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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 110: Accursed Spirit Root

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“What!” Qing Hans unexpected comeback left Lu Yun speechless. He hurriedly snatched his hand away from his friends chest. “I havent!” he blurted.

“Really” insisted Qing Han.

“I...” The governor was at a loss for words.

“Or do you wish Id turn into a woman so you can fall for me then” Qing Han batted his eyelashes, his tone clearly exudingyou are such a perv.

“No!” Lu Yun was truly taken aback by the line of questioning. He hadnt expected such a hair-raising sentiment to come out from the usually mild-tempered and sometimes sardonic young man.

“Then why do you keep touching my chest” The Qing scion glared at him. “You touched me back in the Myriad Formation Summit burial mound, too!”

“Well...” Lu Yun puffed his own chest out and rested his hand on Qing Hans chest. “Theres nothing to be touched anyway. Were both men. Whats a little encouraging tap on the chest between friends” 

Qing Han froze and reflexively turned to dodge the hand.

“Were both men. What are you afraid of” Lu Yun couldnt resist the urge to take another step forward and placed his hand on his friends shoulder. To deal with someone like Qing Han, one had to be tougher than him and take the initiative, or the young envoy would get too full of himself.

Qing Han was dying inside and had no idea what Lu Yun was thinking.

“Enough fooling around. There really was a woman in my arms just now, and it wasnt an illusion.” Lu Yun grew solemn. “Im worried that theres something I dont know about in here.”

The Skhanda Extinction Tomb was too dangerous, prompting each step to be taken with the utmost caution and alertness, though they hadnt met with any particular danger up until now.

Face flushed, Qing Han bit his lip and kept quiet, worried that Lu Yun would notice something.

If the disguised girl were a normal person, if she could live as long as regular cultivators, she would absolutely tell Lu Yun the truth…. But now she might die anytime; she couldnt be that selfish.

The Scroll of Shepherding Immortals had resolved what the Qing Clan feared the most, but she had even more concerns now. It seemed best for her to hole up in a hidden place some day and quietly die alone.

“Did you find the treasure” he hastily changed the subject.

“Yep, its above us.” Lu Yuns tone was slightly stern. He was still thinking about the woman whod knocked into him.

Qing Han looked up and saw a pea-sized spot of golden light floating about three hundred meters above them. It was the Treasurefall Coin.

“Dont touch that coin!” he warned, alarmed. “Summon people to help. A creature has awakened.”

“Huh” Breaking out of his reverie, Lu Yun could also smell a pungent, disgusting odor in the air. It was from a creatures gaping mouth.


Raspy hissing sounds suggested the presence of snake-like entities.

“No need!” Lu Yun shook his head. “Were within the Big Dipper Formation, while the creature is guarding the treasure outside. It doesnt dare enter the formation.”

This formation, or layout, was remarkably fatal as established through the power of the Big Dipper. Both the layout and the formation were deadly enough on their own, but when combined, their synergy could destroy anything with no hope of survival.

If Lu Yun hadnt seen through the layout, they wouldn't have made it here. Since the creature had to remain on guard around the treasure, it wouldnt easily enter the formation.

“Okay.” Qing Han nodded. “Now what”

“Follow me and retreat slowly.” About to take Qing Hans hand again, Lu Yun changed his mind and put Qing Hans hand on his shoulder.

The two slowly backed away; Lu Yun didnt even retrieve the coin. Although the creature wouldnt enter the formation, it could influence the arrangement through other means.

Both of them were on edge. They could feel a weighty gaze piercing through the darkness from above their heads and settling down on them.


A sudden hum marked the activation of the Big Dipper Formation, casting the chamber in a snowy-white glow. Qing Han shuddered, his face draining of color.

The originally enormous chamber abruptly shrunk down to roughly thirty-six meters in radius. Innumerable small, black snakes writhed and crawled along the walls. They were all roughly a foot long and a thumb-length wide. 

Above the two humans reared a black, triangular snake head about a yard in radius. Its crimson eyes stared coldly at them as frosty light glinted off a white, jade-like horn atop its head. Lu Yuns attention, however, was on the silver stone above the enormous snakes head. It sparkled with celestial radiance, and there was something familiar about it.

“What the—” Qing Hans terror was apparent in his trembling body and bloodless face.

“Dont worry, this is just a reflection created by the formation,” reassured Lu Yun. “The snakes are actually very far from us.”

“Okay.” Qing Hans face was still pale.

“Youre afraid of snakes” Lu Yun looked at his friend in surprise.

“This is a rimesnake, a tremendously venomous beast.” Qing Han tried his best to tamp down his fear. “I was bitten by one when I was little. That venom is responsible for the way I am now.”

Once bitten, twice shy. The experience of youth had planted the seed of abject terror in his heart.

Although the snake was deadly, the Qing Clan had ways to negate the poison. However, everyone in the clan at that time considered Qing Han to be an inauspicious harbinger of disaster that would destroy the clan, so many of them had wanted him dead on the spot.

In other words, it wasnt a coincidence that Qing Han was bitten by the snake.

When Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao found him, the venom had already traveled bone deep and merged with the thing the clan was most afraid of. That made the resulting poison even stronger, and it was now eating away at Qing Hans life.

Neither Chen Xiao nor Qing Buyi could cleanse him of the poison. For that, the two devils created rivers of blood in the clan, killing at least ten thousand immortals in a fearful bloodbath.

From then on, clan members hadnt dared to lay a finger on Qing Han, even though they despised him. For instance, Qing Hongchen may have wanted Qing Han dead, but he had to do the deed in Myriad Formation Summit, and had to ensure his end was inconspicuous.

“Its no big deal if its just snake venom.” Lu Yuns eyes lit up. “Ill be able to save you if I can get a snake fang!”

“That wont do anything.” Qing Han shook his head. “Theres something else in me thats mixed with the venom to create a new poison, and my life essence has been long devoured by the poison.”

Lu Yun frowned and asked, “What else is in your body”

“Would you abandon me if you knew” Qing Han asked in a shaking voice.

The governor shook his head with a smile. “No.”

“Its… my accursed spirit root,” Qing Han said quietly. “Its the most evil spirit root of extreme yin in the world. Just like the Skhanda Extinction Tomb you speak of, it can destroy my clan and bring misfortune to everyone Im close with.”-

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