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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1090: Abandoning Sword

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“Wait, is everything over” The crowd milled around uncertainly, caught off guard by the sudden end of the momentous clash. Who wouldve thought that things would be so neatly taken care of by a single one of Lu Yuns moves

“How did you pierce through the curtain of light earlier, and what was the door in your hand” demanded the Ethos princess. She was swiftly followed by an ardent Nirvana princess.

“What, are you trying to pressure a disciple of my Inception Palace” Wahuang sneered and stood firmly in front of Lu Yun, staring down the other two.

“Princess of Inception Palace, theres two of us and only one of you,” the Nirvana princess said meaningfully after a glance at the Creation princess.

Under any other circumstances, the Creation princess wouldve long stepped forward to support the Inception princess. However, shed officially broken off every tie on behalf of the Creation Palace earlier, so all she did now was to stand to the side and watch with glee.

Having saved Wang Shu, the Burgeon prince would do nothing else. The remaining Opposition prince didnt have a reason to help the Inception princess either.

“Princess of Inception Palace, this disciple is very strange. Dont you want to get to the bottom of his secrets” As the standoff drew out, the Creation princess finally ventured her opinion.

“Your Highness!” Ying Luo turned white as a sheet and regarded her princess with alarm.

“Ill kill you if you dare say another word,” came the aloof response.

Color draining from her face, Ying Luo trembled and kept her mouth shut.

“Out with it if you want the sword in my hand. Whats with all the excuses” Lu Yun took a step forward and raised his newly obtained treasure.

This sword was plainly an existence beyond the chaos, a treasure born not of the realm. He could vaguely feel an immense heritage brewing within the sword, one that exceeded the chaos!

Shockingly enough, the energy ripples from the sword bore traces of similarity to the faceless woman from before. However, shed vanished for now, so he didnt have the opportunity to verify this. Still in the status of an akasha ghost, shed entered another trial ground to continue her quest of making her soul whole again.

Time was not on her side. If she didnt do so as soon as possible, she would become a real akasha ghost and never find her way back to herself again.


The cultivators around them brightened when they saw the sword in Lu Yuns hand. The legacy to ascend beyond the chaos was in this sword, and even if it wasnt, this was still a supreme treasure. It had slain a zombie thatd evolved beyond their realm!

In comparison, Lu Yuns Dragonquake Scripture, the method by which hed bypassed the curtain of light, and that strange door in his hand just now were no longer that important. The way to set foot into the next plane of existence and break free of the shackles of their existence was what everyone yearned for!

Avarice also dawned in the eyes of the Ethos and Nirvana princesses. They took a step forward in unison, bearing down on Lu Yun. However, Wahuang remained staunchly in place, her flowing locks once more turning an inky green.

“All of you, stop!” shouted the Opposition prince. “Have you forgotten that this is a testing ground Anything gained here belongs to the bearer alone. If you rob someone of their treasure through superior cultivation, the six monarchs will make you answer for it!

“Dont forget that theyre observing everything happening here through the six orders!”

His exhortation made the two princesses jerk to a halt. Theyd been temporarily blinded by greed.

“Fine! Fine, fine.” The Ethos princess breathed heavily, glared at Lu Yun, and dismissed her replica.

“The rules of testing here have returned to normal, so I wont remain any longer and interfere in the affairs of mortal realm cultivators. We have our own opportunities to seek out.” The Opposition prince smiled at Lu Yun, surveyed the surroundings, then dismissed his replica.

The other princes and princesses smiled ruefully at each other before departing. They werent here to look for opportunities, but to repair the rules of testing here and protect the disciples of their faction.

“Alright, Im off. When you leave the tomb, take this back to the Inception Palace with you.” Wahuang handed a medallion over to Lu Yun and left as well. She wasnt worried about his safety.

Once all the princes and princesses had gone, everyones gaze snapped to Lu Yun. Scintillating light glinted sharply from the sword in his hand. While the princes and princesses couldnt take it from him out of consideration for the rules, no such restrictions applied to mortal realm cultivators.

Lu Yun was just a second level mortal realm cultivator. Though he was an Inception disciple, did it look like they would care about that once the treasure was in hand

The chaos was boundless without end. They could dive into a random hiding spot after obtaining the inheritance and make it impossible for the six palaces to find them.

Sensing the unfriendly gazes around them, Ying Luo, Li Xue, Wang Shu, You Huoran, and Wei Yuan immediately clustered to Lu Yuns side. The hundreds of Inception disciples shifted closer as well.

“Are you betraying the palace, Ying Luo!” Those from the Creation Palace regarded Ying Luo unpleasantly. Their princess had just officially broken off friendly ties with Inception Palace.

Ying Luo chewed on her lip and responded resolutely, “Junior brother Lu Yun and I have gone through life and death together, and we are part of the oath sworn Six Royals. I will personally beg forgiveness for my actions later, but today, I will not mind even my death!”

The power of creation slowly rose from her.

“How noble these words sound, that you dont mind even your death!” sneered her peers.

“It looks like Creation Palace was ready to make enemies out of us a long time ago. And the rest of you useless **s, you can come at us all together!” Huo Jun stepped forward, wholly unafraid of facing over a hundred thousand cultivators.

Apart from the six sacred palaces, the nine sacred lands were also in attendance, as well as some other factions of the chaos. There were even wandering cultivators present, and they wished to obtain Lu Yuns sword more than anyone else.

There were only five hundred Inception disciples on this trip and they were all gathered at this spot. No one was afraid or shrank back from facing enemies that numbered a hundred times more than them.

“Hold on,” Lu Yun interjected. “What you guys want is this sword and the inheritance within, right”

He caught everyones eye by waving the sword around. It was just over a meter long and seemed slightly ordinary, like any other sword. The keen light of its edge was already beginning to fade.

“If you want it… then take it!” Lu Yun suddenly tossed the sword out.

“What!” Most people didnt comprehend Lu Yuns actions. By the time they understood what had just happened, the sword had already landed in their midst.

“Get it!” someone yelled. Combat arts exploded within the crowd and the first person to lay hands on the sword was instantly vaporized.

A terrifying and chaotic melee immediately broke out.

“You…” Huo Jun stared dumbly at Lu Yun, not knowing what to say. The kid had just given up his opportunity, just like that

“Do you see that Look at how many people are dying with each blink of our eyes,” Lu Yun sighed. “If I hadnt given up that sword, that would be us. Instead of us being a public target, they can have fun killing each other.”-

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