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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1087: With Fist as Blade

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Six tremendous pillars of light blossomed from the six altars of the sacred palaces, forming an enormous boundary that protected the areas denizens. Apart from the six princes and princesses and Lu Yuns friends, no one else could draw close to the zombie, not even Huo Jun or Ling Xiu.

Those of the nine sacred lands had to flock to the palaces for protection as well. Countless people looked at the six young disciples, great envy and admiration in their eyes. Those six were just second level mortal realm, but they could fight side by side with sovereigns!


As strong as the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals was, the akasha ghost was even stronger. The great formation that the Six Royals put together shook like paper in front of the dreadful ghost. They could only manage to barely protect themselves from the horrific sound waves and flood of negativity.

However, that was still more than all of the other mortal realm cultivators present could do.

“Understood!” shouted the six when they heard Wahuangs command and they shot for the zombies head.


A loud hum echoed through the air as crimson ripples oscillated through the air. Zombies poured out of the ripples and collected in a tide of zombies that churned in their direction.

“The zombie floods… come from her!” Lu Yun connected the dots.

“Be careful, these floods are stronger than the ones we encountered before!” Ying Luo yelled when heretofore unfelt pressure descended upon her.

“Ill take point. Ying Luo and Li Xue, hold down my flanks. Bring up the rear, Wang Shu. Wei Yuan and You Huoran, you two stay flexible and be ready to support anyone who needs it!” Lu Yun shouted.

Their formation didnt have a defined pattern and they could realign themselves in any combination they wished. The one that Lu Yun was calling for was undoubtedly the strongest one for the situation.

“No!” Ying Luo and Li Xue objected. “Ill take point!”

Li Xue shouldered her way forward to take Lu Yuns position. The front of the formation was the most dangerous and had to endure all of the pressure. A single lapse of concentration could lead to the leaders demise.

Li Xue was the strongest without a doubt out of the six. Thus, she immediately stepped forward to put herself down for the task.


Lu Yun didnt respond and stayed firmly in place. He blasted forward with a huge shadow of a fist, decimating everything within a thousand kilometers.

“The Myriad Inception Fist!” The other five and many of the remaining cultivators watching the fight gasped in recognition.

The Myriad Inception Fist was the greatest combat art of Inception Palace. There were only three boxing methods to it, but endless combat arts could be derived from it. It was also a nod to how all things were born from three and contained the true meaning of the order of inception.

No one had ever seen such terrifying strength come from a second level mortal realm disciple deploying it. Hed cleared out all of the zombies that his shadow fist touched! Even the princes and princesses briefly looked on in a daze.

“Her Highness seems to have just passed it onto him…” Ling Xiu muttered blankly at the emerald after shadow slowly fading away in the air.

“Thats the difference between us and geniuses,” Huo Jun breathed out in a long exhale. “Our cultivation levels are higher than him, but we would never be his match in the same realm. No wonder Her Highness said hes the next prince.”


The might of Lu Yuns punch overawed everyone. Li Xue and Ying Luo swiftly took protective stances on the wings and protested no longer. The six shifted into the formation theyd practiced within the corpse qi and stayed within thirty meters of each other, scything through the zombie flood like a sharp blade.

Lu Yun deployed the three forms of the Myriad Inception Fist to their utmost. Within hell, the six paths of his agitated with great activity and theorized new combat arts from it at a furious pace.




Shadowy fists punched forward in steady succession, blasting zombie after zombie into pieces.

“Ahhhhhh!!” Lu Yun suddenly roared as the shadow of a dragon appeared over his head. The meaning of the Myriad Inception Fist was melding with the dragon. It was Lu Yuns first move of his own sword dao—Dragonrise!

Hed combined the Myriad Inception Fist with his own sword dao!

Lu Yun trembled and stepped forward with another punch, a shadow that seemed both sword and dragon erupting from his fist. This dragon shadow bore the heaviness of a punch and the sharpness of a blade. With the two combined, a devastating power exploded from his move.

The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals flared with its greatest potential and the same devastating power undulated over the five others as well. Though the punch came from Lu Yuns hand, it brought with it the entire strength of the formation, as if all six were behind the blow.

The void became nothing.

“What… was that!” Five pairs of eyes met each other and they stopped in stunned silence. All of the zombies in front of them were gone—blown to pieces by Lu Yuns blow.

“That…” The six princes and princesses attacking the akasha ghost paused as well.

“Is this the true strength of the Myriad Inception Fist” The Ethos princess quailed, killing intent appearing in her eyes when she looked at Lu Yun again.

Shed only wanted to glean the whereabouts of the Dragonquake Scripture from him before, but she now wanted him dead after seeing the kind of strength you could bring to bear. If he was allowed to fully come into his own, he would be a second Inception princess!

At that point, it would be the Inception Palace ruling over the six sacred palaces, and she already had a grudge with him.

Wahuang frowned slightly, the only person to know that Lu Yun hadnt employed the strength of just the Myriad Inception Fist just now, but also the Dragonquake Scripture!

Shed never practiced the method, but Fuxi had researched it. Shed seen similar energy from her brother before, but Lu Yuns version was something that belonged completely to him. Hed even comprehended a brand new realm from it, something beyond the capabilities of the original Dragonquake Scripture.


Thus leveraging the formations power, Lu Yun destroyed the zombie flood and brought the group to the zombie and the sword in its head.

“Lets go!” He jumped up without hesitation and landed on the zombies head. The sword was trembling violently as it sought to keep the giant zombie under control.

Off to the side, the faceless woman turned berserk and reformed her physical body. Still clutching the strange brush, she broke through the blockade and came for the Six Royals.-

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