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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1107: Confess Confess!

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“Your, Your Majesty… what have I done wrong” The former Creation princess looked dumbly at Huaxu, the look in her eyes going empty and hollow.

Deposing a sacred princess!

This had never happened before in the entire history of the six sacred palaces!

She would be a laughingstock to all of the chaos once word of this got out. There was no other future for her other than death or forever residing in the Dubiety Realm. 

The crowd also looked around with stupefaction. Countless sovereigns stared at the Creation monarch, wanting to read an answer from her face.

“You havent done anything wrong,” Wahuang responded with great tenderness. “On the contrary, youve done very well. Youve considered things from the perspective of the sacred palace at every turn and even made decisions on my behalf, helping me break off ties with my dao partner. Youve done very well.”

“Break off ties with… Your Majestys dao partner!” 

Huaxus words rang out like a thunderclap inside the hall, sending all of the palace disciples into a daze. The Inception monarch was the Creation monarchs dao partner!

Creation Palace had always been on good terms with Inception Palace; the two were the closest out of the six sacred palaces. When Inception disciples had met with danger on several occasions, Creation Palace spared no effort to render aid, resulting in heavy losses to their own rescue party.

Of course, Inception Palace likewise acted in kind when Creation disciples found themselves in over their heads.

The two had always been on an equal level with no thought of who was subordinate to whom. However, the others found Wahuang a little too domineering. She then seemed to turn into someone else entirely upon Fuxis death, competing for everything at every possible turn and exerting so much pressure that the other sacred princes and princesses found it hard to breathe.

This included the Creation princess as well.

Since the two palaces were friendly with each other, Creation Palace wouldnt become an Inception vassal. But with how overpowering Wahuangs attitude was, the Creation princess was sure to become her sidekick.

Such a future was most unpalatable to the former Creation princess, so shed thrown caution to the wind and made that decision in the tomb. She absolutely had the authority to do so, particularly as Huaxu had withdrawn entirely from secular affairs after the Creation princes death and almost completely handed over the palace to the sacred princess.

But who wouldve thought that the Inception monarch would be their monarchs dao partner!

The Creation monarch was a living, breathing person with her own emotions. She hadnt reached a state of being completely indifferent to the world and still possessed her own impulses and desires. Thus, it was both natural and normal that the monarch remove the sacred princess from her position after this sequence of events.

All of the color had drained from the former princess face and she was as white as a sheet. Still kneeling in the center of the hall and generally regarded as a traitor, some life returned to Ying Luos eyes.

She thought back to what Lu Yun had said to her, that she hadnt betrayed Creation Palace and that her monarch would never punish her. That even without that reflection beyond the chaos, her monarch still wouldnt pronounce any judgement on her.

“Ying Luo, youve accomplished a great deed in bringing back a method beyond the chaos this time. You may head to the Truemist Domain and cultivate there.” Huaxu ignored the former princess and looked gently at Ying Luo.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Ying Luo raised her head delightedly. Truemist Domain was the cultivation sacred land of Creation Palace, a land where the order of creation coalesced. Few Creation disciples had the right to enter the area, and being granted access meant that Ying Luo was now a true core disciple of Creation Palace.

“As for you, you are dismissed. I wont punish you this time,” Huaxu concluded.

“Understood. My gratitude, Your Majesty.” The former Creation princess nodded slightly and backed away, walking toward the gates to the Dubiety Realm.

“Qing Yu is our new sacred princess from now on,” Huaxu expressed warningly as she scanned the crowds of Creation disciples below her. “Is there anyone who doesnt accept these changes”

“Not at all!”

The previous sacred princess had just been removed and gone off to Dubiety Realm. Who would dare run afoul of Huaxu now She had personally conferred the sacred princess title onto this Qing Yu—a completely different notion from Leize dropping Lu Yun into the sacred princes palace and tacitly allowing others to challenge him.

Whoever dared challenge Qing Yu now would be challenging Huaxu herself.

Qing Yu smiled wryly at the situation as well. Shed been abruptly hauled off to a mysterious Creation Palace, and then somehow become their princess in another mystifying turn of events. She was completely in the dark and had no idea what was going on.

“Report—!!” A long call sounded outside Creation Palace. “The Inception princess is here with the Inception prince to greet Your Majesty!”

“Let them come in.” A smile floated onto Huaxus face while strange looks filtered through the Creation disciples. Their monarch had just removed their previous princess on account of Inception Palace. Meanwhile, the Inception prince and princess came knocking the next moment.

Surely this was too much of a coincidence

And when did Inception Palace have a prince Didnt they only have a princess

As everyone reacted with confusion, Wahuang and Lu Yun walked through the air to stand in front of Huaxu.

“Lu Yun greets Your Majesty of Creation Palace!” Lu Yun winked at Qing Yu first before bowing to Huaxu.

“Thats enough, no need for further courtesy,” chuckled Huaxu.

“Mother~~” Wahuang bounded up to Huaxu and grabbed her arm, swinging it cutely.

The air froze and countless Creation disciples gaped with shock. The Inception princess… first below the six sacred monarchs… was the daughter of the Creation monarch!

About to set foot through the Dubiety gates, the former Creation princess stilled to a halt. She finally understood where shed gone wrong.

“So shes the daughter of Her Majesty… but Ive been trying to kill her all this time.” Rueful regret written over her face, she took one large stride out and entered the home of chaos beasts.


“Alright, you are all dismissed.” Huaxu waved her hand gently, resulting in the near instant dispersal of the assembled disciples.

“Confess, confess!” The little fox suddenly popped out of Lu Yuns robes and very naturally darted into Qing Yus embrace.

Lu Yun stared fixedly at her, abruptly realizing why his drunk past self had mistaken the little fox for Qing Yu… The tendril of soul force that the little fox had sent with his past self also carried a hint of Qing Yus presence! Shed formed a habit of burrowing into Qing Yus embrace back in the world of immortals.

“Confess” Qing Yu blinked; she still didnt have the slightest clue as to what was going on. However, shed successfully broken through to great emperor realm, accomplishing what theyd set out to do in the chaos.

“Thats right, confess!” The little fox poked a head hot and waved furry fists at Lu Yun. “And then, take responsibility!”

“So… whats happened” Qing Yu looked at Lu Yun with a soft chuckle. “You took advantage of her after you got drunk and then want to pretend it never happened”

Lu Yuns expression froze.-

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