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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1100: Wrest It Back

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“Youre right.” Wen Jian nodded. “We once slaughtered countless innocents for our own convenience, so it would be only right and proper if we die here as well.”

Chi Wuxias aura was still expanding and increasing in intensity. His battle strength was already greater than eternal overlord to begin with, but it was now rising beyond sovereign realm.

Though the delegations of the nine sacred lands wearily battled the zombie hordes below, they still pinned all of their hopes on this genius. He would single handedly restore their honor and glory, he would wrest back their name from the sacred palaces!

Wen Jian had just decreed the sacred lands no longer, so Chi Wuxia would start with him!

Kill Wen Jian first, then slaughter everyone from the six palaces in the tomb. The killing wouldnt stop until the sacred lands were restored!

“Therefore, justice will be served if you die here today.” Chi Wuxia stretched out a hand and materialized a large halberd with a flicker of light. The energy rippling over it completely surpassed the strength of the chaos. It was a great treasure beyond the realm!

After entering the tomb, Chi Wuxia had found his own opportunity, one that would lead him above the chaos!

He lifted the halberd and pointed it at Wen Jian.

“Ill start with you and go through every palace disciple in the tomb. When they are all gone, that will be the return of the sacred lands!”


Black lightning exploded over his head when he finished speaking, as if echoing his words. A resulting storm of black lightning danced through the chaos as thunder roared with a vengeance, like it was a chaos tribulation. Within the nine sacred lands, dusky light glimmered over the nine creation seeds.

He was the hope of everyone in the sacred lands.

“Mother…” Chi Wuxia suddenly turned around and looked in a certain direction. The Nirvana princess looked back at him.

“Go on, I support you in everything you do.” The princess beamed radiantly. “You are my son!”

“Understood!” Chi Wuxia nodded and turned back around to face Wen Jian.

“Hold it,” Qiu Luoyu suddenly interjected from the side. “Chi Wuxia, you need to get through me first before you challenge Wen Jian. I lost to him earlier, so if you cant beat me, dont even think about restoring the sacred lands.”

He padded forward, eyes as bright as the chaos stars as he stared unblinkingly at Chi Wuxia.

Qiu Luoyu had fully refined the creation seed and made all of its strength his own. The creation seed floating in the air now was just an empty shell.

“Do you actually think youre worth anything” Chi Wuxia raked a dismissive glance over Qiu Luoyu. “Do you think youre first in the chaos just because weve raised you to that position Youre nothing but a joke!”

“A joke” Qiu Luoyu burst out laughing. “Even if I am a joke, I can still slap you silly and send you in here with a kick!”

“What!” That wiped the sneer off Chi Wuxias face and he snapped to attention. “What did you just say!”

“I said… even if I am a joke, I can still slap you silly and send you in here with a kick!” chortled Qiu Luoyu.

Though itd been Lu Yun whod slapped Chi Wuxia and punted him into the tomb, hed been borrowing Qiu Luoyus strength when doing so. Therefore, there was no difference between him and Qiu Luoyu doing the deed.

Qiu Luoyus face changed as he spoke, turning into the appearance that Lu Yun had used earlier. Lu Yun had gifted him with a Shapeshifting Talisman prior to entering the tomb. Though activating it gave off the telltale ripples of a combat art, that made perfect sense if he was changing his appearance now.

Energy unique to chaos dragons even floated to the forefront of Qiu Luoyus body.

“Its you! It really is you!” Chi Wuxia almost spat flame when he saw Qiu Luoyus new appearance.

“Yep, thats right. Its me.” Qiu Luoyu put away the talisman and crooked his finger at Chi Wuxia. “You treat us as despicable aliens and make us the public enemy of the chaos, forcing us to spend our days running and hiding, never knowing when the fear will end. Now youll have to ask me first if you want to restore the sacred lands.”

“DIE!!” Chi Wuxia snarled and slashed out a stream of fiery sparks with his halberd, bringing it down on Qiu Luoyu.

The man casually shifted to the side and carelessly evaded the blow.

Wen Jian retreated from the battlefield without a word. As Leizes personal disciple, he knew full well that he was no match for the current Chi Wuxia.

Chi Wuxia was now in the sovereign realm, and not just an ordinary sovereign. It would take at least a sacred prince or princess to defeat him. However, none of them were here at the moment.

Theyd leapt into action the moment the rules of trial disappeared, acting to protect the adventurers inside the tomb. They didnt have time to spare for Chi Wuxia. In addition, the Nirvana princess would be the first to object if any of the other five wanted to take him down.

Though hed said he would slaughter everyone in the six palaces inside the tomb, he would never do anything to the Nirvana disciples.


Chi Wuxia burned with a scarlet flame that extended to his halberd, turning it into a fiery dragon. A combat art that didnt belong to the chaos exploded from his weapon, engulfing Qiu Luoyu in a devastating shower of fiery sparks.

However, Qiu Luoyu wasnt the same person he was before. The power of extreme yang flared from him and set his long black hair on fire. He was a blazing sun and every pore of his body exuded domineering power of yang.

“Piss off!!” he roared and blasted out with a punch, creating an enormous shadow of a fist in the air and dispersing the fiery rain.

“Give me that!” He grabbed Chi Wuxias halberd and yanked it out of the genius grasp!

“Impossible!!” Mouth agape, Chi Wuxia stared with dense bafflement. Hed obtained the heritage and treasure of a great master beyond the chaos in the tomb, raising his strength to the sovereign realm.

But Qiu Luoyu had used only two moves to take his weapon away!

“Come back here!” The disconcerted daze lasted only half a breath. Chi Wuxia bristled with fiery power and wrenched the weapon back.


The halberd seemed to come alive and barreled at Qiu Luoyu.

“That halberds refined from the bones of a chaos dragon!” gasped Lu Yun from a safe hiding spot.-

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