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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1099: Chi Wuxia

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Wen Jian might not be the prince of Inception Palace, but he was the personal disciple of the Inception monarch! He absolutely represented the monarch when he spoke.

It seemed that a million rays of eerie power blasted at him for a split second, trying to kill him. However, the subsequent appearance of purple netherfire immediately erased the attempt. It then circled around his head, raising his aura to its greatest.

Wen Jians words traveled throughout the chaos, as if it were the ultimate truth of the realm.

The nine sacred lands shook as the “sacred land” part of their names faded away from the gates to their territory. They had withstood countless chaos tribulations and defended their existence all this time, but now they were sacred lands no more.

Within their homes, innumerable souls wailed soundlessly. Theyd always been proud to be part of a sacred land. It granted them importance, loftiness, and the innate right to lord over other creatures in the chaos.

If they were no longer part of a sacred land, that made them no different from the rest of the rabble, even if they were stronger than those factions.

“No!!” The primes of the sacred lands almost went mad.

“On what basis!” The prime of the fire elemental land barrelled out of his domain and reached the outskirts of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. He tilted his head up at the six monarchs in the void and demanded, “On what basis do the six sacred palaces deprive the sacred lands of our names!

“We nine have risked our lives time and time again for the good of all through all these chaos tribulations! Not only do we battle the chaos beasts from an unknown world, but we spare no effort to destroy the worlds that threaten our very lives. What right do you have to strip us of our dignity!”

Towering and muscular, the prime of the fire elemental land was a peak eternal overlord and a half step away from sovereign realm. Most importantly, his dao partner was the princess of Nirvana Palace!

That was why he dared step forward at this time and question the six monarchs.

“What right do you have to take our name from us!” he roared again, almost a pillar of flame in his rage. He drifted into the air and slowly rose to the same level as the six monarchs.

“If you are strong enough, you can also depose the six palaces of our status.” Leize smiled. “On what basis On the basis that we are stronger than you, so you must do as we say. If we say youre a sacred land, youre a sacred land. Now that we take the name back, youre nothing but a clump of slime in a hole. Understood”


Leize shot two terrifying beams of light out from his eyes with a sudden glare and blasted the fire elemental prime back down.

“How dare a piece of ** stand in front of us” sneered the Nirvana monarch.

The fire elemental prime wasnt dead, just slapped down to the ground. He was mired in the faint layer of mud outside the tomb and couldnt free himself no matter how he struggled.

“Just because youre stronger than us” A vermilion figure slowly stood up within the tomb. “The sacred palaces Those are just a joke to me as well.”

He wore long vermilion robes and bright red radiance sparkled in each strand of hair. His eyes blazed like twin rubies embedded in his face.

Chi Wuxia!

Having vanished after Lu Yun kicked him into the tomb, Chi Wuxia reappeared at this time.

Though his soul lamp had gone out, no one from Nirvana Palace deemed that he was dead. He was just lost. Though his lamp had been extinguished, the soul within hadnt been destroyed. It had only left the soul lamp.

The current Chi Wuxia was enveloped by enormous power that appeared to be even stronger than the six greatest orders. However, his cultivation level was still peak eternal overlord. It hadnt increased by a single bit.

Everyones gaze focused on him.

Wen Jian frowned when he saw the genius—he could sense an incredible pressure from Chi Wuxia. Though the latter hadnt ascended to the sovereign realm, his battle strength was absolutely at that level.

“Wen Jian, are you the one who wants to depose the sacred lands” Ignoring the six monarchs outside the tomb, Chi Wuxia walked toward the genius in front of the creation seed.

Standing firmly in the air, Wen Jian stared fixedly at Chi Wuxia. This would be the first person to ever attain sovereign battle strength without reaching the actual cultivation level. Even Qiu Luoyu didnt measure up to him. Hed plainly come across some stunning opportunity in the tomb.

“Thats right.” Wen Jian nodded. “There are no more sacred lands in the chaos now.”

Hes been in an unusual state earlier, his words seemingly connected to the legendary great dao of the chaos. To speak was to command. Upon his declaration, the sacred lands were indeed no longer thus.

“In that case, I will represent the nine sacred lands and fight for the return of our dignity!” Dreamlike radiance shimmered over Chi Wuxias body. Tens of thousands of Chi Wuxias stepped out of different planes and convened on his primary body.

Everywhere they passed, they destroyed the rules of trial controlling the tomb, throwing an orderly trial ground into bedlam and allowing pandemonium to creep in.

The sky turned a dark crimson and was replaced by a surging Blood Sea. This was the true nature of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth!

The boundless zombie sea had become one with the Blood Sea. The creatures of the sea intermingled with the zombies, all of them shrieking and howling and wailing with madness.

An infinite array of zombies also walked out of the gray land, ghostly fire dancing in their eyes and dreadful resentment soaring into the clouds.



And more zombies!

With the curse on the immortal dao in the mythological realm, its cultivators were all eventually doomed to be zombies, so zombies were found in abundance in this tomb!

Apart from that, all masters with the ability to withstand the curse had fallen in battle and transformed into immortal ghosts. Cloying resentment choked the air within the tomb, and the cultivators previously protected by the rules of testing were instantly exposed to this onslaught of undead.

A gruesome, one-sided slaughter began in earnest while Wen Jian and others reacted with horror.

“What, does it pain you to see this” Chi Wuxia laughed with glee. “Dont forget that we also sacrificed countless souls when we first came in and used their bodies to pave a road for us. Did they deserve to die as well”

Hed conveniently forgotten that he was one of the masterminds behind herding those creatures into the tomb to be sacrificed for a safe way in.-

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