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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1111: Im Here

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Lu Yun had wanted to collect the lightning bolts and save them as another trump card, but his death art was plainly not up to the task. It couldnt fully deal with the lightning storm, but this was his best response to the situation.

Thankfully, he was in the principal realm now and his death arts had evolved multiple times. Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to withstand even a single bolt of the scarlet lightning. 

Granted, the most he dared to absorb was still five bolts. After five scarlet thunder beads appeared in his dantian, he had to release them so he could take in more. Thus, he kept absorbing one bolt of lightning and flinging it back out to negate another bolt descending from above.

Terrifying sound waves rumbled in all directions as a result of the standoff. Various beings fled every which way for shelter, and part of the hundred and eight thousand defensive formation array below Lu Yun fractured with every breath. Even the yin yang Formation Orb started to show cracks.

Upon the yin and yang portions of the orb coming together, they formed a connate treasure. But while that was incredible in the worlds, it was nothing in the chaos. There were even stronger chaos spirit treasures in the chaos and even ultimate chaos treasures!

Hence, the Formation Orb was unable to match the scarlet lightning. It could only manage to nullify the shockwaves from the clashes between Lu Yun and the scarlet layer of clouds!

As for Lu Yuns body… it disintegrated into dust with every collision. But at the same moment of time, the six paths of his nascent spirit created a new body to replace the old one. From a visual perspective, it seemed like he constantly remained where he was and never left.

Thankfully, there was no mastermind behind the scarlet lightning. If a master of the same level was present, hed be able to destroy Lu Yuns nascent spirit with a single blow.


“I know now!” Qing Yus eyes shot open and she ceased her usage of formula dao. The moment she did so, endless thunder and lightning ceased and the scarlet tribulation clouds slowly faded away.

“Pity, I wasnt fast enough to save a bolt of lightning,” Lu Yun heaved a sigh of both relief and pity.

Everything returned to its previous calm. The scarlet lightning had retreated faster than itd come, as if nothing had taken place at all. Feinie curtsied to Lu Yun and Qing Yu before returning to her previous duties.

“What did you find out” Lu Yun walked up to Qing Yu and closely inspected her body, relaxing only when he saw that she wasnt hurt.

Qing Yu was also doing the same thing in reverse. Lu Yun hadnt suffered any major injuries; he would live as long as his nascent spirit remained intact. The power of reincarnation was the most mysterious power of their time. Any body created from that power was a body that hed once destroyed. As long as the six paths of his nascent spirit remained intact, he would never die.

“The underworld is swallowing the Tomb of Heaven and Earth,” Qing Yu said slowly as she looked at the tomb and scanned the underworld around it. “The underworld isnt coming from the tomb. Its always been here, surrounding the entire chaos.

“The underworld is actually an enormous mausoleum holding all of the realms that once existed in the chaos!”

Lu Yun nodded slowly. Hed guessed some of this before, but hed thought that the underworld buried the various civilizations thatd once existed in the realms. Who wouldve thought that itd be the resting place of the realms themselves

It was now devouring the Tomb of Heaven and Earth and incorporating that resting place of another world into itself.

“Actually, you probably thought wrong before.” Qing Yu looked solemnly at Lu Yun. “The tombs of most realms dont have the right to enter the underworld. The count of the realms born since the fall of the mythological realm numbers at least eighty thousand, if not a hundred thousand. But of those, the only one that can enter the underworld is this tomb!

“There are already too many tombs like this one in the underworld, and more worlds stronger than the mythological realm than we can count!” Her voice began to shake at the end of this revelation.

On their way here, Lu Yun had painted the general circumstances of the chaos for Qing Yu and explained the significance and might of the mythological realm. But now she was saying that the realms buried within the underworld were even stronger than it!

What kind of concept was that

The mythological realm in front of them had once almost swallowed and replaced the entire chaos!

A world even stronger than it… Had it swallowed the entire chaos and started to expand to the third realm, the legendary Hongmeng

Regardless, all of them now lay in ruins and as rubble in the underworld. Or would it be more accurate to say that the underworld had formed because of those destroyed realms

Lu Yun felt his scalp go numb. He knew full well how powerful the mythological realm was as his past self had once lived out his entire life in there.

“The world of immortals… our world… Can it survive this disaster Even if the chaos creatures dont do anything, there will be a stronger existence that reaches out at us, no” the little fox asked carefully from Qing Yus embrace.

“Survive disaster Why are we just surviving No, were going to take the fight to them and rip them up from the roots!” Lu Yun declared confidently. “You have me here.”

Those four words were as if a lighthouse in turbulent seas. Qing Yus disorderly emotions immediately latched onto this pillar of strength and calmed down.

“Thats right, we have you here.” She smiled faintly.

“Since the underworld has come and wants to devour the tomb, our chances of obtaining the Blood Sea just got bigger,” Lu Yun shifted away from the weighty topic. “The four holy kings of the underworld are much stronger in home territory than compared to anywhere else.”

Truth be told, he didnt know how strong the four holy kings could be in the underworld. His replica had been at the peak of his prime when he was in the underworld. When Xing Chen turned into the cosmos, he hadnt been as strong as he was when he was a holy king.

It hadnt been his own strength, but what the underworld bestowed onto him.


There was a natural boundary between the underworld and the rest of the realm, but there was no such obstacle between it and the chaos. After they entered the underworld, the Tomb of Heaven and Earth was still present in front of them, as was the chaos behind them!

The underworld seemed like a boundless ocean jutting up against one of its shores—the chaos. This was a rare occasion as one usually wandered around, lost, in this place.

A tiny sparkle danced on Lu Yuns fingertip as he etched a minute communication formation in the void. Before long, the image of Holy King Desolation appeared within it.-

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