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The closest Inception Spiritrial Arena was a square-shaped dais three hundred meters across. This was where the Inception disciples sparred each other on a regular basis, and there were at least ten thousand of them scattered through Inception Palace.

In the eyes of the palace disciples, cultivation level wasnt much of anything. Ones comprehension of combat arts and methods was key. Take Ying Luo of the Creation Palace, for example. She was invincible among second level mortal realm, but would be completely ordinary the second she set foot in an arena like this.


A hundred million cultivators opened their eyes at the same time in Inception Palace and looked toward a certain Inception Spiritrial Arena.

There were countless beings within the palace and innumerable sovereigns as well. Not only was the sacred clan in abundance, but also other races of the chaos. The Inception Palace was one to take in plenty of sovereigns from outside of the faction.

The blond haired man had walked onto the arena and was wielding a longsword emanating a faintly golden glow. Wherever the edge of his blade rested, it nearly sliced through the void. Though he was only sixth level mortal realm now, his strength and combat arts werent affected. And even though his cultivation level had fallen, he still reigned supreme among this level.

He extended a hand and dismissively crooked his finger at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun gave it a bit of thought, then stepped forward into the arena as well. A marvelous power flooded his body the next second, replacing it with a brand new one. The new body was likewise only sixth level mortal realm and thus possessed corresponding strength, but apart from that, it was no different from anything hed experienced with his own.

All of his combat arts and cultivation methods remained inside his body, including his death arts!

So this is something produced by the highest orders of chaos. Its dao is natural and unobtrusive, making it so that even the Tome of Life and Death isnt repulsed by it. Lu Yun smoothly opened his eyes and nodded at his opponent.

“I hear that youve obtained a treasure beyond the chaos. Bring it out for a look,” snorted the man when he saw Lu Yun nod at him.

“I dont need a treasure to fight you.” Lu Yun smiled.

The blond haired mans expression remained the same, wholly unaffected by Lu Yuns words, but the disciples outside of the arena cursed loudly. This upstarts response was the height of arrogance!

The blond haired man was an extremely strong eternal overlord with absolute power and status in the Inception Palace. Many disciples viewed his accomplishments as their lifes goal. Though he wasnt a sovereign yet, he occupied the position of one in Inception Palace. Lu Yuns disrespect toward him immediately offended half of the faction.


“Enough wasting time, let us begin.” Golden green sparkles flashed through his eyes as his longsword released a scintillating ray of sword light. “With this battle, we determine who is superior and thus worthy of life.”

The clashes of the Inception Spiritrial Arenas were of life and death. Dying in battle wasnt a true death, but one would still experience the horrors of dying all the same.

“Mmhmm.” Lu Yun nodded slightly and stood in place. He let his arms hang naturally by his side and didnt strike a fighting stance. It seemed he was here more to take in the scenery than to do battle.

“Hmph!” Growing irritation finally brewed into rage when his opponent saw Lu Yun continuously remain like this. He abruptly shifted into motion and sent gold-green light exploding from his sword. He swung it in a very simple stroke, but it seemed to shift into a myriad of permutations as it traveled through the air. It was as if the man had deployed a million different kinds of combat arts in front of Lu Yun.

The Myriad Inception Fist.

The blond haired man had incorporated the methods meaning into his sword light, combining the two as one and creating his own combat art out of it. He swung with all of his might and blurred into action.

Lu Yun remained casually in place, calmly watching the strike come down on him. When it seemed the end was inevitable, he reached out and tapped lightly in the air.


A metallic collision rang through the arena as the blond haired man flew backwards, almost losing his grip on the longsword.


He fell heavily to the ground and struggled to get back up again, turning a face full of shock toward Lu Yun. He wasnt the only one—everyone around them, including Wahuang and the surreptitiously observing Leize, were all flabbergasted.

“What was that” The blond man stared fixedly at Lu Yun.

“The first move of the Myriad Inception Fist—Imprint of Firmament.” Lu Yun retracted his finger and assumed his previous stance with his hands by his sides. He didnt look like he was in a fight at all.

“You havent truly understood the Myriad Inception Fist, yet seek the many changes its capable of. Thats a bit attending to the superficial and neglecting the essential,” Lu Yun sighed and continued meaningfully. “The order of inception is the core essence of the Myriad Inception Fist. From three begat all… thethree is the origin of everything!

“Your foundations are weak without understanding inception. How do you deriveall when you havent mastered thethree!”


It was Lu Yun s turn to blur into motion. His body exploded into three copies and deployed the three basic methods of the Myriad Inception Fist.

Imprint of Firmament.

Void of Sun and Moon.

Image Attending Form!

However, the momentum and aura that these three created were infinite times more exquisite and sophisticated than the blond mans stroke of endless changes. After all, Lu Yun had recovered his past self!

While in the mythological realm in the past, hed ascended beyond the chaos and reached an extraordinarily high cultivation realm. This realm was now part of his knowledge after he fully refined his past self.

For something as simple as the Myriad Inception Fist, he only needed to slightly apply that formidable cultivation realm to reach great perfection. His strength was now peak principal realm, but his cultivation went beyond the chaos.


Lu Yuns three forms returned as one and he blasted out with a forceful punch. Though it was a simple punch, it incorporated all of the profound truths within this part of the chaos.

From dao came one, and one begat two, two gave birth to three, and from three resulted all living things 

This punch went beyond the limitations of techniques and combat arts, reaching a level of dao and truth—the cultivation realm of Lu Yuns past self.

The blond man was obliterated into nothingness from the punch.


“That reflection beyond the chaos…” murmured Leize as he stood in the void and looked down at the Lu Yun upon the Inception Spiritrial Arena. “My understanding of that reflection is less than Lu Yuns of the Myriad Inception Fist…”-

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