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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1023: Qiu Luoyu

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The three-eyed man had known the second that Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and the little fox set foot into the chaos. However, the ensuing thirty-six Lu Yuns completely confused the man. He didnt dare make any rash moves. Although he knew everything about Lu Yun, so did Lu Yun know everything about him.

Hed raised the idea of taking the six sacred palaces to create the veneer of partnership, but in reality, they were still conspiring against each other.

Lu Yun was immensely thankful that hed sent thirty-six golden armored warriors into the world of the chaos creatures. If hed gone in person, the three-eyed man wouldve killed him the first chance he had.

While the three-eyed man feared Violetgrave, they were currently in the chaos. He had no need to be concerned about a threat far away in the realms.


Experts among the chaos creatures continued to flood into the area. Numerous masters of the combat arts and all sorts of creators appeared on the scene. They searched everywhere for the creation seed, making the first four cultivators to discover it their targets. A myriad of creators fought over them and they were split up between different parties.

Although creators werent the mightiest heavyweights within the chaos, they were still a force to be reckoned with. Creator level existences were exceedingly rare in the realms—Pangu and God were the only ones at that level.

The wide disparity in strength could be attributed to the chaos creatures continuously disrupting the great dao of the realms and the cultivation of those who lived in the realms. The constant interference prevented them from fully developing their strength.


“Ever since the Great Devastation, ten creation seeds have appeared within the chaos. Apart from one of them being wasted by some bastard on ascending to the creator realm, the others have been used to create the nine sacred lands within the chaos!

“What lies before us is the eleventh.” Up in the void, an indistinct figure sat cross-legged on a ball of pristine energy and overlooked the entire region.

Though the chaos here was cleaner than the zone irradiated by the enemy of the realms, the chaos was still the chaos. Many places were ill suited for life; only places enveloped by pristine chaos currents could support it.

The figure looked out over an expanse with an enormous chaos current nurturing dense foliage. The creation seed was rooted in the middle of this current.

These kinds of currents could be seen everywhere in this area and this one wasnt even a particularly large or dense one. In fact, it could be described as entirely ordinary, or even a bit poor quality. But it was precisely this kind of barren locale that could give birth to creation seeds!

The indistinct figure was plainly a supreme expert. His first impulse upon locating the creation seed wasnt to brashly spring into action, but to maintain a watchful eye over the disorderly struggles below.

What he referred to as the Great Devastation was when the realms had last expanded and almost occupied all of the chaos, thereby destroying all chaos creatures. Prior to that period of time had been the age of mythology for the chaos.


“Oh Has someone discovered me” The indistinct figure sharpened into focus and appeared to be an eighteen year old young man.

Dressed in spotless white robes, he held his long hair back with a simple hemp string. He looked quite casual and easygoing, and while he wouldnt be described as stunningly handsome, his eyes were uncommonly bright.

He suddenly stood up and looked at a corner of the chaos current in front of him. There was another young man there, one whod looked up and was grinning brilliantly at him.

The grin sent shudders of horror down the first young mans back. He couldnt see through the others cultivation! The other young man appeared to be a mortal being, one who hadnt even reached chaos realm. Hed be dead at the first whisper of a chaos tribulation.

But how could a mortal being see him!

The white-clad young man might look eighteen years of age, but he was an expert whod survived the Great Devastation. He could almost be considered an ultimate sovereign in the chaos. If even he couldnt see through someones cultivation, didnt that make the newcomer another ultimate powerhouse

When had such a character appeared in the chaos dragon race!

“Qiu Luoyu is honored to make the acquaintance of a noble personage. Might I inquire your name, fellow daoist” The young man took full shape and jumped into the chaos current, startling Lu Yun. He hadnt expected the other to approach without a second thought!

“You are too gracious, senior. I am just a mortal being and am unworthy of being hailed fellow daoist.” Lu Yun didnt dare try any tricks in front of a heavyweight like this one. Any hint of something wrong would result in the other blowing him to death with an irritated huff.

Qiu Luoyu started and then smiled. “Of course youre worthy! You can detect my presence as a mortal being, this means you have the potential to rise to the greatest echelon of them all.”

He assessed Lu Yun carefully, as well as the highly cautious little fox lurking off to the side.

“You certainly are very weak… If I help you now, will you return the favor when you become one of the greats” Qiu Luoyu merrily stroked his chin.

Lu Yun stared dumbly back at him, not sure what the proper response was.

“Youre not a chaos dragon, youre not even a being of the chaos!” Qiu Luoyu suddenly declared.

Horror pricked at Lu Yun, but he remained perfectly composed.

“There can only be nine chaos dragons among their race. Extinction is not far from their doorstep if they exceed this number,” Qiu Luoyu mused. “A chaos dragon recently returned from the zone of pollution. He killed one of the sacred palace chaos dragons and took its spot. As for you two…”

Lu Yun remained quiet while the little fox drifted to his side, ready to call upon the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals.

“Dont worry, Id come down here to have a nice fight with you.” Amusement crossed Qiu Luoyus face while Lu Yun dearly wished to slap himself silly.

Hed detected Qiu Luoyus presence through the Tome of Life and Death and smiled at the other just to make himself appear unfathomable and mysterious. That way, this expert wouldnt dare be too brazen. Who wouldve thought this fellow wouldnt play by the rules and want to challenge the first unknown expert he came across

Lu Yun suddenly felt like hed lifted a boulder just to smash his own foot.

“Were actually the same, you and I,” Qiu Luoyu suddenly sighed. “The six sacred palaces of the chaos and the nine sacred lands are also my enemies! Theres a special type of being in the chaos that can live in that zone of pollution, something like… me.”-

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