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Lu Yun remained unmoving, his eyes fixed on the boundless zombie sea in front of him. Though the terrain in front of the group looked like the same dusty earth that could be found anywhere else in the area, it was a heaving sea of zombies to his Spectral Eye.

“This zombie sea connects us to the heart of the tomb,” he murmured as he looked further into the land ahead. “If we can figure out a way to cross it, well reach the central zone before anyone else.”

Wang Shu flushed hotly at Lu Yuns words. Reach the core of the tomb before anyone else Didnt that mean they then stood a greater chance of claiming the creation seed and the opportunity to ascend beyond the chaos

Even Leng Xians heart pounded with excitement.

For palace geniuses like Leng Xian, Ying Luo, and Wang Shu, the Tomb of Heaven and Earth was just a training ground, a chance to see the world. They might gain something if they were lucky, or have to revive through a soul lamp if not.

Immortal lords and eternal overlords had come; there were even a few sovereigns hidden among the crowd. If those great personages fought with everything at their disposal, everyone below their level would have to take shelter. The ripples from their clashes alone would turn even creators to dust. 

But if Lu Yuns group could enter the heart of the tomb before everyone else… then they yet stood a chance. As she considered the possibility, Leng Xian didnt think of notifying her sacred palace—this was a time when personal considerations ran first and foremost.

“Do you mean what you say, that this leads straight to the heart of the tomb” Leng Xian stared fixedly at Lu Yun. She wouldnt mind giving it a try if there really was a chance to reach the central area of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth first. Shed have no regrets even if she died in the attempt.

“I do.” Lu Yun nodded. “The heart of the tomb is a huge pit that buries all of the beings from that mythological realm. This zombie sea is something formed from its leaked energy. But… how are we to cross the sea” He frowned slightly.

“What are zombies afraid of” Ying Luo suddenly asked. “This kind of zombie doesnt dare leave their habitat, so there must be something here that theyre afraid of. If we find it, well be able to cross the sea with it!”

Leng Xians eyes widened and she looked incredulously at Ying Luo, as if she didnt know her junior sister. From what she knew of Ying Luos mentality and maturity, she wouldve never thought of approaching the problem this way. In fact, even Leng Xian hadnt considered this angle.

Not all of the second tests were the same. Lu Yun and Ying Luo had met the mosquitoes of the Blood Sea, but the others had encountered something else.

“Are zombies afraid of the cold” Ying Luo looked earnestly at Lu Yun. She still had a pile of realm monster core fragments in her storage treasure.

“No,” Lu Yun responded firmly. “Do you remember those ice zombies”

Ying Luo pouted, unhappy with the response. Lu Yun ignored her reaction and sat down on the ground, closely observing the zombie sea in front of them.

“Is there really a zombie sea here” Wang Shu walked up to him and stared blankly at the empty expanse of barren land in front of them, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

“Youll find out for yourself if you take a few steps forward,” Lu Yun responded with a half smile.

Wang Shu hastily scuttled backward.

“Zombies are afraid of a lot of things, but its a zombie sea in front of us. Water counters fire, but if only a single drop of water enters a sea of fire, itll instantly evaporate.” Lu Yun frowned. “I know why the zombies dont dare come ashore, but that thing isnt very useful to us. We also need to move as quickly as possible. This zombie sea will shift to another location in a short while, and if an eternal overlord encounters it…”

“So we need to think of a way forward as soon as possible. If we really cant, well just have to go with the flow,” Leng Xian finished his thought.

She stood three steps ahead of Lu Yun and was able to glimpse a never-ending sea of zombies. She fully believed what the Inception disciple said, that they could reach the heart of the tomb through this sea. She could even feel the presence of the creation seed in the bottommost depths of the zombie sea.

“I have a way to cross it, but the risks are great,” Lu Yun suddenly offered.

“What is it” Leng Xian, Ying Luo, and Wang Shu lit up.

“We can turn ourselves into zombies.” Lu Yun smiled mysteriously.

“Turn ourselves into zombies” Wang Shu shuddered.

“Do you mean that we should disguise ourselves as zombies and pass through the sea that way” Ying Luos eyes gleamed.

“Yes.” Lu Yun nodded. “I can refine a talisman that will exude the same aura as zombies when we stick it to ourselves. Zombies arent very intelligent, so they wont be able to tell that were different from them if were in this vast sea.

“But…” he paused. “Ive observed the zombies within this sea attacking and eating each other. Well be attacked by them too even if we disguise ourselves as one.”

There were too many zombies in the terrain ahead. A zombie sea was precisely as it sounded, a sea with zombies crammed together instead of water.

“Then well find whatever it is the zombies are afraid of and bring it in with us!” Ying Luo once more mentioned searching for whatever it was the zombies were afraid of.

“Its the stones here.” Lu Yun grabbed a random stone that looked like the bottom of an aged and dull pot. “These stones should be the fallout from a pill cauldron explosion. That pill cauldron was able to restrain this particular kind of zombie, and that characteristic has been transferred to these stones.”

He threw the stone into the zombie sea and noted that the zombies shied away from the intrusion, unwilling to be in close proximity with it.

“What a pity that almost all of the cauldrons power has dispersed. What little remains cant control the zombies, just inspire a disgust that makes them unwilling to be near it.”

“Thats enough.” Leng Xian nodded. “If you really can disguise us as zombies and we bring these stones with us, that should see us safely past the zombie sea!”

“Then let us pray that no zombie kings have been born in this sea.” Lu Yun pursed his lips. “My disguise can fool ordinary zombies, but it wont fool a zombie king.”

It was impossible that a zombie sea this large didnt possess any zombie kings. Zombie kings were entities that stole opportunities from life itself to revert yin yang, so that they could return to the land of the living. They possessed the same intelligence as normal people and were beyond the scope of zombies.

They surely existed in the zombie sea.-

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