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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1032: Just a Slug

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“The Dragonquake Scripture belongs to my Inception Palace. It would be best if the princess of the Nirvana Palace refrain from becoming involved,” said the monarch of Inception Palace with a warm smile on his face.

He shifted slightly and perfectly blocked the princesss path.

“Hmph,” the princess snorted. “You think too highly of yourself, monarch of Inception Palace! This is the Nirvana Palace!”

Each of the six sacred palaces wielded their own law of the highest order; there was no hierarchy or internal ranking between them. Though the monarch of a palace outranked a princess, he was in anothers territory. If Nirvana Palaces power was activated, it would crush even a fearsome monarch like him.

“A singular monarch of the Inception Palace is indeed insufficient to suppress you, but what if Im added into the mix” A third voice sounded in the void as a sylphlike woman walked through empty air.

“Monarch of the Creation Palace!” Haughty reassurance finally slid off the princesss face with this newcomer.

With the rulers of the Inception and Creation Palaces jointly on her doorstep, even the monarch of Nirvana Palace would have to bow his head in defeat, to say nothing of a mere princess.

“We would invite the princess not to go anywhere. Just stay here and enjoy the comforts of home, or I cant guarantee what might happen next,” the monarch of Creation Palace said merrily and looked at her counterpart of the Inception Palace.

The princesss expression was so foreboding that it promised a swift and painful death to whoever got in her way next. She hadnt thought that the Inception and Creation Palace would ally together against her. She could unilaterally make use of her palaces power to keep another palace lord at bay, but if she defied two of them…

She wouldnt be able to bear the consequences.

The arrival of the second also meant that the two palaces had made full preparations and were ready for anything.

“Hmph!” she snorted and left with a pompous turn of her body. Why are the monarchs of Inception and Creation Palace walking together

Bleak thoughts filtered through her mind. The six sacred palaces had been independent since the day of their founding, with neither enmity nor alliance with each other ever on the table. It wasnt a good sign that two of them were working together now.


“Who wouldve thought that hed stir up so much trouble.”

Up in the void, the rulers of Inception and Creation Palace stood side by side and looked at where a clear chaos current had once flowed. The monarch of Creation Palace was naturally Huaxu.

“Id thought he was one of the thirty six. So he hasnt come at all!” The ruler of Inception Palace shook his head. “Hes much more shrewd than he was in the great wilderness.”

Leize and Huaxu of the great wilderness were the replicas of the rulers of Inception and Creation Palace!

“We should go take a look as well,” Huaxu mused meaningfully. “He has deep ties with that one. I wonder what their relationship is”

“He doesnt seem to be a pawn of that one. How else would the treasure exceeding the chaos end up in his hands”

“I agree.”

They both vanished at the same time.


“Palace head!” The Nirvana princess bowed before a dark figure within Nirvana Palace. It seemed to be only a shadow; there was nothing one could make out from it. It floated in the air, but also seemed to be embedded in the void. “The monarchs of Creation and Inception Palace…”

“Alright, thats enough.” The voice of Nirvanas monarch was wispy, intangible, and completely emotionless. It was also impossible to determine what gender it was.

“The six of us laid out this plan long ago and you will not disrupt it.” Two beams of dark light shot out from the shadow and fell upon the princess. “I dont care if you make a play for the Dragonquake Scripture or the ascension opportunity, but if you dare ruin our plans, Ill kill you.”

The princess shuddered with fear.

“If that person isnt a chaos dragon, then who is he” She remained kneeling on the floor after the palace head left. “Ruin your plans Hehehehe, not only am I going to ruin your plans, I want you all dead!”

A disquieting smile stretched across her face.


Lu Yun was still delivering a hefty beating to Chi Wuxia in front of the Tomb of Heaven and Life. By now, hed run through the gamut of everything hed theorized over the past fifteen years. All sorts of fantastical combat arts soared through the void, but he perfectly controlled the amount of force so that he wouldnt really kill his punching bag.

Chi Wuxia had viewed this as a kind of tempering at first—hed never imagined that the other would torment him in all sorts of ways like this!

As steady as his mental state was, he truly wanted to self detonate to end this humiliation. However, he was completely under the chaos dragons control.

Craaaaack crack craaaack.

After twisting all of Chi Wuxias limbs into tiny pieces, Lu Yun tossed the young lord aside like a sack of garbage.

“I would kill you right now if you didnt have a soul lamp protecting you. Your mother may be of the sacred clan, but youre nothing but a filthy slug.” Lu Yun curled his lip at Chi Wuxia. “Dont think you can do whatever you want just because you have a prestigious mother. There are so many in the chaos who can kill you like popping a stink bug. Youre just a slug oozing on the ground, understood”

Hed slaughtered all of the others from the fire elemental land. It wouldnt be the style of a chaos dragon if he didnt.

Of course, the Tome of Life and Death swallowed anyone he killed—whether chaos creature or of the realms. They entered hell and were reborn in a Hell Flower, becoming a new denizen of the underworld.

Lu Yun was the absolute authority figure in this part of the chaos now. Chi Wuxia seemed to rip a hole in the chaos through the force of his glare alone, but he clenched his teeth tightly and didnt talk back.

“And you still dare glare at me” Lu Yun walked up to him. “The Tomb of Heaven and Earth is at hand, why dont you go scout the way”

He shifted backward and punted Chi Wuxias sorry form into the gray current. There was no further sound from the young lord.

“Who else dares kill my men” As Lu Yun scanned the surroundings with a piercing stare, the quaking cultivators didnt dare meet his eyes. Huo Shentong couldnt stop his knees from shaking.

We thought we had a unique relationship with the sacred palaces and that they were our patron. We thought that we could ignore the sacred clan… but we forgot that the palaces belong to the clan! He inwardly berated himself.



A very strange noise came from the tomb as the turbulent air current suddenly split apart to reveal an enormous door. It resembled the maw of some massive imp, just waiting for chaos creatures to walk into its treacherous depths.-

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