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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1085: An Incomplete Soul

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“Who is he talking to” Though everyone had retreated several dozen thousand kilometers away from the zombie and the zombie was another dozen thousand kilometers away to begin with, such a distance was nothing to chaos creatures of these levels. They all paused when they saw Lu Yuns behavior on the zombies head.

“Theres no one there. Hes either talking to the zombie or hes playing some sort of trick.” The Nirvana princess stared fixedly at Lu Yun, trying to glean some clues about the Dragonquake Scripture from him. She had a hunch that the Inception disciple before them had something to do with the chaos dragon that Chi Wuxia had met earlier.

Slightly nervous, Wahuang snuck a glance at the Lu Yun next to her, but saw that he was as composed as always.

“What did she say to you” she whispered.

“She doesnt have a mouth, so she probably cant talk.” Lu Yun shrugged as Wahuang leveled a deadpan stare at him.


“Why am I the only one who can see you What did you mean when you made the gesture for me to be quiet” Lu Yun looked curiously at the faceless woman in front of him. It wasnt until now that he realized the ripples of energy from her corresponded to sixth level mortal realm. That indicated that she was also affected by the rules of the trial and her staggering power was being constrained.

“I thought I could see you because I practice the Dragonquake Scripture, but now that Im here, that has nothing to do with me being able to see you, does it” Lu Yun arched his eyebrows at the faceless woman, who cocked her head as if she was regarding him.

There was still a layer of mist around her, obscuring everything about her other than a face without features.

“Is the zombie beneath us your primary body” He stepped on the zombies head a few times.

Head remaining tilted to the side, the faceless woman nodded gently.

Lu Yun blinked, he hadnt imagined that the woman would be actually willing to talk to him!

“Will you be free after the sword is removed” he asked and the woman nodded again.

“But… do you know that a new spirit has been born within the zombie It might eat you when its freed.” Lu Yun frowned.

He keenly sensed an impossible large and irredeemably evil spirit within the zombies body. It wailed and shrieked with anguish at every second, raging with insurmountable lust to destroy everything and anything. If it broke free of its restraints, it would certainly commence in massive bloodletting.

The faceless woman nodded gently again.

Brow furrowed tight, two black lights flashed through Lu Yun s eyes. He opened the Spectral Eye without further ado as the faceless woman stood in front of him, not expressing anything else.


“Your Majesty…” Lu Yun cautiously tugged Wahuangs hem from his position on the altar.

“You can call me senior sister,” Wahuang smiled. “What do you need me to do”

“Senior… sister,” Lu Yun chuckled ruefully. The Wahuang in front of him was the great goddess Nuwa, the ancestor of all Chinese people. She wanted him to call her senior sister It all felt a bit surreal to Lu Yun. “Can you cover for me I need to deploy a combat art to probe the faceless woman.”

His primary body was also looking at the faceless woman, but he had a feeling that she didnt care about the projection in front of her. Shed kept her focus on the Lu Yun located on the altar.

“Alright.” Wahuang nodded and waved her hand. Radiance shimmered over the altar, concealing herself and Lu Yun.


Hellfire blazed to life over Lu Yun and his eyes burned fiercely.


An enormous pair of eyes slowly opened in the void. Several thousand kilometers across, it reigned loftily aloof from everything and regarded the zombie with detachment.

“What is that! Whose eyes are those” someone shrieked to see a pair of eyes suddenly pop into existence. It wasnt a real pair of eyes, but a manifestation by a powerful combat art.

“Princess of Inception Palace!” The other five assigned the disturbance to her since shed suddenly shifted into action. 

This was precisely the conclusion that Lu Yun wanted. His cultivation soared to new heights due to his current circumstances and he deployed death arts with incredible power. The pair of eyes in the air was a physical manifestation of the Spectral Eye. In that form, it could see much more than just information about life and death.


“I see, your soul has separated from the soul of the zombie. Youre a living, breathing entity!” Lu Yuns projection and main body spoke at the same time.

“You mean that faceless woman is alive!” Wahuangs expression changed.

He didnt respond to her, instead continuing to talk to himself. “But your soul isnt complete and you need the zombie to break free of the sword so you can retrieve your old soul.

“Youre the one behind the mysterious detachment of Ying Luos and my soul! Not only can I see you, but so can Ying Luo!” Lu Yuns projection suddenly looked in the direction of the Creation Palace contingent.

Ying Luo was staring unblinkingly back at them and the faceless womans image was reflected in her eyes!

So Ying Luo can also see her.

Up until now, Lu Yun hadnt been able to find the reason for their souls randomly separating from their bodies. But through the Spectral Eye, he finally identified why—the faceless woman had targeted them then!

She traveled through all corners of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth and continuously severed the souls of various life forms, attempting to make her fragmented soul whole. Lu Yun and Ying Luo were the only ones to escape from her clutches, but that meant they were able to see her since part of her power remained in their souls after succumbing to her combat art.

Ying Luo had also noticed the faceless woman after arriving here, but she opted to quietly observe the situation and didnt raise a fuss. Her status in Creation Palace wasnt high and she didnt have the right to directly communicate with her princess.


“Your current soul split off from your old soul, leaving most of your strength behind. If the zombie breaks free, youll be the first to die.” Lu Yun withdrew the Spectral Eye and enunciated carefully at the faceless woman. The five senses originated from ones soul parts. Since she lacked any organs on her face, that meant her soul was incomplete.

She stood quietly in front of his projection and didnt respond with anything. Suddenly, Lu Yun darted forward and grasped the sword hilt, ready to shift it.

The faceless woman trembled and struck out at Lu Yuns image.

“Come help!” His primary body took to the air and shot toward the zombies head.

At almost the same moment, Ying Luo, Li Xue, Wang Shu, You Huoran, and Wei Yuan moved as well. They charged to the zombies head and convened with Lu Yun, instantly reforming the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals.-

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