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Though Wahuang had publicly announced before that Lu Yun was the new prince of Inception Palace, and he did indeed reside in the Inception princes palace, hed never taken this new identity seriously.

Wahuang and Leize knew full well what Lu Yun was, they couldnt possibly really install him as the new Inception prince! But now that he lived in the princes palace, that roused the ire of many Inception disciples.

All of the sacred palaces possessed a prince and a princess, with only Inception Palace having just a princess. Though the princes palace existed, his seat had always remained empty. Many disciples coveted the position as to be the sacred prince meant not only power and authority, but also the inheritance of Inception Palace and absolute strength.

Thus, its sudden occupation naturally elicited the dissatisfaction of many disciples. More than a million Inception disciples were gathered outside Lu Yuns gates, and some even attacking his doors.

Itd be one thing if hed always been part of Inception Palace and built a great reputation. Opposition wouldnt be so immediate and great then. But he seemed to have suddenly popped out of nowhere and become the prince overnight. No one could accept his identity like this.

And for some reason, it was as if Leize and Wahuang didnt know what was going on here. They allowed the disciples to kick up a ruckus as they would.


“I see whats going on,” Lu Yun chuckled wryly. “In the great wilderness, I facilitated the primitive great daos shift into the human dao through constant battles. Now, Leize wants me to keep fighting until the immortal dao of the chaos takes shape and influences the chaos.”

The chaos creatures cultivated the various orders of their realm instead of a great dao. If the immortal dao traversed the chaos, its various orders would attach to the immortal dao and naturally transition the chaos creatures to cultivating the immortal dao.

This was what Leize wished for Lu Yun to do.

The doors to the Inception princes palace were extremely solid and protected by hefty layers of formations. A man with blond hair stood in the void before them, wielding a longsword in his hands and furiously hacking at the gates.

“Get out here!

“Get your sorry ass out here!

“You piece of **, get out there!” he roared with fury as he chopped away.

Terrifying ripples spread in all directions, but the palace gates remained firm as unyielding mountains.


A tiny disturbance floated onto the outermost formation layer and pushed aside the Inception disciples standing around it. The heavy and opulent gates slowly swung open, revealing Lu Yuns figure in a burst of brilliant radiance.

“Youre Lu Yun” brusquely asked the blond man as he halted his attacks.

“I am.” Lu Yun nodded. “I dont believe Ive had the pleasure of—”

“You dont have the right to know my name. Now, get your pathetic self out of the princes palace and go wherever it is that you belong,” sneered the blond haired man.

“Alright, I cant be bothered with you either.” Lu Yun nodded. “As for where I belong, thats the princes palace, of course. The monarch himself elevated me to this position, which makes me the prince of Inception Palace. Are you doubting his judgment”

His words almost made the disciples around him vomit blood.

“Your Majesty, I dont accept this!” the man suddenly howled at the sky. “Why is he the prince! By what right and merit can he be the prince of Inception Palace! Please retract your decree!”

The blond man was a very strong and well acclaimed eternal overlord. Though he wasnt famous in the chaos, he was quite distinguished in Inception Palace. Once he ascended to sovereign realm, he would be a strong candidate to be the next prince.

“If you dont accept this, then defeat Lu Yun with your own hands,” Wahuangs voice sounded in response. “His Majesty doesnt have time to deal with these trifling matters. Whoever finds issue with the current situation can approach the nearest Inception Spiritrial Arena and challenge Lu Yun. Whoever defeats him will be the Inception prince.”

“Really” The eyes of not only the blond man, but also of the sovereigns hidden in the shadows lit up.

“Are you doubting me as well now” Wahuang sniffed coolly. “However, whoever loses to him will immediately pack their bags for the Dubiety Realm. Dont come back until youve killed a hundred million chaos beasts!”

Her last words doused everyones enthusiasm like a bucket of cold water. The Dubiety Realm!

This was a realm where the Inception Palace set a heavy guard—an old nest of the chaos beasts. The chaos beasts roved in packs and constantly tried to break through the Inception blockade. If they succeeded, it would be utter disaster for the chaos. The six sacred palaces were located at the six exits of that realm.

Many within the crowd dismissed their intentions to challenge Lu Yun upon hearing this condition. Even sovereigns found themselves hard pressed to remain alive in that realm. If these disciples entered, theyd be going straight to their deaths.

“And what if Lu Yun is defeated” pressed the blond haired man.

“Then he heads to the Dubiety Realm as well,” Wahuang answered matter-of-factly.

“Alright!” The man turned around and looked at Lu Yun. “I await you on the closest Inception Spiritrial Arena!”

Lu Yun held his head. “And what is that”

“Remember the Sovereign Rankings in Destiny City” Wahuangs voice sounded in his mind.

“Yes” Lu Yun brightened.

“The rules of that ranking are a result of some power of inception that my father left in the worlds. He used the Inception Spiritrial Arena to make it happen.

“When you set foot on the arena, it will guide your thoughts in creating a replica. Your replicas cultivation level will be fixed at peak sixth level mortal realm.”

There were two other treasures in the world of immortals also formed by a bit of inception power falling into the realm. The primordial immortal had refined it into the Coretrial Arena and Spiritrial Arenas.

Peak sixth level mortal realm was peak empyrean realm.

Wahuang was hardly worried about Lu Yun. Hed possessed the same cultivation level in the great wilderness and defeated all who challenged him. Hed also killed quite a few demon gods in the process. Though the blond man was strong, Wahuang held absolute faith in Lu Yun. Granted, it wouldnt be an easy task for him to win, but that was hardly the point. What Lu Yun needed to do now was to continuously fight and break through in battle so that he could incorporate the immortal into the chaos.

“Alright then.” Lu Yun nodded. “But you guys arent really putting me down as the Inception prince, are you Im not part of your sacred clan or even of your race!”

“Psht. That so-called sacred clan is just something my father named on a whim. If you want to, he can even abdicate in your favor.” Wahuang curled her lip.

Lu Yuns jaw threatened to sink through the floor with how much it dropped.-

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