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“Alright, alright, thats enough from all of us.” The Opposition prince stepped forward to smooth things over. “Whatever grudges that the Nirvana, Ethos, and Inception Palaces may have with each other, you three can settle them after we depart from this tomb.

“Our monarchs have spent countless chaos tribulations planning for the events of today, utilizing their power over the highest orders to create this testing ground. Our purpose here is to search for the way to ascend beyond the chaos!”

“Hmph!” The Nirvana and Ethos princesses looked at each other and harrumphed back to their altars, refusing to say another word. The remaining princes and princesses smiled wryly among themselves before returning to their camps as well.

“You really know how to stir up trouble for me, brat! Look at you mentioning the Dragonquake Scripture just like that. Arent you afraid of attracting people who want your head” Wahuang glared ferociously at Lu Yun.

“I do think its better if I hand over the scripture to the Inception Palace though.” Lu Yun frowned slightly. “I can see the faceless woman probably because I practice it.”

“The Dragonquake Scripture was originally lost,” Wahuang didnt respond to his suggestion. “Fuxi took its fragments into the great wilderness and was killed for his possession. After the three-eyed man obtained it, he wants to use it in a scheme against the six sacred palaces. Hes now being hunted by the descendants of the chaos dragons and likely isnt long for this world.”

“Eh” Lu Yun blinked.

“The original chaos dragons that owned the Dragonquake Scripture are extinct. Their remaining descendants are limited to nine in total.” Wahuang looked solemnly at Lu Yun. “Do you understand”

“Do you mean… Ill be hit with disaster as well” This was incredibly unpalatable news. The Dragonquake Scripture was basically a curse!


If Wahuang was the princess of Inception Palace, then Fuxi was obviously its prince and even stronger than his sister! However, hed died to the three-eyed man when he brought the Dragonquake Scripture into the great wilderness. Most horrifying of all was that the destruction of the chaos dragons wasnt due to a curse from the mythological realm, but from their own greatest combat art!

If even the strongest race within the chaos had died from owning the Dragonquake Scripture, then what the hell could Lu Yun do about it

He might have the Tome of Life and Death, but he was still an ant at the end of the day. He didnt have the strength to defy this level of bad luck!

“The Dragonquake Scripture was lost and youve brought it back to the chaos. That means youre the creator of the modern version of the Dragonquake Scripture,” Wahuang said thoughtfully. “Youll be fine, just like the initial creator of the scripture was fine. I didnt tell you about this before because I didnt want you to worry.”

Lu Yun stared straight into her eyes for confirmation. Wahuang didnt dodge his look and continued, “I know theres another incredible treasure on you. Fuxi came back to life because of it, right”

“I also used it to save the three-eyed man once. If he tells the chaos dragons this, Im a dead man walking,” Lu Yun admitted forthrightly.

“Dont worry, when the pureblood chaos dragons return to the chaos, these mixed breeds will no longer exist,” Wahuang declared meaningfully. She patted Lu Yun gently on the shoulder. “If the curse of the Dragonquake Scripture activates on you, Ill die before you do.”

Lu Yun looked silently at Wahuang without saying anything.


“Her Highness is patting a mans shoulder!” Unable to hear what was being said on the altar, the Inception disciples flared with envy when they saw their princess gesture.

The Inception princess was holy and pure in their eyes, never having anything to do with a man. But not only had this kid been allowed onto her bed, she was even touching him! It felt like the world was spinning around these disciples.

“Is he possibly her bastard son” someone mumbled.


Ling Xiu slapped him before he even finished his question. The disciple fell silent with embarrassment and didnt dare say anything else.

“Alright, let there be no wild speculations from any of you.” Wahuang turned around. “Lu Yun is the last disciple my father will ever take and the future prince of Inception Palace.”

“What…” The crowd drew a collective gasp of shock when they heard this. He was the future prince of Inception Palace This was an extremely important position that aided the monarch in grasping the highest order of their law. He would answer to only the monarch of their faction!

As much as they found this difficult to accept, the disciples didnt voice anything other than reacting with general surprise. They were just mortal realm disciples of Inception Palace, so very far removed from the Inception princess. If it wasnt for the unexpected occurring in this trial, resulting in a projection of the princess replica, they wouldnt even have the right to look upon her face.


“The faceless woman is absorbing the vitality of all beings that die here. If she absorbs enough life force, she could probably help the zombie break free,” Lu Yun suddenly brought up. “Therefore, we need to work together as quickly as possible to eliminate the zombie!”

“Mmhmm.” Wahuang inclined her head but didnt say anything. Since she couldnt see the woman, she didnt know what to do.

She and her peers had been tentatively willing to work together when they first arrived in the tomb, but because of Lu Yun, that wasnt a possibility anymore. Though a flaw had indeed developed in the system, the opportunity to ascend beyond the chaos was right in front of them. No one wanted their efforts to benefit another.

Wahuang was the strongest out of them, but any move she made could very well draw concerted resistance from the other five.

“Ill go take a look,” Lu Yun offered.

“You Go take a look” Wahuang didnt seem too pleased by the prospect.

Lu Yun sat down cross-legged and called upon the nascent spirit observation method; a projection of his body quickly appeared in front of him. He hadnt planned on using any methods from the world of immortals in the chaos, but since Wahuang was here and had already proclaimed him the next prince of Inception Palace, what did he have to fear

A variety of combat arts and cultivation methods abounded in the Inception Palace—no one would suspect that this was a method from the worlds.

“Be careful in everything you do.” Wahuang nodded when she saw Lu Yuns projected image.

His projection appeared on the zombies head the next moment, in front of the faceless woman.

“Whats he doing up there, looking to die” No one felt the inclination to do anything after the unexplained death of the earth origin disciple.

“Thats not his primary body, its a replica. He has some brains to think of using a replica. But how did he get up there so quickly” The Ethos princess frowned.

A projected body was the combination of mental form, emanated strength of the nascent spirit, and speed of thought. It contained the fastest speed in the world. When Lu Yun thought of the zombies head, so did his projection follow where his mind traveled.

The projected body coalesced energy of heaven and earth when he was in the world of immortals. Now that he was in the chaos, it naturally collected pure chaos currents.


“Shh.” Lu Yun placed a finger next to his lips and shushed the faceless woman, who jerked in surprise. “How come Im the only one who can see you Do we have a shared destiny” he smiled.-

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