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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1051: Mission

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“The entrance to other planets lies beneath this corpse,” Lu Yun said as he continued to scan the creator. “This should be one of the few safe zones in the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. The entity that brought us here wanted to give us enough time to prepare.”

Pausing, he continued, “Its not like theres no danger here either. This is just one of the safer spots, relatively speaking.”

The vengeful spirit that hed collected earlier had been an unbelievably dangerous existence. Hed defused the danger only because he wielded hellfire. If itd been anyone else on the scene, they wouldve lost their mind and soul to the spirits possession.

“Are you ready” He looked at Ying Luo.

The girl nodded gently.

“We might run into others from your palace beyond this point, so we should split up,” Lu Yun suddenly mentioned.

Ying Luo paused, then asked, “Are you really not a secluded disciple of Inception Palace”

“No.” Lu Yun shook his head.

The girl fell silent, then said hesitantly, “But… you have cold black fire. Even if we run into more from my palace…”

“Ai,” Lu Yun sighed. “Who knows what your monarch is really thinking”

“I understand, I wont tell them about you.” Sorrow dawned in Ying Luos eyes. This might be their final farewell.

Though she hadnt spent a long time with Lu Yun, the things shed experienced in such a short period of time were incomparable to anything shed ever undergone. Unbidden, shed formed a strange attachment to this wanderer.

Lu Yun strode into the mountain instead of saying anything. He didnt want to dally with anyone in the chaos. It was better to take swift and ruthless action before Ying Luos dependence turned into real emotion.

There was only one entrance in the depths of the creators corpse—an enormous cavern. This was also where the bloody river flowed out of. Lu Yun walked on air and took point as Ying Luo kept a careful distance and followed his every step. She kept looking at him, but he never turned around.

Their world spun the moment they entered the cavern.


“Youve finally come!” a resonant voice sounded in Lu Yuns ears.

“...youve been waiting for me” Lu Yun asked at the entrance to the cavern. He knew who was speaking—the dead creator.

“Yes, Ive been waiting for you,” the creators voice sounded again. “Endless eons and the birth and death of endless realms have happened before finally seeing you.”

“Do you know me” Lu Yun frowned slightly.

“No, but I knew you would come.”

“I would come …destiny” Lu Yun started. He quite hated the idea of fate or anything forced upon him that had nothing to do with him.

Such as the Tome of Life and Death.

In Fuxis tomb, hed forced the treasure to submit and fully become his possession, erasing all other influences within it. But now this fallen creator from the Age of Myth spouted off some nonsense that made him very uncomfortable.

“Not destiny and not a mission,” the creator said. “Everything is according to your own decisions.”

“Youre not going to say that I was a ruler of your realm in a past life, are you” Lu Yun chuckled.

“…I dont know, I have been dead for too long. I dont have many memories left,” the creator seemed to sink into a contemplative stupor. “You have no destiny or mission, but I do.”


A loud hum traveled through the air as a massive collection of thoughts flooded into Lu Yuns mind. If it wasnt for him possessing the Tome of Life and Death and the six paths of his nascent spirit, his consciousness might have been obliterated by the intrusion.

“In these countless aeons, I continuously wore away at my own memories and everything unrelated in them to keep my heritage intact!

“This is the complete heritage from qi realm all the way to creator realm!

“This was my mission, to await your arrival and deliver it into your hands…” The creators voice echoed in Lu Yuns ears before fading away.

He stood still in this patch of darkness, silent for a very long time.

“In this part of the tomb, everything having to do with immortal dao has dispersed. Only this bit of its heritage remains.”

Though Lu Yun had gleaned some clues about the immortal dao of the mythological realm from the creators corpse, itd displayed only fragments of information. The heritage that hed just been gifted was complete.

Even though the immortal dao of that realm was different from the current immortal dao, Lu Yun could absolutely use this framework to derive what the immortal daos equivalent of the chaos and creator realm should be. Even the great emperor realm was incomplete with numerous flaws. Lu Yun could use the mythological version to perfect it.

Thus, his first task after returning to his own world was to revert the great emperor realm to empyrean realm!

Though the curse on great emperors was broken, the title was still too weighty for the current world of immortals.

“What a damn shame I came too late… There was only the complete immortal dao left in his memories and nothing else,” Lu Yun sighed.





The sound of water dripping traveled into Lu Yuns ears as the darkness slowly dispersed around them. He saw Ying Luos back.

Shed walked ahead of him at some point in time, her figure tall and lithe, long black hair tied up by a green vine and swaying freely on her back. She padded forward, slowly disappearing into the distance.

Lu Yun sighed gently. “Im finally inside.”

Nerves gripped him in the next second as killing intent flooded out of the barren landscape. There was an enormous tomb in the center of the terrain.

“Tomb of the Vaststar World King!” He read on an enormous obelisk in front of the tomb.

A world king was a title, not a cultivation realm. Whoever bore it was the ruler of this world.

“The tombs here… are a bit similar to the ones in the world of immortals!” Lu Yun raised an eyebrow in surprise.-

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