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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1031: Inception Leize

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Vigorous strength flooded into Lu Yuns body through the Tome of Life and Death. Qiu Luoyu knew this mortal being possessed an ultimate treasure, but he didnt think too much of it. He assumed it was a gift from the great one.

And in reality, that one had indeed gifted a treasure to Lu Yun.


Contempt flitted around Chi Wuxias lips as he looked at Lu Yun. Others might be afraid of the chaos dragons, but he wasnt. His mother, the princess of the Nirvana Palace, was far more terrifying than these dragons.

After all, the chaos dragons had once gone extinct. Their current iteration had lost most of their heritage from the Age of Myth. While chaos dragons loomed as lofty, superior beings over ordinary chaos creatures, they were a shadow of their former selves to quite a few sacred races.

“Oh You dare kill one of mine” Lu Yuns presence sharpened and expanded until it fully surpassed Chi Wuxias. Power as weighty as a towering mountain crashed down upon the young lord.

The combat arts and cultivation methods, as well as battle techniques, of the chaos were far more advanced than those of the realms. However, Lu Yuns thirty-six warriors had spent the past fifteen years furiously absorbing knowledge from their surroundings. Bolstered with deduction from formula dao and analysis from the Tome of Life and Death, Lu Yuns usage of chaos methods and power was on par with the chaos creatures.

Most importantly was his study of the Dragonquake Scripture over the past fifteen years. Hed derived all of the chaos dragon cultivation methods and combat arts from the depths of the scripture during this time.

He comprehended far more of the Dragonquake Scripture now than after five thousand years of practice in hell. The chaos was the true root of this method.


Lu Yun took a step out, raised his hand, and slapped it across Chi Wuxias face.


A crisp connection sounded in the void before Chi Wuxia flew backward, his left cheek swollen high and disbelief brimming in his eyes.

General shock reigned. The domineering Chi Wuxia had just suffered a blow, and a massive face slap at that!

His identity and background were unknown to no one; this wasnt the first time hed publicly obstructed the sacred clan. Many of the sacred clans experts greeted him amiably, but a young chaos dragon had dared slap the young lord Did he have a burning desire to die

Or were all chaos dragons really that tyrannical and thought nothing of the Nirvana Palace

Huo Shentong swallowed hard. He, too, had a slight relationship to the sacred palaces and once fantasized that he didnt fear the sacred clan either. But this slap seemed to land on his face as well, burning it hotly with humiliation.

Naturally, he was also privately gleeful and wanted nothing more than for the chaos dragon to rip Chi Wuxia to pieces.


“How dare you harm the young lord!” Cultivators of the fire elemental land rushed Lu Yun in a maddened frenzy.

Lu Yun caught up to Chi Wuxia and delivered slap after slap across his face. The young lord of the fire elemental land had completely lost his usual cool composure and haughty demeanor. He was caught in a strange vice of power and couldnt offer any resistance.

This was an utter nightmare of mind and soul, and he wanted nothing more than to self detonate on the spot! He finally understood what was the difference between him and half step sovereigns.

“Piss off!” Lu Yun suddenly stopped and released a resonant dragon howl from his body. An enormous dragon shadow of sword energy shot out of his palms and decimated everything it passed through.

The crowd of sacred land experts didnt even have time to react before they were dispatched by the sword energy.

This was Lu Yuns sword dao—Vast Dragon Seaturner. Hed melded it with the combat arts of the Dragonquake Scripture and reformed it into a brand new sword dao combat art of his own. This single move fully displayed all of Qiu Luoyus strength to the utmost.

Within the pocket dimension, Qiu Luoyu jerked backward and made a comical expression of shock.

“Is this fellow really just a peerless immortal He can flawlessly deploy the strength of a half step sovereign and looks to be even stronger than me!” Qiu Luoyu couldnt believe his eyes.

Hed once visited the realms and observed their immortal dao. Hence, he knew what a peerless immortal was. That was a realm insignificant even in the realms, much less the chaos!

“What a freak of nature… No wonder that person chose him. A titan whos exceeded the chaos has a proper eye for talent, alright.” Qiu Luoyu confirmed certain thoughts within his mind.


“The Dragonquake Scripture!” Chi Wuxia gasped when Lu Yun released his sword energy. “Wasnt that lost when the chaos dragons last went extinct”

Though hed never seen the method in action himself, his mother was familiar with it. Shed specifically mentioned it to him and simulated some of the ripples of energy it would display. The sword energy on display now was even purer and more terrifying than what the princess had shown.

Chi Wuxias eyes went round; he was more surprised than anything. His mother held the method in high regard and had searched for it more than once. She wanted to recreate the foremost method of the chaos, but had always failed.

To think that hed see it from a juvenile chaos dragon!


“What did you say! That youve seen the Dragonquake Scripture” In a pitch black palace, a young girl wearing a black silk dress and illuminated by a ray of black light surged to her feet.

“Mother, its the Dragonquake Scripture, Im certain of it!” Chi Wuxias face appeared within a tiny soul lamp.

“A chaos dragon that has yet to become a sovereign” The princess of the Nirvana Palace frowned gently. “Something big seems to have occurred within the chaos dragons lately… Theyre not involving themselves in the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. Are you certain hes a chaos dragon”

Chi Wuxia blinked, then answered blankly, “Im not certain if hes a chaos dragon, but Im certain that thats the Dragonquake Scripture!”

“Alright, I know now. Take care of yourself and dont die. The soul lamp can resurrect you, but youll have to start over from the beginning,” the princess said softly.

“Dont worry, mother. This is also a tempering experience for me. Things have been too smooth for me in my life and Ive never been beaten up by anyone!” Chi Wuxia chuckled and vanished from the soul lamp.

A gratified smile appeared on the princesss face.

“It looks like I need to make a trip outside. I can forgo the opportunity to break through beyond the chaos, but I must obtain the Dragonquake Scripture.” She rose to leave the palace.

“Please hold.” A resonant voice sounded just as she was about to leave, and an enormous figure slowly materialized in the void.

“Monarch of Inception Palace, what are you doing in my Nirvana Palace” The princess frowned ferociously and locked her eyes on the mans face.

If Lu Yun had been here, he wouldve shrieked with surprise. The monarch of Inception Palace looked just like Leize of the great wilderness!-

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