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“Be careful, there are other dangers here apart from that zombie!” Lu Yun grunted when he put the water curtain away.

The green-robed man hadnt made it to this spot, but had continuously recruited cannon fodder nonetheless. Plainly, hed met something else and wanted others to scout the way ahead. That was why the sacred land disciple and Jushan of the Burgeon Palace had died.

“What do we do now Do we go over there and prevent those people from pulling out the sword” Ying Luo followed close behind Lu Yun, white as a sheet after seeing the huge zombie.

“Yes! We need to stop those people!” Lu Yun swallowed hard. “We cant let them have the sword, no matter what!”

If it wasnt for Dragonquake Scripture, the Tome of Life and Death, and his death art being able to pierce through all ghostly and zombie entities, he probably wouldve also fallen for the trap and tried to pull out the sword for the legacy beyond the chaos.

That was entirely off his mind now.

“No, our current strength wont be able to stop them. Well become everyones enemy instead and have even our souls beaten to pieces!” Wang Shu objected. “We need to borrow the strength of the six sacred palaces and report this to the seniors of our palaces. Only they can stop this crazed mob!”

Though they could set up the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals, a formation set up by six second level mortal realm beings could at most stop only one of the sixth level. There was far more than one such cultivator in front of them. There was a crowd, a horde!

“Wang Shu is right, we wont be able to stop them alone. We need to get in touch with our sacred palaces.” Li Xue nodded. “Lu Yun, you stay here and look for a good opportunity to make a move. The five of us will head to our sacred palaces!”

“Alright.” He nodded. Without a doubt, this was the most proper course of action. He was the only one who wasnt a true sacred palace disciple, so he had to stay and make the best of the situation.

And to be frank…

The five others also knew that even if Lu Yun moved about on his own, he still wouldnt meet with any danger. When he called upon the cold black fire, neither zombie nor ghoul was able to discover him.

The Six Royals looked at each other before quietly slipping away, heading for their own factions.

Contingents from the six palaces had long arrived on the scene, and the strongest energy pulses in the void came from the palaces. Any palace disciple would easily be able to locate where their peers were.

“Be careful, Lu Yun. If you have to, you can come with me to the Creation Palace…” whispered Ying Luo. She was still worried about him and hadnt left immediately.

“Ill be fine, dont worry.” He smiled faintly at her.

Ying Luo bit her lip and nodded gently, then vanished on the spot.

Lu Yun breathed out in a long exhale. “Youve followed us for so long, its about time you showed yourself, hmm”

Two black lights flashed through his eyes as he looked at a corner of the sky. There was an almost translucent figure there, standing quietly in the void. The earth elemental disciple had fallen to this almost invisible figure.

Tiny ripples spread in the air as the figure solidified into existence. It was a person without facial features, but looked to be a woman. There was a layer of condensation circling around her, obscuring most of her body.

However, Lu Yun could clearly sense that someone was looking right at him. Since the woman in front of him didnt have any eyes, it couldnt be her.

He scanned the area a few times, but gave up when he couldnt find the source of the gaze. The faceless woman in front of him was highly dangerous—shed easily killed someone at third level mortal realm and unnerved the green-robed fourth level man! She could kill Lu Yun as well.

He couldnt tell if she was alive, a ghost, or a zombie, but hed noticed that shed stayed close to them all this time without fail.

“Who are you” Hellfire blazed over him. If the woman shifted at all, he would blast her with black flames.

“Ai,” sighed the woman and slowly faded away.

“…shes gone” He found no trace of her through the Spectral Eye. Falling into deep thought for a moment, he headed toward the huge zombie.

The zombie was at least several hundred thousand kilometers away from him, but that wasnt much of a distance to Lu Yun.

He refrained from using the power of inception and disguised himself as an ordinary second level mortal realm cultivator. The connate longsword hed found before appeared in his hand.

Connate treasures werent that precious in the chaos. Any cultivator worth his salt would be able to obtain one, and the sword in his hand was slightly above mediocre at most.


“Halt!” Someone stopped him when he was fifty thousand kilometers away from the corpse.

Five third level mortal realm cultivators had assembled a great formation of the five elements and sealed off the way ahead. They were disciples of the five elemental lands and reinforced by a thousand of their peers behind them. Anyone who came this way ran into their blockade.

“Connate sword Icewater, youre little genius Mo Ke from the water origin land.” One of them instantly identified the longsword.

As the foremost genius of the water origin land, Mo Ke possessed the potential to become a sovereign. Even Ying Luo spoke of Mo Ke with admiration and respect.

Mo Ke was quite famous in the nine sacred lands. Hed defeated countless peers of his level with Icewater and triumphed over stunning geniuses from the sacred palace.

“Mo Ke is the apple of the origin lands eye. Dont blame us for not showing you a friendly face when youve come barging into elemental land territory!” The five didnt give Lu Yun a chance to speak and charged him without further ado.

Relations between the origin and elemental sacred lands werent to the point of a death feud, but conflict was inevitable whenever the two met. Countless numbers of stunning geniuses from both sides had died to each other over the span of several chaos tribulations.

“Im not Mo Ke!” Lu Yun glowered to see the five attack him without explanation or provocation. However, their station here was plainly to obstruct anyone from passing through. A fight wouldve been inevitable even if they hadnt mistaken his identity.


Jade green power of inception flared from his body and rushed into the sky.

“Youre not Mo Ke, youre someone from the Inception Palace!” The five screeched to a halt when they saw the blast of energy.-

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