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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1093: Passing on Heritage

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“Vile spawn!” Wei Yuan bristled with true rage when he heard the insult.

Nirvana phoenixes were noble and lofty. Though they didnt rival the chaos dragons, they were still one of the most blue-blooded races of the chaos. Zhou Wumie addressing him this way was the height of humiliation and aroused Wei Yuans latent violent nature.


Wei Yuan whistled piercingly and sent the dark red flames over his body dancing with rage. He spread his wings open and fanned them viciously at the charging Zhou Wumie.


When the rest of the interested parties made their way to the scene, they saw Zhou Wumie fighting a nirvana phoenix. The two were deadly serious about their battle and blasted each other with every murderous combat art they could think of.

“Help him!” The rest of the Nirvana disciples were appalled at a junior disciple fighting their greatest genius. Of course they recognized the nirvana phoenix.

“Hmph!” Lu Yun and the others naturally wouldnt allow anyone else to attack Wei Yuan. The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals focused on the combination of the six sacred powers rather than keeping to a defined formation shape. As long as the six powers were connected to each other, the formation still operated even if they were tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other.

As time went on, their understanding of the formation deepened and their teamwork improved. Lu Yun raised the sword in his hands and brought it down on empty air.


A snowy river of sword light bisected the void and brought dreadful spatial storms into the area.

“Those who cross this line will die.” Lu Yun brandished the sword by the banks of the river, coldly sweeping the other side with a piercing look.

“So the swords returned to him!” Those coming in pursuit of the sword immediately noticed the treasure in the young mans hands. That sheer battle of lunacy, one thatd claimed more than a hundred thousand lives, had been for this great treasure beyond the chaos. But in the end, Lu Yun had reclaimed it!

The crowd wanted to collectively belch fire at the young man. If looks could kill, Lu Yun wouldve already died several times over in this life and the next.

“Such are the insidious schemes of the Inception Palace! Youre so damned shameless that you made us slaughter each other!” screamed an Ethos disciple.

“Made you slaughter each other” Lu Yun crowed with laughter. “Dont tell me you killed people from your own palace”

The Ethos disciple blinked and didnt respond.

“Or do you mean to say that the other five sacred palaces and the nine sacred lands have formed alliances with all of the factions in the chaos, and that youre all one big happy family now” Lu Yun bared his teeth in a savage grin, leering viciously.

“Dont try to distract us with pretty words, Lu Yun. Do you dare fight me” A sixth level mortal realm cultivator stepped out from the Creation Palace contingent and roared a challenge.

“Im right here, come fight me if you want. But if you cross this sword river, be prepared to die.”


The sword that Lu Yun had yet to name vibrated with a soft hum. Hed spent a hundred thousand years in hell to refine this sword; it was now of one mind with him and even stronger than Quietus. Not only did it contain an inheritance beyond the chaos, but so was its own rank beyond as well.

The Creation disciple trembled. He recalled Lu Yuns earlier might and how hed obliterated every zombie within thousands of kilometers with a single punch. Lu Yun had fought with bare fists then, but now he wielded a treasure beyond the chaos!

“Be prepared to risk your lives if you want the sword.” Lu Yun advanced on the Creation disciple that was already cowering away.

Ten thousand cultivators thatd come in pursuit of the treasure took a unanimous step back.

Lu Yun took another step forward. The ten thousand took a step back.

A step forward. A step back.


And another…

In the end, Lu Yun took three steps forward and crossed the clearly demarcated river, but the ten thousand cultivators in front of him—including several thousand sixth level experts from the other five palaces—had matched him a dozen steps for backward steps!

His indomitable figure deeply imprinted itself on their hearts.

“Lu Yun Youre called Lu Yun!” suddenly shrieked a disciple from the fire origin land. “How can you be Lu Yun! Lu Yun is a key figure in the worlds right now, the very worlds that the nine sacred lands wish to destroy! Hes the crux of our plans, so how are you called Lu Yun!”

This fire origin disciple was also sixth level mortal realm. As a survivor of the inhumane battle from earlier, he was undoubtedly a master of his art. Any weaklings had long turned into a puddle of gore seeping into the ground, lacking even the right to die with a full corpse.

“And why cant I be called Lu Yun” Lu Yun grinned.

The hand in the shadows, the mastermind plotting the destruction of the worlds, had always been the nine sacred lands. The ones currently leading the charge were the four origin sacred lands. 

