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The princess of Inception Palace!

A sovereign!

Such a description shook Lu Yuns heart. He might be able to fool others, but there was no place to hide in front of a sovereign. Everything about him would be stripped bare and laid out for all to see.

But in front of a crowd of sixth level mortal realm experts, he couldnt even self-detonate if he wanted to. Sixth level mortal realm was the equivalent of a great emperor and he was only a mere peerless immortal.


There was something roughly fifteen meters across that looked like an altar at the center of the formation. Dream-like radiance shimmered atop it, at the center of which sat a snow-white, human figure. 

Due to the shifting iridescence, Lu Yun couldnt clearly make out the person. However, he could perceive an extremely frightening presence from it, an incredibly profound power and marvelous strength.

A sovereign!

This was only a replica—a sovereigns replica, but a replica nonetheless. However, its every move and gesture was primed with enough force to destroy countless sixth level mortal realm cultivators!

“Greetings to Your Highness!” Huo Jun, Ling Xiu, and the others bowed with cupped fist salutes when they reached the altar.

“I am aware of the situation, you are all dismissed.” An ethereal female voice floated down from the altar.

“Understood.” When faced with their princess, even the domineering Huo Jun kept his pride firmly in check and respectfully took his leave.

“You have quite some nerve, assuming the identity of an Inception disciple and traveling through the tomb under false pretenses,” sounded the female voice once again when everyone had left. “Do you know that I can annihilate you where you stand”

“Id thought you were dead… but youre still alive!” Instead of responding to the Inception princess, Lu Yun remained dumbly where he was and frowned at the figure within the haze of light.

“Youre the princess of Inception Palace How can you be the princess of this sacred palace, though” There was no fear or concern on his face, just deep confusion and doubt.

The Inception princess spoke no more upon hearing his response, but Lu Yun could clearly feel her pierce through the radiance and look at him up and down.

He scratched his head. “Do I have the wrong person But that cant be… I…”

“Enough!” The princess gaze sharpened into a glare. She dismissed the light around her with an impatient swipe of her hand. “You identified me much too quickly, Id wanted to scare you a little.” 

She sounds… a bit dejected

“Come up here and talk.”

The hint of a smile crossed Lu Yuns face when he looked at the Inception princess on the altar.

“Lu Yun of the human race greets the holy emperor!” He quickly bowed to the figure in front of him.

“Pfft, dont even try that with me.” The princess waved her hand and created a small ball of light beneath Lu Yun to lift him up and deposit him onto the altar. He sat down cross legged in front of the princess, causing the eyes of Huo Jun and Ling Xiu to bulge in disbelief.

“He, he was awarded a seat at the princess altar!” Ling Xiu gasped with incredulity.

As a sovereign, the Inception princess couldnt descend upon the tomb in her fullest glory. She couldnt even really send her replica here. She could only make use of the altar to project a shadow of a replica.

The altar was the equivalent of her bed, and that presumably fake Inception disciple had climbed onto it!

It felt like the world had turned upside down for everyone from the Inception Palace. Their princess was the daughter of the Inception monarch—holy, sacred, and inviolable! But now, an unknown man was in her bed

“How can this be! Or is he really one of our secluded disciples, and one with an incredible background” Huo Ju and Ling Xiu looked at each other.

“Thank goodness we didnt attack him just now, or Her Highness would never let us off the hook for it.” Ling Xius teeth chattered uncontrollably.


“How did you recognize me My appearance and presence are both very different from what they were before.” Robbed of her entertainment, the Inception princess was highly dissatisfied that Lu Yun had recognized her at first glance.

“Your appearance and presence may change, but your soul is still the same.” Lu Yun smiled. “I still possess a strand of your soul force. Everyone elses gradually developed into soul fragments and coalesced into a true spirit, but you and your parents soul force always remained quietly hovering in place.

“Thus, I suspected that none of you had died, just traveled to a place where my abilities couldnt penetrate. To think that Id see you here!”


The princess of Inception Palace was one of the holy emperors of the human race in the great wilderness—Wahuang!

“I see.” The Inception princess looked at Lu Yun for a very long moment before gradually smiling with satisfaction. “Youve got a heart, after all, kid. I was thinking that if you didnt recognize me, I would lock you up in the palace dungeons and have you reflect on the errors of your life for a bit.”

Lu Yun shrugged awkwardly.

“Youre the Inception princess A sovereign of the chaos creatures” He lifted his head and carefully scanned the figure in front of him.

The current Wahuang was dressed in a pure white dress, her long hair casually tied in a high ponytail. Though she looked completely different from before, she was still as radiant and stunning as ever. A star of the chaos, even Lu Yun briefly stared off into space upon looking at her.

“That is correct. weve always been sovereigns of the chaos and monarchs of the palaces.” Wahuang nodded gently.

“Then why…” Lu Yun asked hesitantly.

“Because… we wish to live as well,” she sighed softly. “The worlds are the legitimate development of life and it is a given that they will continue to expand and swallow the other three realms. That we keep destroying the worlds and preventing them from swallowing the chaos… Sooner or later, the chaos will one day backlash onto us and destroy us all.

“Therefore, Fuxi, my parents, and I borrowed the power of reincarnation to enter the great wilderness and tried to find a way to coexist with the worlds.”

“No wonder… Does this mean that Leize and Huaxu are the monarchs of Inception Palace” Lu Yun found this all a little hard to believe.

“My father Leize is the monarch of Inception Palace, while my mother Huaxu is the monarch of Creation Palace.” Wahuang nodded. “Thats why the Inception and Creation Palaces are closer to each other. But of course, no one else outside of the family knows of this relationship.”

Their conversation was starting to clear up the questions in Lu Yuns mind. No wonder Ying Luo had given him the identity of a secluded disciple of Inception Palace in her haste. No wonder the monarch of Creation Palace wanted her disciples to help anyone with cold black fire.

Wasnt the owner of cold black fire Lu Yun

Leize and Huaxu had likely been aware of his presence the moment he arrived in the chaos. They utilized their influence in the chaos to ensure that his replicas would find free and smooth passage, assimilating into other factions without trouble.

“Then… did you find a way for you to coexist with the worlds” Lu Yun asked hopefully.

“We found… the immortal dao.” Wahuang smiled.-

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