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“So thats what happened.” Lu Yun finally understood why that creator had been waiting for him. The memories of his past self didnt cover a plan that included that detail. It turned out that Qing Han had arranged for everything.

When Lu Yuns past self finished its transformation into a dao fruit, it had been an age of glory still for the mythological realm. The cataclysm that Qing Han spoke of was still an unfathomable aeon away.

“To prevent the new immortal dao from being cursed as well, I destroyed its memories from my mind before I died,” Qing Han continued.

As one of the greatest masters of the mythical realm, countless pairs of eyes had watched her every move. Though they couldnt read her memories, they could still seize her cultivation methods for study. However, no one would pay attention to a mere creator.

“Ive already seen the new immortal dao. Its recorded within the six paths of my nascent spirit now,” Lu Yun said with a smile.

Qing Han smiled with satisfaction. Shed finally done something useful for her master.


When only the little fox and Lu Yun were left after Qing Hans departure, the atmosphere turned a bit weird.

“Umm… do we need to go out and help Qiu Luoyu That Wen Jians almost beating him to death,” the little fox broke the silence first.

“No need.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Hes borrowing Wen Jians hand to temper his own strength so that he melds more fully with the creation seed.”

Having located his past self, Lu Yun naturally knew what the creation seeds were. They could be refined by someone, but they should never be used to form a sacred land. Those things were complete scourges.

His past self wouldnt have put his dao fruit into the seed to suppress it otherwise.

There were eleven creation seeds total in the chaos. Someone had used them to destroy the mythological realm, and now nine of them had germinated as the nine sacred lands. Of the other two, one was with the little fox and the other being refined by Qiu Luoyu.


Qiu Luoyu was locked in combat with Wen Jian. He was plainly coming off worse in the fight as he was weaker than the palace disciple.

Though Qiu Luoyu was the publicly acclaimed greatest beneath sovereign realm in the chaos, itd been the nine sacred lands thatd given him the title. They wanted the eternal overlords of the six sacred palaces to create trouble for the otherkind.

Their scheme had finally borne fruit and an eternal overlord of Inception Palace had come knocking. Albeit… at a less than ideal timing.

On the losing side of the fight and looking like he might perish at any moment, a strange power flared from Qiu Luoyu whenever he was in real danger of dying and blocked his opponents blow.

“Qiu Luoyu, you will cast aside the title of strongest beneath sovereign realm when you leave this tomb.” Wen Jian suddenly relaxed his stance and coolly regarded his opponent.

“I never said I was the strongest.” Qiu Luoyu wiped away the traces of blood at the corner of his mouth.

“Oh” Wen Jian raised an eyebrow.

“They started calling me that just because I just beat up a few primes of the sacred lands.” Qiu Luoyu swept a glance over the sacred land contingents and coughed weakly.

Splitting his attention between fighting and refining the creation seed from afar, he wasnt able to deploy even fifty percent of his strength. Naturally, he wasnt able to fend off Wen Jian. However, he was no fool either, having survived the hunts of the sacred lands for so long.

“Alright then, it looks like Ive been used by someone else for once.” Wen Jian shrugged and didnt show any signs of leaving.

Qiu Luoyu was equally delighted to have a shield from other unwanted attention. Hed originally planned to germinate the creation seed and have it develop into another sacred land. But now, he discovered that the seed was becoming part of his body and still undergoing further refinement, enhancing his strength.

However, this enhancement didnt propel him past the threshold of sovereign.

“Senior brother Wen Jian, hes an otherkind.” The eternal overlord of the earth origin land couldnt help a reminder.

“So” Wen Jian regarded him with a supercilious smile.

“Hes a public enemy of the chaos! As an eternal overlord of the Inception Palace, is senior brother Wen Jian going to give him shelter” the eternal overlord hectored loudly.

Typically enemies, the five elemental lands and four origin lands somehow stepped forward as a united front at this time.

“So I am, what can you guys do about it” Wen Jian snorted as Qiu Luoyu blinked in surprise. “What, are you looking to fight me instead”

Wen Jian lifted his hand and sent a flash of turquoise radiance through the air. A heavy sword three meters long and a meter wide appeared in his hand. This sword exceeded the confines of connate treasures and was categorized a chaos spirit treasure in the chaos. It was less than a chaos connate treasure like Worldcarver, Heavenfall, and Quietus, but it was superior to regular connate treasures.

Wen Jian and Qiu Luoyu had fought with their bare hands earlier and refrained from unsheathing their weapons. With the appearance of one chaos spirit treasure, even the air around it began to shake.

“Do you think Im a pushover because I didnt respond to you earlier” Wen Jian took a step forward and struck out heavily with his sword.


Turquoise sword light shot five million kilometers into the distance, annihilating every cultivator of the sacred lands it touched. Standing at the forefront, the eternal overlord of the earth origin land was deader than dead.


Wen Jian stabbed his sword into the air, where it stood, firmly rooted in the void.

“The nine sacred lands… Go back and tell your primes that from this day forth, thesacred land part of your names is hereby terminated. Anyone who dares call themselves a sacred land from henceforth will be eradicated!”


A bolt of black lightning crashed out of the air and struck down at Wen Jians head.


Purple fire blazed out of the void and swept the ball of black lightning clean.

Deposing the sacred lands!

Wen Jians true intent today was to demote the sacred lands from their positions!

The chaos trembled and countless denizens sensed the disturbance in their world order. They looked askance in the direction of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth.

“For the good of all! Your disciples done what weve always wanted to do!” Outside the tomb, the monarchs looked at Leize with great surprise.

“You should go back and get your affairs in order as well. Otherwise, the sacred palaces will become the palaces of those nine sacred—sects,” Leize sighed.

“Thats right, its time to clean house. My princess wants to break off ties with Inception Palace I never knew she had such a death wish,” Huaxu giggled.

The other four suppressed grins; they knew the relationship between Huaxu and Leize. They also didnt think much of it. They had been friends and fellow daoists before the establishment of the six sacred palaces, similar to the six prodigals of the world of immortals or the Six Royals.

Their relationships were a secret from the public eye and theyd also actively perpetuated the false impression that the six sacred palaces were at odds with each other.-

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