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It was the fifteenth year since Lu Yun had departed from the world of immortals.

Utilizing the chaos beasts that Lu Yun and the little fox continuously delivered to her, Qing Yus cultivation advanced at an incredible pace. She broke through to supreme pure realm in only fifteen years.

This cultivation speed surprised Lu Yun as well. Supreme pure realm was the equivalent of initial human king in the Primeval Era, but it was still the mortal realm in the chaos. Anyone who had yet to reach the chaos realm was an ant that couldnt withstand the terrifying chaos tribulations.

Once she ascended to supreme pure realm, her cultivation speed doubled and her rate of improvement was even more incredulous than before. She didnt need the chaos beasts anymore. The Bridge of Forgetfulness stood guard at her side and took down countless chaos realm masters who discovered Qing Yus presence.

Order broke down even further in the chaos current that Lu Yun and the little fox were in, dragging them into the struggles. They were forced to leave, but there was still no word from the three-eyed man.

Lu Yuns thirty-six warriors came under attack as well. If not for the purple ladder protecting them, some wouldve been beaten to death. The covert jockeying and overt conflict in the chaos far exceeded that of the realms. A single moment of inattention was enough to result in ones death.

Not only did Lu Yun gain more knowledge about the chaos through his warriors, but he learned more about the realms combat arts.

Combat arts here were greatly superior to those in the world of immortals and to even those created by Lu Yun and Qing Yu. If it wasnt for the Tome of Life and Death and his mastery over formula dao, Lu Yun wouldnt be able to digest the enormous wealth of knowledge in the chaos either.

But one thing he was certain—there was no formula dao in the chaos.

Absolutely none!


“The creation seed has matured!” On this day, the little foxs ears pricked up and she looked alertly in a certain direction. Threads of silver radiance sparkled through her baby-blue eyes “But… why hasnt it flown out Why is it still there”

Confusion replaced the light in her eyes. According to the creation seed inside of her, a newly mature seed would fly out of its resting place and resonate with countless orders and laws in the chaos, taking the form of an enormous seed.

A creation seed wasnt a true seed, just something that looked like one and hence was bestowed that name.

She could clearly feel that the latest seed was ready, but it remained where it was without moving.

“Whats going on” Qiu Luoyu descended from the skies, also sensing through the energy of the creation seed within his body that something was amiss.

Lu Yun floated into the air and looked into the distance. The chaos current there was surging and changing shape. It was turning cloudy and turbulent, much like when the energy of the realms came in contact with the chaos. However, there was the added ingredient of boundless death in this change.

“What, what is this” Lu Yuns eyes shot open and he stared incredulously at what he was looking at. “This is… a tomb A tombs buried that creation seed!”

What the hell

There are tombs in the chaos

Hed carefully observed this chaos current before and noticed no sign of a tomb. But there it was, an enormous burial layout the second the seed matured. This layout surpassed anything in the world of immortals, including the one that buried the entire world.

Lu Yun couldnt see clearly who or what was buried, but the creation seed truly was entrapped inside and unable to free itself.

A terrifying pall of death tinged with endless resentment rolled outward in all directions.


“Tomb” Qiu Luoyu shuddered violently when he heard Lu Yuns words and trepidation appeared on his face. “Can it be that those rumors are true”

“Rumors What rumors” the little fox asked curiously.

Qiu Luoyu didnt immediately answer, instead carefully scanning the premises and then sinking into furrowed thought, as if he was striving mightily to recall something.

“This is where the Age of Myth ended,” Qiu Luoyu took a deep breath. “No wonder I thought this place was familiar. This is where that realm died. If theres a tomb here, then it must be burying that realm. The Tomb of Heaven and Earth!”

“The Tomb of Heaven and Earth” Lu Yun and the little fox looked at each other.

“There is only one point of origin for a realm, but theres no saying where it might die. The place where a realm ends often becomes a tomb of heaven and earth. Incredible resentment and unspeakable dangers can be found inside, even primes run the risk of losing their lives in there,” Qiu Luoyu inhaled deeply. “In the Age of Myth, this world almost swallowed the chaos. It was the biggest realm within the chaos and if this really is its tomb… then Im afraid we wont be getting the creation seed.”

Qiu Luoyus brows were tightly knit together, reluctance written all over his face. The creation seed was right within touching distance, but it was buried by the tomb for a world. This was insanely frustrating!

The little fox looked at Lu Yun, already reading a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

“The Tomb of Heaven and Earth… then isnt this where everything from that legendary world is held” Tremendous anticipation flashed across his face.

There was no question about how strong that world had been—it most certainly had possessed powerhouses thatd exceeded the chaos. There were only unlimited benefits to be had for Lu Yun and the current realms if they could excavate that tomb.

After all, the heavenly palace and the kingdom of hell in the current world of immortals had been the two great sovereigns of that time.

“What, what do you two want to do” A foreboding feeling rose in Qiu Luoyus heart when he took note of Lu Yuns expression.

“Dont you want the eleventh creation seed to create the tenth sacred land within the chaos” Lu Yun chuckled. “Well help you!”

“No!” Qiu Luoyu shook his head furiously. “Its too dangerous, Ill die without a doubt if I go inside!”

“You wont, not with us here.” Extreme confidence blossomed across Lu Yuns face and even the faint form of a chaos dragon appeared behind his head.

The Dragonsearch Incantation, Dragonspike Litany, and Dragonshift Method circulated furiously in his body, combined as the Dragonquake Scripture. Using it to explore the tombs of the realms was a task so simple that it was almost demeaning for the tool. Investigating the tomb within the chaos was its true purpose.

“Dont you want to know how that world was destroyed” Lu Yun grinned merrily. “You might not possess the courage to venture inside, but others will. If someone else obtains the creation seed and creates a tenth sacred land with it, the space for you otherkind to survive in will shrink even smaller."-

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