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Current circumstances ran far beyond their original expectations. Upon entering the tomb, the little fox and Qiu Luoyu found their way here due to a summons from the creation seed. But when they arrived, they found that they couldnt refine the seed.

Or rather, they werent allowed to refine it.


“Damn it, whats the kid doing inside the seed Hes even become one with it! Hes completely messing with me!” The little fox burrowed into the creation seed to see what was the matter with the Lu Yun inside.

Indeed, when she and Qiu Luoyu arrived, itd been quite a shock to discover Lu Yun already sitting cross-legged inside the seed. Qiu Luoyu had to give up his original plan to refine the seed, while the little fox entered it to see what was going on.

But as time went on, more experts arrived on the scene and fights broke out over the creation seed.

Hiding in the shadows, Qiu Luoyu had to step out to protect it. This was his creation seed and the last hope he had to protect the otherkind within the chaos!

When he first saw Lu Yun inside, hed thought that itd all been a scam and a trap. But after the little fox darted in, a tiny connection somehow formed between him and the seed. It transferred the seeds power into his body, a development that greatly startled and ignited new hope within him.


“So youve put yourself out here, Qiu Luoyu. After we kill you, the rest of the otherkind scum will be next,” sneered an eternal overlord of the nine sacred lands when he saw the wandering expert.

Qiu Luoyu was drenched in blood and it looked like every single one of his hairs was soaked in his own blood. There were also a few gaping holes in his body.

Hed killed countless powerhouses in a short amount of time.

“Heh, want to kill me Why dont you just try!” Though he responded to the eternal overlord, Qiu Luoyu looked into the distance where sovereigns of the six sacred palaces had arrived.


At peak eternal overlord, Qiu Luoyu was only half a step into the sovereign realm. He was dead without a doubt if he went head to head against a true sovereign; his circumstances were already extremely perilous even when sovereigns didnt join the fray. If it wasnt for the immortal lords and eternal overlords being afraid of losing their lives, they wouldve overrun him with sheer numbers a long time ago.

“You might be able to kill me, but Ill take down at least ten eternal overlords with me before I die. Come give it a try if you dont believe me!” Qiu Luoyu threw his head back with laughter. He was also playing for time. As time went on, more of the creation seeds power found its way into him and increased his strength.

Despite that, he was repressing his power and not exhibiting anything on the surface. In fact, he looked like he was a step from falling over on the outside.

“Qiu Luoyu, they all say that youre the strongest person beneath sovereign realm,” came a clear voice from the distance. “That only Jin Gushen of the metal elemental land can be mentioned along with you. I dont accept that!”

Qiu Luoyu raised his eyes to see a young man in blue robes walk through the air. The power of inception quaked violently over him.

“Wen Jian of the Inception Palace greets this fellow daoist.” The young man bowed gracefully at Qiu Luoyu.

“Wen Jian of the Inception Palace!” Qiu Luoyus expression tightened with surprise. Of course he knew this name—this was one of the greatest geniuses of their era!

Since Wen Jian hailed from the Inception Palace, he wasnt included in the ranks of prodigies like Chi Wuxia, Huo Shentong, Jin Gushen, and others. Running into Qiu Luoyu immensely irritated him as the eternal overlord was the publicly acclaimed greatest expert beneath sovereign realm.

Wen Jian couldnt be bothered to pay attention to Chi Wuxia, Huo Shentong, or Jin Gushen. It was pure disdain that led him to ignore them, the contempt of a lofty sacred clan member for an ordinary being.

Qiu Luoyu was different. His title of first among the chaos also incorporated the six sacred palaces. In the eyes of the public, even the eternal overlords of the six palaces were less than this upstart!

“Fellow daoist, I give you three thousand breaths to recover from your wounds. We will fight after that.” Wen Jian sat down cross-legged in midair and closed his eyes.

His declaration drew brooding looks from the sacred lands. The six sacred palaces didnt care about the otherkind. They recruited even otherkind sovereigns, treating them as no different from any other chaos creature.

All along, itd been the nine sacred palaces thatd labelled these races as “other” and hunted them down. Their strongest expert was about to die here, but the Inception Palace had unexpectedly gotten involved and even given the creature three thousand breaths to recover!

“Senior brother Wen Jian… this wont do!” grumbled an eternal lord of the earth origin land.

Wen Jian remained quietly seated in the air, not dignifying the comment with a response.


“This is… the inside of the creation seed” Lu Yun was entranced by the verdant energy around him. Hed felt similar pulses from the little fox before, so he naturally recognized it now.

“The creation seed” Qing Han blinked, then nodded. “Your body is here, master, but this isnt a creation seed. Its just a power node formed from a pocket of energy fallen from the Hongmeng. [ref[The third realm.[/ref]

“Any power from the Hongmeng is strength beyond the chaos.” She added an explanation as she didnt think that her current master understood this.

“I see.” Lu Yun inclined his head.

“I didnt think that milady would be here too! Shes right next to your body!” Qing Han suddenly explained.

“Eh Milady Qing Yu” Lu Yun started.

“Not Mistress Qing Yu, but the other lady.” Qing Han grabbed Lu Yun and the two vanished again.

When they appeared next, they were at the heart of the creation seed. There was indeed another Lu Yun sitting cross-legged on the ground, but there was no sign of life from him at all.

He was dead.

“Lu Yun!” called out the little fox when she saw his sudden appearance. “Come look, come look! Your dao fruit is mature and its landed inside the creation seed!”

Lu Yun remained where he was, staring foolishly at the little fox. Apart from her and the other Lu Yun, there was no one else here…

Another wife

Dao fruit

Lu Yun was completely lost.-

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