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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1064: Borrowing Influence

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That Lu Yuns group had passed the two tests on the outskirts of the tomb meant that theyd met with approval. They would find the opportunity that belonged to them here, as long as they didnt die. Such was the rule of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth.

Of course, it was another matter entirely whether they could make it out alive after locating their opportunity or heritage. That was up to the whims of the eternal overlords. If these lofty beings wished to take something, ants of the mortal realm wouldnt be able to put up a fight.

Lu Yun knew Jin Gushen well and wasnt worried that the eternal overlord would covet what was someone elses. Leng Xian and Wang Shu, however, remained on high alert. Though the genius was a prime recruitment target for the six sacred palaces, he was still an outsider at the moment.

Meanwhile, Ying Luo didnt care about any of this. She was here only because her palace monarch had told her to adventure in the chaos for tempering. She didnt think much about opportunities or heritage to be won.


Although Leng Xian and Wang Shu didnt fully trust Jin Gushens words, he had indeed just saved their lives. If he hadnt suddenly appeared, revival through their soul lamps would be their only option and they would have to start anew.

Just as Lu Yun previously had been resigned to going along with the flow when Leng Xian wanted to take him to the Inception Palace contingent, so did Leng Xian have no other choice but to stay by Jin Gushens side.

The fog of corpse qi was too dangerous and all sorts of zombies shambled through it. There were even some unknown beasts wandering the miasma. With the quartets strength, they wouldve died here sooner or later. Even turning into a zombie left them open to attacks from “their kind”.

But with Jin Gushen present, he only needed to flare his aura to scare off the dangers in the corpse qi.

As for the kings in the miasma…

Hed already learned his lesson and didnt dare go toe-to-toe with anything he encountered in the tomb. A slight crossing of paths was enough for him to yield the way.

Those on par with eternal overlords also didnt want to antagonize someone of their own level. It would be a most ignoble defeat if someone else reaped the benefits of their hot-headedness, especially when theyd come so far in the tomb.

A sizable crowd of chaos creatures had crossed the zombie sea and entered the fog of corpse qi. Usually overweening and dominating figures, the eternal overlords kept themselves strictly in check.

The huge shadow from earlier had fallen to the three overlords, but theyd also paid a hefty price—one of them had been ripped to pieces. They werent overlords from the sacred palaces, so death for them meant eternal slumber.

Therefore, Jin Gushen traveled with utmost caution along the way, his greatest treasure tightly grasped in hand and ready to do battle at any moment. Thankfully, there was nothing more serious than close calls along the way. The fog of corpse qi eventually cleared up and further shapes could be glimpsed through it.

“Theres other people ahead, you guys should put your talismans away.” Jin Gushen stopped and flared his power around the four.

They quickly did as they were told and peeled off Lu Yuns Shapeshifting Talisman, returning to their true, living selves. It felt like a curtain had lifted in front of them and a breeze of fresh air blew into their faces, delivering great comfort.


“Jin Gushen, youre still alive!” Someone reacted less than pleasantly when they saw Jin Gushen walk out at the head of four others. Three eternal overlords immediately approached him and formed a triangle around the group.

“The fire origin sacred land!” Jin Gushen frowned faintly. The fire origin land was on unfriendly terms with the elemental sacred lands—one could say outright hostile. Now that three of its overlords saw him here all alone, they naturally wouldnt pass up this opportunity.

In the five elements, fire countered metal. Therefore, fire origin power could also offset his strength.

Fear gripped the hearts of Lu Yun and the others. They hadnt thought that these immortal lords and eternal lords would be even faster than them!

They were at the foot of a gigantic mountain, one so immense that Lu Yun couldnt see its peak. However, a strange sort of summons managed from the landmass, calling him into it. He snuck a peek at Ying Luo and Wang Shu. The same inclination showed on their faces, a sign that they were being called to as well.

However, no one dared make any brash moves. There was now a crowd of several hundred strong gathered on this side of the corpse qi fog. The weakest among them was immortal lord—there were no creators, chaos realm, or mortal realm beings.

Lu Yun and his companions were a rare sight in this location.


“Stop!” A figure in bright red barreled in, stopping the three eternal overlords.

“Shentong!” Startled, the three relaxed from their threatening posture. Their young lord, Huo Shentong, had stopped them.

After Chi Wuxia murdered the entire fire origin land delegation, the sacred land sent many more experts to the tomb. This time, they didnt send any cannon fodder.

Huo Shentong was also a genius of the nine sacred lands. Though he was less than Chi Wuxia, he was absolutely a peak genius.

Though Ying Luo ranked the strongest among second level mortal realm, her potential was far inferior to that of Chi Wuxia and Huo Shentongs. If it wasnt for her affiliation with a sacred palace and being part of the sacred clan, she wouldnt have the chance to become a sovereign.

Strength was one matter in the mortal realm, potential was another. Huo Shentong, Chi Wuxia, and Jin Gushen were examples of talents with both strength and potential.


“We meet again, senior brother Jin.” Huo Shentong raised a cupped fist salute to Jin Gushen and spoke merrily, “Senior brother, could you reconsider joining Ethos Palace”

Huo Shentong was the young lord of the fire origin land. His patron and the patron of the sacred lands was Ethos Palace. Ethos was the true nature and disposition of things—not just of the four origin sacred lands, but the source of all things.

“Join Ethos Palace” Jin Gushen relaxed and grinned evilly. “But I have these from three other sacred palaces by my side. Which do you think I should join”

Leng Xian and the others started. They hadnt thought that Jin Gushen would use them as a shield!

However, given Lu Yuns understanding of this genius, he immediately stepped forward and blasted outward with the power of inception. If rushed about as the outline of a dragon, as if confirming the genius words.

Ying Luo was hot on his heels and released her power of creation, stacking it close to the power of inception.

A brief moment of hesitation later, Wang Shu also deployed his power of burgeon. The power of Inception, Creation, and Burgeon Palaces interwove with each other next to Jin Gushen—the true strength of the sacred clan.

Huo Shentongs face darkened ominously; even the three eternal lords by his side didnt know what to do.-

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