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Lu Yun finally got to meet Leize and Huaxu, as he so fondly wished. They looked very much the same as they did in the great wilderness, but their cultivation level was completely unfathomable. When Lu Yun looked at them, he had the sensation of looking into the depths of space.

“Greetings to the two seniors!” Lu Yun bowed at Leize and Huaxu.

“Not bad, little fellow. I didnt expect to meet again so quickly.” Huaxu nodded with a faint smile for the young man.

Before Lu Yun departed from the great wilderness, hed solicited a tendril of soul force from both Huaxu and Leize to prevent them from dying. Those good intentions had made quite an impression, and Huaxu had thought fondly of him ever since.

Whether it was Huaxu or her dao partner, both of them felt kindly toward the little human. Most importantly was that Fuxi was alive; their dead son walked the land of the living again because of Lu Yun!

“Has it been quick” Lu Yun blinked.

“Hahaha, it hasnt even been a chaos tribulation yet. That means its been very quick,” Leize chuckled. For personages of their level, the duration of time from the great wilderness until now was indeed a trivial one.

“Ah, then the two strands of soul force…” Lu Yun thought of the two tendrils still drifting over the sea of Hell Flowers.

“Keep them. Perhaps there will come a day in which we really do die,” Leize sighed.

“Alright then.” Lu Yun nodded gently and didnt ask why. 

The ultimate goal of the six sacred palaces and nine sects of the chaos was to protect the inhabitants of the chaos. When the six sacred lands were stripped of their names, theyd also mentioned their purpose of destroying the worlds, battling the chaos beasts, and protecting those who dwelled in the chaos.

Only when the worlds fully came into their own would they threaten the chaos. It was a long and arduous journey, but the chaos beasts were a direct and imminent threat!

They possessed the strength of sovereigns and sometimes even palace monarchs. The sacred palaces and sects had always clashed with them. When Lu Yun first arrived in the chaos, hed met a chaos beast masquerading as a continent in the void. Itd used itself as a trap for chaos creatures and was fighting a snake thatd fallen for its deception.

Chaos beasts were also chaos creatures, but ones in direct opposition to the latter. Weak chaos beasts were enslaved while strong ones fed on chaos cultivators. Every inhale and exhale marked the destruction of a pristine chaos current within the mouth of a chaos beast.

The chaos was too vast and filled with too many unknowns. What the six sacred palaces ruled over was just the tip of the iceberg.

“Alright, thats enough of that for now. Come with me back to Inception Palace. …oh So youve come along too, little Tushan.” A smile floated onto Leizes face when he saw the little fox.

Now in human form, the little fox smiled sheepishly at Leize.


Inception hearkened to the origin of life and the starting point of all.

As one of the six greatest orders of the chaos, inception governed the dawn of life and guided the establishment of everything.

Inception Palace was a product formed by the order and its creation far surpassed the previous Inception Dao Palace; it was formed by the purest energy of this law. It stretched on without end, looking to be more extensive than the current worlds. Turquoise energy of inception could be glimpsed everywhere.

“So this is Inception Palace!” Lu Yun took a deep breath when he looked at the sacred palace in front of him. Dense energy flooded into his body, almost propelling him to the next cultivation level.

However, the next realm was supreme pure realm, a decreed realm. It wasnt that easy to reach that echelon of strength—not by the simple influx of energy, at least.

“Indeed, this is Inception Palace.” Leize inclined his head. His dao partner had returned to Creation Palace, where a mountain of annoying matters awaited her attention.

“You should cultivate here until peak human peak realm. In fact, itd be best if you could break through to empyrean realm during your stay here.” Leize smiled.

Lu Yun had continuously cultivated, battled, and broken through in the chaos to transform the primitive great dao into human dao. If he did the same in the chaos, he would likewise establish the immortal dao here!

This was a brand new immortal dao grown out of the Immortal Myriadtree. Hongjun had brought it to the great wilderness, upon which his three disciples had propagated it as a brand new dao.

“I have about ten more years of time. Ill train my hardest during this period and break through as much as I can!” Lu Yun nodded. “Ah, little Yu is still cultivating in the fringes of the chaos…”

He suddenly thought of his dao partner. Since hed come to Inception Palace, then Qing Yu could also train here. She was the dao sovereign of the immortal dao and its overseer. Her cultivating in the chaos wouldnt bring the immortal dao into this realm.

But Lu Yun was different. As the master of the sacred land of immortal dao, his duties were to spread it far and wide. Him practicing in the chaos would naturally deliver its glories into this realm and enable the immortal dao to traverse the chaos.

Though Qing Yu could make use of the Bridge of Forgetfulness to travel back to hell and take care of some affairs, it was even more important that she cultivate in the chaos.

“Dont worry, Huaxu has already brought your beloved to Creation Palace. Compared to my palace, Creation is more suited for her,” chuckled Leize. “Now then, you can take up residence in the princes palace. Send for me or Wahuang if you need anything.”

Leize escorted Lu Yun to the Inception princes palace. After this trip to the Tomb of Heaven and Earth, there was much he needed to take care of.

Though Lu Yun wanted to see Qing Yu, he had to dismiss the notion after what Leize said.

“Ah, yes, here are some thoughts on ascending beyond the chaos. Please accept this, senior.” Lu Yun suddenly opened his hand and set a ball of light to the Inception monarch, who was about to refuse before he realized what it was.

“This… isnt the heritage of the sword. This is…” A vein throbbed in Leizes forehead as he stared at the ball of light. He was incredibly agitated by what was in front of him. “Well then, this is another favor that we owe you. I have no idea when well be able to pay our debts.”

He chuckled ruefully, raised a cupped fist salute at Lu Yun, and departed like the wind.

The ball of light contained the reflections of Lu Yuns past self. Hed been a heavyweight in the mythological realm, and though hed dismissed all of his cultivation upon turning into a dao fruit, his reflections and comprehension of dao still remained.





Enormous crashes startled Lu Yun from his meditation.

“Whats going on outside” he asked with a frown.

“In response to Your Highness, those of Inception Palace who do not accept your status, Your Highness, have come to challenge Your Highnesses of Highness,” the little fox declared with great schadenfreude.

Lu Yun rubbed his head ruefully. “I only live here, when did I become the Inception prince”-

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