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As a practitioner of the Dragonquake Scripture and having transformed into a real chaos dragon, Lu Yun could identify with a quick glance that the halberd was refined from the bones of a true chaos dragon!

A real one, not one of the mixed blood descendants later reborn in the chaos.

The little fox had taken animal form again and was sprawled on Lu Yuns shoulder.

“A halberd made from the bones of a true chaos dragon What about it There are plenty of treasures in the world of immortals made from the bones of the dragons,” the little fox responded nonchalantly. 

“This isnt an ordinary treasure, its the instrument of a curse.” Two dark lights sparkled in Lu Yuns eyes. “This halberd wasnt made from the bones of just one chaos dragon, but ninety-nine dragons thatd ascended beyond the chaos realm!”

“Ascended beyond the chaos Do you mean that the chaos dragon race had already evolved to the next plane” The little fox immediately seized on the crux of his words. Ninety-nine dragons in the third realm!

“Thats right.” After coming together with his past self, Lu Yuns cultivation level was now in the principal realm and the strength of his death arts rose accordingly. He could see through the weapon with one glance and read every last bit of information about it.

“These ninety-nine chaos dragons were the royals of the chaos dragon race,” he murmured.

His past self had lived in the mythological realm, so he naturally knew everything thatd taken place in the Age of Myth. Not only had the denizens of that legendary realm risen beyond the chaos, but so had the dragons of the chaos creatures.

However, he had no idea whatd happened to the realm after his past self transformed into a dao fruit. Why had that glorious realm ended up in these straits

“Who did it Who‘s behind the curse on the immortal dao and chaos dragons” Lu Yun frowned tightly.

Without a doubt, his past self had also ascended beyond the chaos and entered the third realm—Hongmeng. However, his past self hadnt met the little girl in a red dress or any enemies at all.

All of that had taken place later.

Though there was no sense of time in either the chaos or Hongmeng, everything was in a constant state of flux. Once these changes were noticed by the thoughts of living creatures, the concept of time developed in their minds.

“Do you know” Lu Yun looked at the little fox.

Miao shook her head blankly.

“You need to figure out where your soul force replica is.” Lu Yun took the little fox down from his shoulder and peered intently into her face. “You were still alive when my past self turned into a dao fruit and so was our son! Find them, and well find the answers to everything!”

He was as grave as hed never been before. “The traces left behind in this ruined realm bear a startling resemblance to many things in the world of immortals! The nine sacred lands dont have this kind of power or capability.

“I strongly suspect that were currently sowing the seeds of our future destruction.”

The little fox nodded gently in agreement and mumbled, “Our child… but Im still a decent, unmarried fox.”

Lu Yun: ……

“Qiu Luoyus been defeated.” He suddenly looked outside. “Thankfully that halberd is the instrument of the curse. If it was any other treasure, Qiu Luoyu would be dead without a doubt. But now…”

“You need to take responsibility for your actions,” the little fox continued grumbling.


The dragon bone halberd circled around Chi Wuxia in the form of a dragon, following his every move like a shadow. When the two powers met each other, they resulted in Chi Wuxia commanding double his usual strength!

Qiu Luoyu was as white as a sheet. Though hed received boundless power from the creation seed and attained the battle strength of a sovereign, he still used the combat arts of an eternal overlord. Faced with Chi Wuxias arts that had exceeded the chaos, there was nothing he could do but retreat at every possible step.


The giant halberd slammed into Qiu Luoyus chest and pierced it through.

“You lose, Qiu Luoyu.” Using his weapon as a stick, Chi Wuxia lifted his opponent up through the hole in his chest. Blood seeped from his mouth, but his face was twisted in a grimace of madness.

“Ahhhhhh!!” Qiu Luoyu roared, calling upon all of his strength so he could break free of the halberd. However, the halberd bit into his chest like a demon possessed, he couldnt shake it off no matter what he tried.

“Die!!” Chi Wuxia shook his arms, trying to vibrate Qiu Luoyu to pieces. Despite his upper hand, it wasnt easy for him to do so because his opponent had fully refined the creation seed. The power of extreme yang ricocheted through his body and pushed back at the halberd.

Chi Wuxia tried a few times, but a final victory wasnt within his grasp. Even so, it seemed only a matter of time as Qiu Luoyu couldnt hold on for too long.

Hed already been defeated, and death was close at hand.


“Chi Wuxia!!” Lu Yun abruptly showed himself and roared at the genius.

“Huh” Chi Wuxia started and swept an indifferent glance over Lu Yun. His hairs stood on end the next second and he subconsciously loosened his grasp on his weapon.

Lu Yun was standing in the void roughly fifty thousand miles away, pointing at Chi Wuxia—or rather, his dragon bone halberd!

Judgement of Life or Death!

One move to deem the targets fate!


The halberd went up in flames, consumed by tongues of fear-inducing black fire.

In the blink of an eye, the great halberd crafted from the bones of ninety-nine chaos dragons beyond the chaos disintegrated into nothing. Along with its destruction was the curse against the chaos dragons!

Two long dragon croons sounded in hell. Aoxin and his mother returned to their true forms as chaos dragons and soared into the air.

Aoxin had recombined with his two other bodies and become a full chaos dragon again—a pureblood! And with the instrument cursing the chaos dragons being broken, he could return to his true form without worry.


An instrument of a curse upon an entire race!

Such an item would naturally attract terrible retribution. In the eyes of others, the retribution associated with the halberd was just an additional edge to an already keen weapon. Itd been this retribution that pierced through Qiu Luoyus energy of extreme yang and enabled the halberd to run him through.

In Lu Yuns eyes, however, this retribution was a fatal flaw.

Under the Judgement of Life or Death, anything with the slightest hint of retribution would scatter upon the wind.

The judgement on the weapon didnt harm Qiu Luoyu. He slowly sagged to the ground, but the wound in his chest didnt heal. It still gaped gruesomely and dripped with blood.

“How… why” Chi Wuxia stared blankly into space, perplexed dejection and extreme fear warring with each other in his face.-

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