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Huo Shentong actually relaxed upon learning that Lu Yun had come to the chaos and allied with Qiu Luoyu to obtain the sixth dao palace.

“Heh, Qiu Luoyu, you can stay here forever now that youve come. You were lucky last time and got away, but this time with the four origin lands working together… youre dead without a doubt unless you become a sovereign.”

But if he ascended, those from the six sacred palaces would come take him away and the otherkinds would lose their last remaining heavyweight.

When large numbers of connate demon gods betrayed the realms and swore fealty to the four origin sacred lands, those of the chaos hadnt truly accepted them. Theyd treated the connate demon gods as bait with which to hunt down otherkind, resulting in the eventual death of all demon gods that had defected to the chaos.

In the eyes of the chaos creatures, the realms were a filthy, sordid, and squalid region that was nothing more than an enormous manure pit. Those who lived in the realms were maggots burrowing through feces and didnt have the right to live in the chaos.

Since the otherkind could enter that literal ** hole, they were also maggots and should be exterminated.

“What are the six sacred palaces thinking of, allowing those maggots to live!” Huo Shentong expressed with sudden irritation. If the sovereigns within the six sacred palaces were willing to show their hand, theyd instantly turn even the realms to dust, not to mention some ragtag otherkind infesting their home.

The six sacred palaces of modern times werent the dao palaces of old—they were much, much stronger.

The dao palaces nurtured six chaos stars embodying laws of the highest order within the chaos, but the sacred palaces were completely born of those laws. They were the greatest breakthrough and achievements of the chaos creatures since the Great Devastation.

As they stood, the six sacred palaces absolutely possessed the ability to destroy their age-old enemy and ensure that no more worlds were born in the chaos.

But for some reason, the six sacred palaces refrained from doing so. In fact, they operated in opposition to this capability and collected all of the sovereigns that appeared in the chaos. No matter who they were or their status, anyone who resisted was met with swift retaliation and death.

“Please mind your words, young lord. The sacred palaces have their own considerations and are not to be discussed by the likes of you and I.” Huo Shentongs subordinate jumped with surprise when he heard this.

Huo Shentong also realized that hed said something he shouldnt and sheepishly shut his mouth.

“Is there any word of the creation seed” he asked after a moment of silence.

“None.” His servant shook his head. “We can only be certain that the seed is in that chaos current, but only those four know exactly where. However, two out of the four have died and the five elemental lands have taken the remaining two.”

“Any other news” Huo Shentong wasnt willing to give things up like this, but he wouldnt have the chance to question the two survivors now that they were in the grasp of the elemental sacred lands.

“Theres gossip that mentions someone is breaking through in this chaos current—apparently a member of the sacred clan! The four also mentioned before that they were subordinates of the sacred clan.”

“The sacred clan” Huo Shentong blinked before a smile curved his lips. “If the sacred clan is here, then we may have a chance yet…”


When Qiu Luoyu delivered the sixth dao palace and a chaos star without any affinity to Lu Yuns hands, the little fox jumped up with excitement.

“Alright, I now proclaim that the creation seed is yours!” She leapt a meter into the air and bubbled with happiness.

“I, ah, what” Qiu Luoyu blinked.

Dreamlike radiance flashed across their eyes as the little fox took human form again. However, this time she was the city-toppling handsome man who put women to shame with his good looks.

Qiu Luoyu fidgeted uncomfortably.

“Take this. Once you refine it, the creation seed will fly to you when it matures.” The little fox handed over a jade green item that looked like a seed.

A vein on Qiu Luoyus forehead throbbed when he saw the jade-like seed.

“So the bastard who wantonly wasted a great treasure had something to do with you!” Qiu Luoyu was an ancient fossil whod survived the Great Devastation and had seen much of the world. He recognized the item with a single glance.

This was something formed by a refined creation seed! Since this thing possessed the presence of a creation seed, it would indeed attract the new creation seed as soon as it matured.

“Waste a great treasure If my master hadntwasted that treasure, would you have any say in obtaining this creation seed” Turning back into a little fox, she habitually burrowed back into Lu Yuns robes.

This thing was a hot potato to the little fox, but it so happened that no one could suppress someone of Qiu Luoyus level. Therefore, gifting it to him now was just getting rid of future disaster for her.

Lu Yun hauled her out of his robes and tossed her to the ground. He turned to Qiu Luoyu. “Do you know of an expert in the chaos whos a fox, one with a purple flame”

He recalled the one whod given him the ladder. His thirty-six warriors operated only in the lowest levels of the chaos. Even though theyd become the core members of some factions or even sacred lands, their cultivation level was too low to obtain any information about the great personages within the chaos.

“A fox with purple flames” Something changed in Qiu Luoyus expression as he thought of something. “Dont ask any further about him, theres nothing good in it for you.”

“You know him” Lu Yun wasnt willing to give up his first clue. “Its all thanks to him that I could get here so quickly…”

“Say no more!” Qiu Luoyu sucked a deep breath in shock and hastily interrupted, “That great one has surpassed the chaos and is the first one to do so since the Great Devastation. So your patron is him! No wonder you traveled here as chaos dragons.”

“The first being to exceed the chaos!” Lu Yun jerked with shock. What did it mean to surpass the chaos

It meant that this realm was no longer sufficient to hold him. Even if their world expanded to the point of devouring the entire chaos, it still wouldnt hurt him. 

Hed entered the third realm.

Indeed, according to Lu Yun and Qing Yus understanding, to exceed the chaos meant leaving the second realm and entering the third. It was an evolution of life itself.

So that person is this kind of existence! Alarm bells rang loud and clear in Lu Yuns heart.

“Quiet!” Qiu Luoyu said hastily. “Dont mention anything else about that great one. Hes a taboo of the chaos!”

“Okay.” Lu Yun nodded. “I say, is it a reliable thing if someone says they want to ally with me to steal the six sacred palaces”

“What!” Qiu Luoyu jumped straight into the air. “Steal the six sacred palaces Uh, uh, uh…”

He couldnt find an adequate response.

“Its the chaos dragon that you mentioned before,” Lu Yun clarified.-

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