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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1088: Brush

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“Stop her!” Wahuang looked around urgently. She hadnt thought that the akasha ghost would suddenly erupt with so much power that shed break through their blockade.

Though their quarry was on the loose, the rest of the princes and princesses were slow to react, apart from Wahuang and the Burgeon prince. The other four didnt devote all of their efforts into stopping the akasha ghost as Ying Luo, Li Xue, You Huoran, and Wei Yuan werent particularly important in their palaces. It didnt matter if those disciples died.

In contrast, they were much more willing to have Lu Yun die. No one wanted to see the emergence of another personage on par with the Inception princess or the late Creation prince.

Only Wahuang and the Burgeon prince were fully attempting to stop the akasha ghost—Wang Shu was the son of the Burgeon monarch. If he died in front of the Burgeon prince, their monarch would absolutely remove the prince from his position.

They quickly arrived at the zombies head and set up an enormous defensive barrier in tandem, wanting to drag the ghost to a halt.

“Waughhh!!” Fully transformed into an akasha ghost, the remaining presence of the living faded from the faceless woman, replaced by a dense ghostly nature.

An akasha ghost wasnt an ordinary ghost, so Lu Yuns hellfire and Tome of Life and Death were unable to control it. A group of ghosts had even once invaded hell and almost destroyed it. Therefore, all Lu Yun would be doing now if he used hellfire would be to intensify the ghostly nature of the akasha ghost in front of him.

“Princess of Creation Palace, come help!” Taking the full brunt of a blow, Wahuangs replica wavered and almost crumbled away. She was only present in the tomb in replica form and it couldnt support too much of her strength. The akasha ghost, however, was present in her primary body, despite being confined by the rules of trial.

The ghost shrieked and sent waves of negativity in all directions, fracturing the boundary that Wahuang and the Burgeon prince had set up together. The Creation princess frowned, but remained where she was without taking further action.

“Princess of Inception Palace, though our sacred palaces are close to each other, I cannot endanger the lives of thousands of others at a time like this. Not for the sake of one or two disciples.” She suddenly withdrew her projection and returned to her altar, focusing on the outside boundary around the premises.

Wahuang took a deep look at her counterpart and smirked coldly without a response. The akasha ghosts attention was on the zombies head, as was the main direction of her offensive. She wasnt sparing any effort for anyone other than Lu Yun and his little group. The Creation princess was just making use of the situation to further her agenda and refusing to take to the field again.

“Additionally, Creation Palace is indeed too close to Inception Palace. After the death of our prince, our strength is a far cry from what it once was. We are affected by you in all matters and if this continues, Creation Palace will become a puppet of Inception Palace sooner or later.” The Creation princess suddenly flared with righteousness, “The monarch pays no attention to the affairs of the realm, but as the princess of Creation Palace, I have a duty to protect our interests!”

“Then, do you mean to say that you represent the Creation Palace right now and are formally breaking ties with my Inception Palace” Wahuang was drawing upon the strongest power she could at the moment. Her hair was undone and her flowing black locks turning inky green, the vast power of inception flared from her body.

The Burgeon prince was likewise exerting himself to the greatest effort possible with his replica. He was calling upon so much energy that cracks were snaking through his form.

Though the incredibly ferocious akasha ghost in front of them was constrained to sixth level mortal realm, her every move and gesture hit at the peak of possibility for that realm. She happened to be just a bit stronger than Wahuang and the Burgeon prince. In other words, the akasha ghost was invincible in this tomb!

The two replicas fighting her would fall before long, and the ripples from their clash also continuously buffeted Lu Yun and the others. They were forced to draw closer together and operate the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals at full force to defend against the terrifying onslaught. That left them with no ability to continue trying for the sword.

“The brush!” Lu Yun roared. “The brush in her hand is the source of her power. If we take the brush away, shell revert to her previous state!”

Two beams of dense black light discharged from his eyes, accompanied by two thin streaks of blood. The Spectral Eye ran at its maximum. If he raised its power one iota further, his eyes would explode.

“The faceless woman isnt the akasha ghost, the brush in her hands is!” he shouted.

“Open!!” Wahuang yelled, the apex of inception revolving upon her. Three shadowy forms suddenly split off from her body and began a display of the Myriad Inception Fist.

Imprint of Firmament!

Void of Sun and Moon!

Image Attending Form!

The three boxing methods combined as one and focused upon her. When she moved next, a thousand punches seemed to fill the air as well.

The akasha ghost set aside her attack of the emotions and drew near the princess for close quarter combat. She immediately crushed all of Wahuangs images!

“Do it!” Wahuang suddenly appeared behind the ghost and grabbed at the brush.

The akasha ghost whirled around and smashed her hand on Wahuangs face, but that left enough room for the Burgeon prince to sneak in. 

He reached out and grabbed the brush.

“Eh!” Eyes widening with shock, a strange power churned into his body and blurred his consciousness.

Wahuang evaded another blow by the skin of her teeth, but she regarded the scene with horror. The Burgeon princes features were starting to change into a crudely drawn ghost face, one that laughed and cried at the same time.

Shuddering, she flashed in front of her peer and sent him flying with a kick. The face that looked like a child had drawn it began to fade away, returning the Burgeon princes own face to him.

“What was that!” he gasped with shock.

Wahuang glowered ominously and she narrowed her eyes, staring fixedly at the akasha ghost in front of her.

However, the ghost remained focused on Lu Yun and the others.-

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