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While Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and the little fox didnt leave the tomb with the Blood Sea, they grasped new hope that only needed the right timing to be executed upon.

The nine divine sects offensive into the underworld greatly worried them, but there was nothing they could do to help. The underworld had its own rules, and no one apart from the mausoleum keepers could intervene.

This was also why its holy kings would try whatever method possible to bring in others from the outside world, but never formed an alliance with outsiders.


“If those from the world of immortals enter the underworld, we probably wouldnt be even an appetizer for the nine divine sects…” Lu Yun and Qing Yu sat across from each other in the Creation Palace while the little fox sprawled quietly in Qing Yus arms. The three werent in the mood to cultivate and were rather fretful.

Though the underworld would vanish from the chaos after swallowing the Tomb of Heaven and Earth, who knew how long itd take for that process to be completed

It would be an indeterminably long period of time.

Though the nine divine sects had set up a variety of plans in the worlds and even sent in the six dao palaces, would they need to go to all that trouble if they could simply stomp the worlds into nonexistence

Hence, directly attacking the world of immortals through the underworld was an alternative theyd never given up on. They were the ones who sent the dead spirits into the underworld, but the boundary of heaven and earth between the underworld and the world of immortals had long prevented the spirits from streaming in en masse.

However, after all these years, the boundary was a leaky sieve that could completely collapse at any given time. Once the divine sects conquered the underworld, it would be childs play for them to destroy the world of immortals through their new domain. 

Lu Yun and Qing Yu pulled long faces at each other.

“Well, its not like there isnt a way. Its just a bit risky,” the little fox suddenly said thoughtfully.

“No!” Qing Yu refused before the little fox even had a chance to finish the thought. Plainly, shed thought of the same way too. “Its too dangerous.”

“I think its worth a try.” Lu Yun seemed to know what the little fox was talking about as well.

“I havent said what it is yet.” The little fox tilted her head dazedly first at Qing Yu, then at Lu Yun.

“If you really want to do that, you can send your ten Yama Kings.” Qing Yu relented slightly as she looked into her beloveds eyes.

“They cant hold the nine divine sects down, its got to be me.” Lu Yun shook his head and then added as a thought struck him, “You cant either! You cant suppress the nine divine sects either!”

Of course he knew what his dao partner was thinking. Qing Yu stared wordlessly back at him.

“I havent said what it is yet…” the little fox continued grumbling. “Why do you guys know already”

Lu Yun was locked in a staring contest with Qing Yu. “Im going myself. Dont forget, my nascent soul is in hell! The Bridge of Forgetfulness can—”

“Dont think I dont know that an immortal lord can destroy your nascent spirit through your body!” Qing Yus response was a mental transmission this time. “When you previously withdrew the bridge to protect your nascent soul, that was just an act. It cant really protect you at all!”

Her captivating eyes narrowed in a firm, unblinking glare at Lu Yun. She really was quite angry about the proposition.

Lu Yun fell silent. The nascent soul was a fragile construct, and while the six paths of his were very strong, they werent invincible. If it was attacked through his body, there was no defense that could be set in place for an attack from the inside.

Whether it was the Bridge of Forgetfulness enveloping his nascent spirit or swallowing it whole, it wouldnt be able to defend against an attack coming from the most fundamental level. Only if Lu Yun had the courage to incorporate his nascent spirit back into his body could he borrow his primary bodys strength to refine a treasure to protect it.

But in that case, even a creator would be able to kill him with one smack, much less an immortal lord.

Storing his nascent spirit in hell made him invincible beneath the heavens. No one could kill him then, but that was no longer the case in the chaos. Here, he was still a tiny ant.

As for the method that the little fox had brainstormed, it was easy for them to figure out what she meant even without an explicit explanation.

Blocking their doors!

Lu Yun would personally go and block their door!

It was plain to see that the six sacred palaces didnt dare move against the nine divine sects. Stripping the sacred land name was the limit of what they could do, and Leize had almost died on his last trip to the water elemental land.

It was impossible to ask them to prevent the divine sects from attacking the underworld.

Destroying the worlds was the common goal of all chaos creatures. If the six sacred palaces dared take any action that ran counter to this, not only would the divine sects backer take a stand, but so would all chaos creatures denounce them as the six demonic palaces.

Therefore, everything was up to Lu Yun and the others now.

Just like hed once sent Aoxue to blockade the doors of the Lu Clan in Xiankan, so, too, did Lu Yun have ample reason to do the same and slap the faces off of the divine sects. This was the little foxs idea, something that also occurred to Lu Yun and Qing Yu. However, Qing Yus gaze was incomparably resolute.


No way, no matter what!

“Little Yu… if the immortal dao is to traverse the chaos, I need to keep battling. Blocking the doors of the nine divine sects is the most direct way. We kill two birds with one stone like this!” Lu Yun sighed. “I have Her Majesty Wahuang as my patron, so the divine sects wont dare do anything to me.”

Qing Yu bit her lip, but still didnt say anything.

“Ai…” Lu Yun didnt know what to do as she continued to stare him down.

“So you two guessed it all,” the little fox continued grumbling.

“Only if I go with you.” Qing Yu wouldnt back down at all. She was great emperor realm and not far from chaos realm.

However, Lu Yun shook his head. “Im not going right away. Ill go when Ive broken through to empyrean realm! Plus, you have more important things to do.”

Qing Yu blinked in surprise.

“The cultivation realm ofgreat emperor is too weighty. Few are those whove been called that since the ancient times. How many people can truly shoulder the title I wont go until Ive broken through to empyrean realm and changedgreat emperor back to empyrean.”

Qing Yu started with this unexpected development.

“When I block their doors, you need to integrate the order of creation into the immortal dao. Use that order to help the immortal dao assimilate into everything in the chaos and then blossom in this realm!” It wasnt until this moment that Lu Yun understood why Qing Yu had been brought to the Creation Palace.

Creation represented all lives in the chaos, and integrating its order into the immortal dao meant merging the immortal dao into all of the chaos as well. Meanwhile, hed been sent to Inception Palace to form a point of initiation for the immortal dao, to bring its seed to the chaos and help it take root.-

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