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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1075: Six Royals Convene

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The expressions of the five elemental sacred land disciples shifted with uncertainty when they saw Lu Yun call upon the power of inception. Though soul lamps were useless here and sacred palace disciples deader than dead if they died, it was still a death wish to kill one in broad daylight.

When Inception Palace caught wind of this, they would absolutely come for revenge afterwards. The five elemental lands couldnt afford to enrage that sacred palace.

“What are we afraid of Our senior brothers inside have the upper hand over those sacred palace disciples. Theres nothing to be concerned about once they pull out the sword and win the heritage beyond the chaos!”

“Well need to fight these cancerous tumors sooner or later!”

“Besides, he holds Mo Kes sword, which means he killed Mo Ke! Send word of this to the origin sacred lands, theyll come after him themselves!”

Exchanging quick glances with each other, the five surrounded Lu Yun in their center and refrained from action for the time being. A runner had already been dispatched to the origin sacred lands.

Lu Yun looked around unpleasantly. These five were the equivalent of peak Supreme Immortals of Original Order. Hed have trouble with just one of them, much less five. If four more came, hed really be out of tricks to save himself.

His attackers had locked their consciousness onto Lu Yun; he wouldnt be able to get away even if he turned himself into a dust particle.

“You killed Mo Ke!” roared a furious voice, swiftly followed by raging water ripples careening for his head.

In Lu Yuns understanding, water mapped to the yin attributes and gently nurtured all beings. However, these water ripples raged with terrifying killing intent and crashed down on him with the momentum to end all life.

He released dragon-shaped sword light before the water ripples could reach him and struck back out at it.



The stroke split apart the watery assault while Lu Yun flew backward for several kilometers before steadying himself.


He spat out a mouthful of blood the second he opened his mouth.

“How dare you kill junior brother Mo Ke just because youre from the Inception Palace! Do you know that my junior brother is ten thousand times more precious than you!” The newcomer was a coldly beautiful woman in blue robes, her eyes and hair the color of cerulean. Water ripples leaping like flames circulated around her body. She was sixth level mortal realm, the equivalent of a great emperor!


Lu Yun wanted to respond, but another mouthful of fresh blood welled from his mouth as soon as he opened it.

“Mo Ke is the son of the princess of Ethos Palace! You killed him and took his connate treasure. Today, I will take revenge for him!”


Another numbing hum blared out from the womans body as blue ripples filled the void. They flew at Lu Yun like sharp arcs of sword light.

“What the **, you want to kill me without even trying to understand the situation first. Do you really think Im that much of a pushover!” Lu Yun flew into a rage. He hadnt killed Mo Ke and hed only picked up that guys sword! None of these people were giving him a chance to explain at all!

“AhhhHHHHH!!” Faced with the indomitable water ripples, Lu Yun suddenly opened his arms wide. The power of inception, ethos, burgeon, creation, opposition, and nirvana abruptly materialized within his body and arranged themselves in the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

For the briefest of moments, a pale purple energy struggled free of these six orders and revolved around Lu Yun. Somehow, he felt his strength break through to unfathomable heights. If he had a dao fruit on him, he would immediately ascend into dao immortal realm and become a High Immortal of the Great Firmament.

Most importantly… when bolstered by the pale purple energy, Lu Yun vaguely felt that this great emperor, this empyrean realm master in front of him wasnt anything to be bothered by. She was hardly as invincible as he thought.

In fact, he had the impression that… the strength thatd once belonged to the Flame Emperor, to Lie Shan, had found its way back to him.

No, his current cultivation level was greater than even Lie Shan of the creator realm, and his opponent of sixth level mortal realm in the chaos was also much stronger than the connate demon gods of the great wilderness.

“RAHHHHHHH!!” Lu Yun yelled as Icewater blossomed with a burst of energy shaped like a purple dragon. Dragonrise, again!

The sword light smashed through the layers of water ripples and continued straight toward the cerulean-haired woman.

“What!” Itd never occurred to her that a second level mortal realm creature could possibly counter her combat art!

“You pathetic ant!” she snorted and stretched out her palm. On it danced another flame-like water ripple, and it blazed with even more energy as she brought it down on Lu Yuns sword light.


The impossibly sharp Dragonrise image splintered into pieces from the blow. She took another step forward and pushed out at Lu Yuns chest.

It felt like Mount Buzhou itself was crashing upon him. Invincibility fled from his body and the pale purple energy was likewise scattered by the terrible blow. The circulation of the formation within his body also fell apart. After all, it was his first attempt at circulating all six orders with the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.

Water ripples washed the jade green power of inception into his body and the combination crashed about his internal organs with fiery fury.

“How dare you harm an Inception disciple!” snarled an irate voice while a huge shadow of a fist shot out from the void and sent the woman flying. It also swept away the blue water ripples in the air.

A man dressed in long white robes and black hair down to his waist stood firmly in front of Lu Yun, blocking all attacks directed at the young man.

“You have some nerve, sacred lands, to mob one of our disciples. Do you want to be eradicated down to the last spirit!” The mans features were refined and his expression looked equally refined, but killing intent edged each of his words.

“He killed Mo Ke!” The woman struggled to her feet. There was no resistance she could offer to a sixth level mortal realm cultivator of Inception Palace. A single blow had thrown her internal circulation into disarray.

“Mo Ke is the son of the Ethos princess and he hadnt had the chance to light a soul lamp yet! Senior brother of the Inception Palace, there will be war between Inception and Ethos if he doesnt die!” She finally found her breath. Though this Inception disciple had broken her offensive, hed shown mercy and hadnt injured her core.-

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