the dao palaces are the physical palaces that Lu Yuns been collecting, but the sacred palaces are the actual life forms that populate them. Hence, its weird that the staff of a building dont control their own surroundings.-

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