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The power of inception, ethos, burgeon, creation, opposition, and nirvana coalesced in the void as six radiant chaos stars. Shimmering curtains of light enveloped the zombie and the faceless woman standing on its head.

As the formation took full effect, the aura of Lu Yun and the others expanded furiously until they exceeded sixth level mortal realm. When that happened, a variety of reactions ran through those on the scene at this impossible sight of unity and power.

“What is… those six… whats with them!” The princes and princesses of the sacred palaces widened their eyes at their peers, reading similar stunned surprise from each other.

“What a strong formation, theyve combined the six sacred powers as one!” murmured Wahuang while she looked at the six surrounding the zombie.

Sovereigns didnt normally take notice of mortal realm creatures. Even those with potential to become sovereigns were unworthy of attention as long as they remained below that realm. However, the sovereigns on the scene were also shaken when the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals came together.

The scope of this formation was too grand. If six sovereigns deployed it, they would probably instantly possess strength beyond the chaos. But with the state of the realm now, this was a far-fetched tale that would never happen.

More than the six sacred powers needed to come together for the formation to operate—close partnership was an even more vital ingredient. Six people like this didnt simply just exist in the current sacred palaces.

Each sacred palace fought for its own benefit, and conflict had broken out countless times over the years when they vied for the newly born sovereigns in the chaos. The attitudes between the various princes and princesses on the scene were indicative of everything, and also representative of their six monarchs.

That six of their disciples could deploy this formation was already a miracle in their eyes. It was also because of this that You Huoran hadnt offered the formation to the Opposition Palace. If he had, it wouldve been forever sealed away and never seen the light of day.


“I see a woman without a face!” Light of six different colors flashed through Wei Yuans eyes and he frowned slightly. “What strong killing intent! Shes coming at us!”

“Well kill her if she dares come over!” You Huoran roared with laughter. “The thing that killed the kid from the earth origin land is her, isnt it Well use her to baptize the formation!”

Wei Yuan wasnt the only one to see the woman, all of the Six Royals could see her as well.

“Kill!” The six looked at each other and dove at her from six directions like six brilliant stars. Rays of resplendent radiance sealed off the premises.

Roaring and snarling, the zombie tried to struggle to its feet. However, the sword in its head kept it firmly pinned to the ground. Suddenly, the faceless woman charging at the Six Royals jerked to a halt and turned toward Lu Yun. A brush appeared in her hand, one that dripped with blood for ink.

She raised the brush to her face and started drawing, scrawling an uncommonly crude face over her blank canvas. It seemed to be both laughing and crying and stared soullessly at the source of her troubles.

“What!” Lu Yun screeched to a halt and he gaped incredulously at the woman.

“An akasha ghost!” Shock crossed the faces of the other five. This was a real akasha ghost, not one of the pale imitations created by the ghost ancestor.

No one knew what akasha ghosts were; their legends had existed in the chaos before the mythological realm existed. Lu Yun and the others seemed to be witnessing the birth of one right before their eyes.

“Stop, stop right now!” roared Lu Yun as he looked at the eerie face. “I can help you reform your soul, but all is too late if you turn into an akasha ghost!”

Hed often come across akasha ghosts in the world of immortals, but compared to the one in front of him, the group of akasha ghosts in his world was just a bunch of children. They were in a completely different league.

Staring mournfully at him, the faceless woman didnt seem to hear Lu Yun.

“Waugh!!” she shrieked and sent sound waves that took tangible form through the air, rippling in all directions.

“An akasha ghost!” When the crowd saw this, the princes and princesses once again projected larger than life images of themselves forward. Experts of the sacred palaces also walked out from the shadows, staring nervously at the sudden appearance of the akasha ghost.

The Six Royals had surrounded her in their midst, but her horrifying presence deepened with each passing second. Her might climbed to a point where even sovereigns regarded the situation with a pale face.

“Shes a full akasha ghost now, kill her!” shouted Wei Yuan as the power of nirvana on him heightened to another level. He blasted out with all sorts of Nirvana combat arts, sending them into the formation.

Bolstered by the five other sacred powers, a black rose blossomed in the air and dyed the void black. Its petals were the sharpest of black blades and scissored viciously at the akasha ghost.

As strong as the ghost was, it was also constrained by the rules of trial and held to sixth level mortal realm. But the second the black rose neared her, she scattered apart as a huge ghostly face, reappearing as an embedded image in the air and looking woefully down on the six.

The black rose of nirvana puffed into nothingness the moment it touched the face. Discomfort twisted Wei Yuans face at the backlash and blood trickled out of his mouth.

The face in the air opened her mouth and spewed out a crimson flood. All sorts of negative emotions howled and wailed within the flood—despair, fear, depression… Color drained out of Ying Luo, Li Xue, Wang Shu, You Huoran, and Wei Yuans faces when the flood barreled out. Already injured by his earlier blow, Wei Yuan wanted to vomit from the onslaught and desperately needed to commit suicide.

However, the tide of negativity dispersed in the next second. The images of their princes and princesses had descended protectively in front of them.

“You six get to the sword and use it to destroy the zombie. Well handle the akasha ghost.” Wahuang stood with her robes fluttering in the void, her stunning grace visible for all to see.-

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