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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1082: Seeking Revenge

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It wasnt until this moment that Lu Yun realized where the source of the gaze was from—the huge green-furred zombie!

Rather than backing down, he took a forceful step forward and glared back at it. Hellfire blazed to life in his eyes at the same time, likewise releasing a wave of invisible pressure.

The green-furred zombie turned its head away from the force of the glare!

Noting the exchange with some surprise, Wahuang gently twisted around and shielded Lu Yun behind her.


“The goal of the tests is to kill that zombie” No one noticed Lu Yuns movements thanks to Wahuangs cover, and they also didnt know why the zombie nailed to the ground had suddenly turned its head. However, theyd all heard Lu Yuns words and were deeply troubled by them.

Very few knew that the testing rules existed; even the princes and princesses of sacred palaces had known only after they arrived on the scene. To require that participants kill a zombie beyond the chaos was beyond ridiculous!

The strongest beings here were only sixth level mortal realm. Demanding they kill something beyond the chaos was more far-fetched than the most unbelievable tale from the Age of Myth!

The six replica projections looked at each other, reading dire gravity in each others eyes. They could certainly determine the crux of the situation when even a second level mortal realm cultivator like Lu Yun could. Of one thing they were sure of, and that was a grave error had developed in the rules of testing. A task to kill a zombie beyond the chaos, even with the aid of a wondrous sword, was one for eternal overlords!

This wasnt simply an unexpected twist cropping up in the plan. The six sacred palaces had planned out the Tomb of Heaven and Earth over countless chaos tribulations and envisaged all potential possibilities. They couldnt have possibly overlooked a modification as large as this one.

After all, theyd dared even include existences beyond the chaos in their plans!


“The disciple of the earth origin land unwittingly triggered the energy within the sword, which is why the faceless woman killed him,” Lu Yun whispered next to Wahuang. “That faceless woman is one with the zombie.”

“Forget that for now, put away hellfire and focus on the Myriad Inception Fist. Even sovereigns wont be able to see through you then.” Another image of Wahuang loomed in front of the public eye while her replica stood next to Lu Yun and transmitted into his mind.

Startled, Lu Yun quickly called upon the Myriad Inception Fist and shaped it into a perfect circulation system within his body.

That combined the power of the Dragonquake Scripture with the Myriad Inception Fist and transformed them into an even purer power of inception, obscuring everything having to do with Lu Yun.

He was now a true member of the sacred clan—a true Inception sacred clan member.

Wahuang breathed out in relief at this change. It would be very thorny if any of her peers saw through his identity; the Inception Palace alone wouldnt be enough to protect him as their discussion moments ago had not gone unnoticed by the others.


“Princess of Inception Palace, who is this behind you” came a slightly aloof voice from the Nirvana contingent—the Nirvana princess.

“Since when do those of Inception Palace need to report to the Nirvana Palace” Wahuang raked the Nirvana princess with a dismissive glance.

Ever since an Inception expert had thrown the son of the Nirvana princess into the tomb and his current status remained yet unknown, Nirvana Palace had opposed Inception Palace at every turn. Wahuang had even personally killed some Nirvana disciples whod gone overboard in their provocation, so she was hardly kindly disposed toward her Nirvana counterpart at the moment.

“I hear that someone in this tomb is running amok with a fake Inception Palace identity, and that my son Mo Ke very likely died at his hands.” Another voice came from the direction of the Ethos contingent—the Ethos princess. Shed learned of her sons death and his sword had been returned to her.

“A fake Inception Palace identity” Wahuangs expression darkened and she looked accusingly at the hundreds of Inception disciples behind her.

They shook and trembled like cicadas in the winter breeze. Huo Jun hadnt suspected that Lu Yun was fake when he brought the wandering disciple back to camp, not until Ling Xiu raised her suspicions. Therefore, someone among the Inception disciples had preemptively brought word to the Ethos princess.

Huo Jun and Ling Xiu were likewise looking unpleasant. If their princess wasnt present on the scene, they would be the ones in charge. A traitor appearing in their midst was a dereliction of their duties.

“I, I was only…” an Inception disciple took several shuddering steps backward. “Senior sister Ling Xiu suspected he was fake and there were already rumors that he mightve killed junior brother Mo Ke. So I… thats why… I…”

“There is no graver disappointment than you. Your cultivation will be destroyed and you are exiled from the palace!” Wahuang glowered broodingly.


Huo Jun was even more decisive—he slapped the former disciple to a pulp with one palm strike. Destroying ones cultivation while they were in the tomb was no different than sentencing him to death, so it was faster to just kill the traitor.

Betrayal called for the death sentence in the six sacred palaces; there was no room for mercy. After sharing information about Lu Yun with the Ethos princess today, that disciple could very well share more information about other matters tomorrow.

Most importantly was that Huo Jun hadnt mentioned the connection between Lu Yun and Mo Ke upon his return.

“The death of my son has something to do with him. Hand him over, or else…” The Ethos princess narrowed her eyes at Wahuang.

“Or else what Youll fight me” Wahuang snorted coldly. “And you, princess of Nirvana Palace Our primary bodies arent too far from each other, why dont we have at it Ill go where you two are.”

The princesses of Nirvana and Ethos Palace looked around uncertainly when they heard this. They were no match for Wahuang. She was the strongest among the six palaces after the six monarchs, and while everyone knew that she was the daughter of the Inception monarch, no one knew that her mother was the Creation monarch!

Being in possession of two great orders—inception and creation—destined Wahuang to be the strongest of the six palaces when she reached the level of a palace monarch. Out of everyone, she had the most hope of ascending beyond the chaos.

Even the joint efforts of her five peers wouldnt put them at her level. However, none of them knew that she grasped two great orders. They all thought she was just the foremost genius of the chaos.

“I admit that I am no match for you.” The Ethos princess looked ready to murder someone. “But Ethos Palace will not stand down from this matter just like this!”

“Princess of Inception Palace, my sons whereabouts are unknown also because of your disciples. Nirvana Palace will remember this slight as well!”-

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