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With the titans of the zombie sea fleeing for dear life, its previously placid depths thrashed and heaved with activity. The riotous disturbance enabled Lu Yun and the others to travel smoothly, unimpeded and unchallenged in their frenzied charge for the other shore.


“Are, are you alright” Ying Luo carefully asked Lu Yun.

“Im fine.” He shook his head. “We shouldnt meet with any danger after this.”

The emergence of hadal aura had swept all of the zombies and dead things from their path. None of them were in a state of mind to pay attention to anything happening in their home. As long as the group didnt court death and antagonize certain horrific things, they would remain safe from attack.

Lu Yun sat down cross-legged and sent his mind into hell, where the six paths of his nascent spirit were.


“Where are we” Aoxins mother frowned elegantly at the four giant evil coffins in front of her.

She was an eternal overlord, far superior to creators and immortal lords. She could clearly sense the profound, terrifying hadal presence from the void next to her—as if a demon would break free from it any time and swallow her whole.

But these laughably weak coffins kept the hadal hell under control

And there were two even more insignificant presences next to the coffins, somehow suppressing the hadal hell as well

To her, everything about the scene seemed as nonsensical as two ants restraining a nest of evil dragons!

She placed her dragon pearl back into her body. In this realm, her skeletal form had receded, replaced by a body of flesh and blood. It was a body different from the one shed projected before; this was a real one that belonged to the dead.

A ghost.

If one had to place Aoxins mother in a category, then she would currently be a horrifying ghostly soul. The power of hell had recollected her tattered true spirit and soul parts, turning her into a ghostly soul.

When she saw that Aoxin was still standing next to her, she clasped him in a tight hug.

“This is hell.” The blood demon paused at the sudden appearance of a woman, but relaxed when he saw Aoxin in her embrace. Plainly, Lu Yun was the reason for their visitor.

“Hell Has the hell of the mythological realm not been broken yet” Aoxins mother blinked.

“Aouu aouu aouu!” Aoxin lifted his head while hugging his mother back and garbled something at her. 

The two dragons that Lu Yun had sent into hell awoke, swiftly flying over and circling around their mother. Their expressions and gestures were the same as Aoxin—one being inhabiting three bodies!

“A newly born hell…” Nodding, she carefully observed the premises and patted Aoxin absentmindedly.

“Senior, youve only recovered your true spirit and ghostly soul, you havent really come back to life yet. Flaws remain in your body. If youd like to resurrect as a living being, please visit the sea of Hell Flowers and use its power to return to the world of yang.” Lu Yuns nascent spirit approached the mother son duo.

“Ah… alright.” Aoxins mother inclined her head. She naturally didnt want to die if she could return to life. Shed declined Lu Yuns offer earlier because she didnt want her child to pay for her decision.

“I… I have another favor to ask.” She bit her lip.

“I cant do anything for the chaos dragon zombies in the zombie sea.” Lu Yun knew what she wanted to say. “But the chaos dragons still exist in the chaos, outside the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. They are one of the greatest rulers of the chaos, of that you can be assured.”

“…I see.” Aoxins mother nodded and put the matter out of her mind.

Her consciousness swept through all of hell. There was only one chaos realm expert in this new netherworld, there wasnt even a creator here. This level of strength was much too weak in her eyes. Even Lu Yun was just a little fellow at second level mortal realm. It was impossible for him to save her clan in the zombie sea.

“But I can think of a way to break the curse on the chaos dragons. Curse breaking happens to be a speciality of mine,” Lu Yun added.

“Then I thank my young friend.” Gratitude sparkled in her eyes.

“Ah yes, you shouldnt leave your new home, senior. What lies outside is a new realm born in the chaos. If you go out, youll be attacked by the energy of the worlds,” Lu Yun hastily added.

“We dont suffer those effects when the Dragonquake Scripture reaches great perfection.” Aoxins mother smiled. “I am the patriarch of the chaos dragons and my grasp of the Dragonquake Scripture has long since reached great perfection. The energy outside is no threat to me at all.”

Lu Yuns eyes widened.

“This is also precisely why the experts of that mythical realm cursed the chaos dragons,” she sighed. “Be at ease, I am no longer my past self. I will no longer oppose the worlds.” She tightly hugged Aoxin again. “I was once willing to sacrifice my life for my clan… Now, he is everything.

“At the same time, you cannot teach the Dragonquake Scripture to anything else in the chaos. If they practice it, that will herald the doomsday of this realm.”

“…I understand!” Lu Yun took a deep breath and nodded slowly.

Thank goodness the three-eyed man was a rebel and otherkind who didnt have wish to destroy the worlds. Otherwise, life as Lu Yun knew it wouldve perished long ago.

The three-eyed man was certainly a sovereign, and he was even stronger after grasping the Dragonquake Scripture. Hed killed a sovereign level chaos dragon and taken his victims identity. Meanwhile, those of the nine sacred lands also searched for the Dragonquake Scripture. They didnt only want to enhance their strength, but also wished to use it to enter the worlds.


Aoxin and his mother settled down in the sea of Hell Flowers. Lu Yun briefed the blood demon and Ge Long on recent happenings before withdrawing his mind from hell.

“Were here!” Leng Xian suddenly said. “Weve arrived on the other shore of the zombie sea. This is the heart of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth!”

The submarine slowly surfaced out of the zombie sea and inched its way ashore. Murky yellowish corpse qi filled the air. Lu Yun could smell its pungent stench even through the submarine.

“Go inside!” He grit his teeth. “This corpse qi is a protective layer for the things inside. Well be able to get the creation seed if we pierce through it, as well as the heritage of the great ones who ascended beyond the chaos!”

Ying Luo, Leng Xian, and Wang Shu started breathing heavily. The way to cast off the limitations of their existence lay right ahead of them!-

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