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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1106: New Princess

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Lu Yuns punch utilized a combat art of the chaos to deploy a dao and truth that exceeded the level of the realm. No one on his cultivation level would be an adequate opponent for him. Even sovereigns with their cultivation suppressed to sixth level mortal realm would be disintegrated by his move.


“I yield.” The blond haired mans real body disengaged from the Inception Spiritrial Arena; there was no hint of dejection after a loss or surly insubordination on his face. Lu Yun was so much stronger—the new prince had almost wiped the floor with him!

Lu Yuns potential, comprehension of the six great orders, and grasp of life itself far exceeded the blond mans. There was nothing for him to refuse to accept about the situation.

“Your Highness, please open the doors to the Dubiety Realm. I, Luo Chen, swear not to emerge until Ive slain a hundred million chaos beasts,” the blond man called out to Wahuang.

“Eh Oh, okay.” Wahuang snapped out of her daze and waved a hand, opening the doors to the respective realm.

An enormous fortress sat at the Inception entrance to the Dubiety Realm. Countless palace sovereign experts were in attendance, continuously taking down the endless hordes of chaos beasts that charged at them.

Luo Chen looked back, bowed in the direction where Leize was, and set foot through the doors. Quiet descended upon the scene again. Luo Chen had left with grace after his defeat, leaving a bewildered crowd behind him.

Their respected powerhouse had failed Just like that With one blow

“Who else” Lu Yun shook off his hand. “Lets not waste time. Whoever wants to challenge me, all of you can come at me together.”

No one moved.

Luo Chen had once defeated a sovereign in an Inception Spiritrial Arena, but he hadnt lasted more than one move from Lu Yun! Victory with one blow meant that Luo Chen didnt even have the right to be an opponent for their new prince. In that case, likely only the monarch and princess had the qualifications to fight Lu Yun in all of Inception Palace.

Apart from that, everyone else could only use a superior cultivation level to suppress the prince. When the playing field was leveled on an Inception Spiritrial Arena, there was no one who was his match.

Though many were loath to accept the new status quo, there was no other choice available.

“Does anyone want to challenge me for the position of sacred prince” Lu Yun asked again, but the crowd was already dispersing.


“Id wanted you to meld the immortal dao with the chaos through your battles, but you managed to head off that conflict so easily.” Wahuang came up to Lu Yun with a wry smile.

“They werent a challenge at all. If we want to incorporate the immortal dao into the chaos, I need to release myself to the utmost.” Lu Yun shrugged. “Ah, Id like to visit the Tomb of Heaven and Earth again.”

“What” Wahuang started and her brows drew together in a frown. “The rules of trial have faded from the tomb, so its a land of unknown and danger once more. Even sovereigns would run the risk of dying in there.”

“I know.” Lu Yun nodded. “But theres something there that I must get my hands on.”

“The Blood Sea” Wahuang instantly caught his drift.

“Thats right.” Lu Yun nodded again. “My hell is still in tattered pieces. If I want to make it whole again, I need to somehow find the fragments of the original human hell. The Blood Sea is a crucial component of that hell and I need to bring it back into the fold!

“And, the Blood Sea wasnt always there,” he concluded darkly.

“Wasnt the Blood Sea always in the Tomb of Heaven and Earth” Wahuang blinked.

“No.” Lu Yun thought back to the ancient tomb that had buried the Dao Flower. Therein resided a vicious ghost evolved from a resentful spirit—the last being of her world. Shed seen with her own eyes how the Blood Sea of the human dao had appeared and ferried the souls of her world away in little paper boats.

Wahuang listened to Lu Yuns recounting with a tight frown. None of the previous sacred lands couldve managed this. Their backer was strong, but the level of strength they controlled was far from being able to dictate the existence of something like the Blood Sea.

If it wasnt for someone else taking action and destroying the human dao hell, the nine sacred lands wouldve never been able to propel the end of human dao rule.

Even when Emperors Fall was long past, the roots of human dao were well and deeply established. That dao had fashioned the entire world into a solid, united whole. In the absence of experts from the nine sacred lands personally arriving in the worlds, they had no chance of emerging victorious at all.

When the Blood Sea left the worlds after the destruction of human hell and fled into the chaos, the nine sacred lands had sent people to intercept it, resulting in the Blood Sea weakening by half its strength.

Wahuang had always thought that the Blood Sea had remained in the tomb after that point—who wouldve thought that itd surreptitiously slip back at some point!

The implications were too awful to consider.

“I need to make another visit no matter what. Even if I cant collect the Blood Sea, I need to take some of its core essence and plant it in hell,” Lu Yun said firmly.

“Ill go with you.” Wahuang didnt refuse to consider his idea.

“No, you cant!” Lu Yun rejected outright. “Youre too big of a target, someone will discover you once you go back to the tomb. Little Yu and I will be enough.”

Wahuang quirked her lips when she heard Lu Yun mention Qing Yu.

“Tsk tsk, just look at these ulterior motives of yours. Fine, Ill take you to Creation Palace,” she acceded with annoyance.

The little fox darted out of an unknown hiding spot and landed on Lu Yuns shoulder.

“Going to Creation Palace to see Qing Yu What, are you going to confess” she asked bashfully.

Lu Yuns expression fell immensely from his previous gravity of discussing matters of utmost seriousness.


A fine show was taking place in Creation Palace.

The Creation princess had acted on her factions behalf and broken off ties with Inception Palace. Huaxu had finally emerged from closed door cultivation, so the princess was analyzing the pros and cons of the situation in front of everyone in the palace.

“Your Majesty, the Creation Palace will become an Inception vassal sooner or later if the situation continues like this! Well have to look to them for permission to do anything!” the princess declared passionately.

Ying Luo was on her hands and knees in front of the main hall of the central palace, silently awaiting her monarchs judgment. Shed handed over her understanding of the way beyond the chaos, but it looked like the palace wasnt planning on letting her off the hook.

At the same time, many were curious who the girl standing beside Huaxu was. Why was she standing beside the monarch That position had once belonged to their prince and no one had appeared there ever since his death.

“Mm, I understand.” Huaxu nodded gently. “None of this is important.”

“Eh” The Creation princess and palace disciples all shifted with surprise.

“I have an announcement to make.” Huaxu smiled. “This is Qing Yu, the new sacred princess of Creation Palace.”

“What!” General shock reigned with these words, the former Creation princess most of all.-

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