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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1034: On the Bloody Path

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Lu Yuns scalp tingled numbly as he looked at the path basically made out of fresh blood. However, those beside him were already taking the road into the Tomb of Heaven and Earth.

“What is it Are you afraid” Qiu Luoyus voice echoed in Lu Yuns mind.

“Yeah, I am.” Lu Yun took a deep breath and nodded gently. “To openly send tens of millions of beings to their deaths like this… not bothering to cover up what theyre doing in the slightest… This really does shake me.”

“Doesnt it They can sacrifice everyone else for themselves. If this wasnt the case, why would we—what they call otherkind—have to hide in the shadows and defend ourselves from them” Qiu Luoyu sighed. “Its the rule of the strong. The weak can only be food, ready to be forfeit at any moment.”

“What about the sacred palaces Are they also like this” Lu Yun asked.

It was plain to see that the nine sacred lands were behind this. There were no representatives from the sacred palaces on the scene; Lu Yun caught no sight of the sacred clan or their sovereigns.

In the eyes of everyone here, the only ones here on behalf of the sacred clan and palaces were Lu Yun and the little fox.

“I dont know, I havent come into contact with them much.” Qiu Luoyu shook his head slightly. “But they rarely show themselves after the dao palaces metamorphosed into the sacred palaces. Only when a new sovereign is born in the chaos do they walk out of their abodes.

“Of course, there are still many stories when it comes to the sacred clan and of them, the most proliferated have to do with the chaos dragons. Chaos dragons are by nature brutal and savage, massacring races to extinction whenever the whim strikes them. Their rampages leave behind blood and gore for a hundred million kilometers. Thus, they dont have the best reputation within the chaos.”

Lu Yun shrugged his shoulders a bit awkwardly.

“However, the sacred clan isnt a clan of saints either. I hardly believe that none of them are involved in this matter. To collect the blood of tens of millions as a path through this tomb… it would take more than those of the nine sacred lands to pull off this feat,” Qiu Luoyu concluded.

Lu Yun nodded and concealed himself off to the side. Someone else was here and they were stronger than Qiu Luoyu.

They werent sovereigns, but they were closer to that realm than Qiu Luoyu was. Additionally, they radiated a presence that was remarkably similar to a chaos dragons.

The sacred clan!

Four young men flashed before Lu Yuns eyes and darted into the tomb. He wasnt able to get a good look at them.

As more beings entered the tomb, the bloody path increasingly sharpened into focus. It finally solidified as a path paved with blood-red jade, twisting and turning into the cavernous maw of the tomb doors.

The mental illusion seemed to have vanished, and while beings still streamed in through the doors, they did so with control over their actions.

It was time for Lu Yun to set foot onto the path as well.

Hed wanted to dig a thieves tunnel, but there werent any flaws in the surroundings around the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. He wouldnt be able to enter the tomb this way, no matter what angle he dug the tunnel from. It was also highly likely that hed be lost in the endless void instead.

The tomb doors and path beneath his feet were the only ways into this tomb.

Everything around him vanished the moment he stepped onto the path; it felt like hed set foot into another world. Even the little fox in his embrace disappeared.

“Whats going on” Lu Yuns eyebrows knit together tightly. The strength in his body rapidly receded and he returned to being a peerless immortal. 

Qiu Luoyu was also gone.

Hed been in the pocket dimension all this time, but some special power seemed to have transferred him elsewhere after walking on this path.

“Is there something different about this path” Looking around quizzically, Lu Yun placed his index finger next to his middle finger and released a tiny strand of sword qi. He halted the operation of the Dragonquake Scripture and returned to being himself.

Thanks to the knowledge that his thirty-six warriors had gleaned, Lu Yun called upon the secret arts of the chaos instead and transformed his body into that of a chaos creatures. In Qiu Luoyus absence, hed just be making trouble for himself if he took chaos dragon form.

What looked to be a small winding path from the outside was an endless world when one was actually on it. There was no end in sight and no beginning to be found. Lu Yun didnt even know if he should walk forward or backward. There was no other being on this path, just him.

“I should already be in the tomb.” It suddenly occurred to him. “Is this another illusion”

He opened the Spectral Eye, but even that death art was unable to see through the power of his surroundings and identify anything around it.

“Scree!!” A piercing shriek suddenly reverberated in his ear drums.

Startled, Lu Yun instinctively dodged to the side. A crimson beast had sprang out of nowhere and barely grazed him as it hurtled past.

The beast was strangely shaped—it had three heads and a pair of fleshy wings on its back. It looked rather like a three headed lizard that was a meter long. Standing upright on two strong hind legs, it roared and snarled in challenge.

“No way!” Lu Yuns expression was quite the sight after he took a good look at the lizard. As an Earthling, he naturally recognized this creature.

A chimera!

A beast of western legends on Earth, seeing something out of Greek mythology was the last thing he expected!

“It only looks like the chimera, its not actually one, is it” His eyes shifted around uncertainly.

It looked to be a peerless immortal on par with his strength. But what the heck was a peerless immortal doing in the chaos

The cultivation system of the world of immortals was completely different from the chaos before one reached chaos realm. Only after that point did they slowly start to converge. Or rather, it could be also said that the realms hadnt created any cultivation levels over chaos realm yet.

There was no time for further thought as the three-headed lizard blurred into motion and pounced on Lu Yun.

A myriad of exquisite and sophisticated combat arts flooded out of the lizard, blowing the unprepared Lu Yun away.

“How is this possible!” Eyes wide with shock, he laboriously twisted around eighteen times before evading a fatal blow from the lizard. “Die!”

His own ire rising, Lu Yun rose into the air and transformed into a vast dragon of sword qi, swooping down upon the lizard with brandished claws.


The lizard adroitly spun around and thwacked its heavy tail across the dragon, shattering Lu Yuns sword dao combat art to pieces.-

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