The six sacred palaces had long stopped their attacks on the worlds. Instead of preventing the worlds from developing, they shifted their focus to ascending beyond the chaos and escaping this never-ending cycle.

“Are you, are you that Lu Yun!” gasped the fire origin disciple. “Weve successfully delivered the six dao palaces into that Lu Yuns hands. We only need to trigger the six orders to send their power into the worlds by using him as a medium. The worlds will be finished then!

“But hes not there at the moment… Are you really him!”

Murmurs and exclamations rose and fell in the crowd from his words.

“Lu Yun also possesses the power of inception. He can absolutely imitate a sacred clan member and travel through the chaos!”


Dark red flames surged behind Lu Yun as the black nirvana phoenix lightened into a crimson color. Zhou Wumie fell down heavily from the dark red light, reason restored to his mind and incredulity shining out of his eyes.

Hed lost to Wei Yuan!

Even if Wei Yuan had required the marvelous strength of his formation to stand toe to toe with Zhou Wumie, that was the only outside force hed borrowed. Everything else had been a result of his own combat arts.

Throughout their trip through the tomb, Wei Yuan constantly kept Lu Yuns first words in mind, that he had to grow stronger himself.

“Youve lost, Zhou Wumie.” The dark red flames filling the skies swirled back into human-shaped form. Wei Yuan looked down coldly upon his senior brother.

“Ive lost.” Zhou Wumie plopped dejectedly onto the ground, panting heavily. “I take back what I just said.”

Wei Yuan nodded and walked through the air, returning to Lu Yuns side.

“Disciples of the fire origin land” he sneered. “Are you suspecting the princess of Inception Palace Are you doubting the six sacred palaces”

Having defeated the greatest genius among his peers, Wei Yuan absolutely had the right to speak for Nirvana Palace now.


When he brought back the legacy beyond the chaos, even his monarch would have to show him a friendly face and treat him with great respect!

“Thats right, are you questioning the Inception princess or the six sacred palaces” Ying Luo stepped forward as well and flicked a faint glance at the Creation contingent. She was no longer worried about anything anymore, not because of Lu Yun saying that hed gift them the inheritance, but because she held that much faith in him.

Hed said that the Creation monarch wouldnt punish her and wouldnt deem her a traitor. Therefore, she wouldnt be punished when she returned home.

A variety of expressions flashed through the fire origin disciples face and he backed up in quick succession.

“Your group doesnt represent the six sacred palaces or the Inception princess. Only one of her replicas was present earlier and thus easily deceived.” A sixth level mortal realm cultivator from the Creation Palace suddenly stepped forward. “Ying Luo, come back to the light.”

His name was Chu Xiao and he was the leader of the Creation contingent to the Tomb of Life and Death.

“Senior brother Chu Xiao, are you imitating senior brother Zhou Wumie and want to take me on in a fight” Ying Luos potential wasnt great, but she was basically undefeated in the level of second level mortal realm. Now bolstered by the formation of the Six Royals, she also had the right to talk back to a sixth level.

Chu Xiaos face twitched as he looked at the dejected Zhou Wumie on the ground and didnt respond with anything. He couldnt best Zhou Wumie in a fight. If Wei Yuan had defeated this genius, it would be a walk in the park for Ying Luo to defeat him.


The sword beyond the chaos was in Lu Yuns hands. He had Ying Luo and the others by his side, so it was impossible for anyone else to try to take that sword from him.

“I will make a truthful report of these matters to the monarch. I hope you have the same conviction when facing him.” Chu Xiao took a deep look at Ying Luo and left with the Creation delegation.

For some reason, Ying Luos heart spasmed when her peers left. It somehow felt like… shed been discarded.

No one else dared remain on the premises after the Creation contingent left. To do so was to nurse a death wish. With the Six Royals gathered together, only those in the chaos realm could handle them. But because of the rules of trial, no one in the chaos realm could enter this part of the tomb.


“I will now share the heritage in the sword with you.” Lu Yun and the others heaved sighs of relief when everyone left. It was a huge drain on their resources to maintain the formation.

“Alright!” Eyes brightened at the statement.


Lu Yun stuck the nameless sword into the earth and released the restriction within.

“Open your hearts and minds, use every fiber of your being to perceive whats inside the sword. Your own comprehension will beat any explanations made.”-

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