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“The only way to truly solve the problem is to integrate the immortal dao into the chaos and transitioning all chaos denizens into cultivating the immortal dao. If they can live within the worlds, then theyll become citizens of their long-time enemy and want to protect them instead.” Lu Yun looked deeply at Qing Yu. 

Their twofold goal for this trip wasnt just cultivation, but also to find a way to incorporate the immortal dao into the chaos. What seemed impossible became the possible when the six sacred palaces were on their side.

“Alright then.” Convinced, Qing Yu took a deep breath. “But if anything happens to you, Ill be right behind you.” She declared this with utmost conviction.

With this exchange, the little fox in her arms and the surreptitiously peeping Qing Han in hell finally understood why theyd never been able to replace Qing Yu. Even in the past, when she wasnt by Lu Yuns side, they still werent able to replace her place in his heart.

Lu Yun looked back at her without agreeing or denying anything. “Dont worry, Ill be fine. You need to be careful yourself.”

“I know.”

Their shared smile dispersed the tense atmosphere from earlier.


Lu Yun painstakingly crafted a Shapeshifting Talisman for his dao partner so she could become a true Creation sacred clan member, thereby cultivating both the order of creation and the immortal dao at the same time.

Now at peak principal realm, his command over the death arts had reached a staggering level. Shapeshifting was at the unfathomable heights of being able to change the physical form, constitution, and innate talent!

However, Qing Yu wasnt Lu Yun. Lu Yun could cultivate all six orders at the same time and perfectly meld them into his body as a full system. Qing Yu could only concentrate on one at the most. If another order was introduced into her body, they would mutually repulse each other.

This had nothing to do with her physical constitution or innate potential; it was just a natural limitation.

There were only three within the chaos who could go beyond this limitation—Lu Yun, Wahuang, and Fuxi!

After helping Qing Yu settle in, Lu Yun left the little fox at Creation Palace to keep her company. He followed Wahuang back to Inception Palace and shut himself up in closed door cultivation. No one dared challenge him after hed defeated Luo Chen with one move, so he could focus on his cultivation in peace and without disturbance.

With the experience of his past self, he wouldnt experience any hiccups in breaking through to empyrean realm. The true test would come with ascending from empyrean to chaos realm.

Within the chaos, stepping from sixth level mortal realm to chaos realm was the world of immortals equivalent of ascending from the void realm to true immortality. That simple step meant reaching the heavens and being forever freed of the chaos tribulations. If it was unattainable, one would continue to struggle and suffer in the chaos until ones eventual death at the dreadful trials.

Bereft of any mental pressure, all Lu Yun needed to do was cultivate. He had to reach peak sixth level mortal realm and change great emperor realm back to empyrean realm. He absolutely had the ability to do so!




Currents of pristine energy gathered around him and formed massive dragon figures that circled around his body—images of chaos dragons.

Once again, Lu Yun focused his efforts on the Dragonquake Scripture.

This method had existed in the mythological realm and had, in fact, been the foremost method of the chaos in any era. His past self had cultivated it in the mythological realm to eventually make his way to the top.

His past self hadnt cultivated the Method of Life and Death as he lacked the Tome of Life and Death and hellfire. All he could make use of was the Dragonquake Scripture!

“The chaos dragons definitely didnt pioneer this method! The Dragonquake part of its name means to shake true dragons, the dragons of heaven and earth, the dragons of the chaos, of Hongmeng, and even the fourth realm. The dragons of the fourth realm didnt even possess physical shape!

“This is a matchless method of paramount sophistication!” When Lu Yun opened his eyes, two hazy purple thunderbolts flashed through them. It didnt occur to him until now that he could use the Tome of Life and Death to study this method.

But even with the aid of this unparalleled treasure, the Dragonquake Scripture remained profound and unfathomable. The Dragonsearch, Dragonshift, and Dragonspike Methods were but the tip of the iceberg and just three minor methods in the greater picture of things. The true Dragonquake Scripture was vast, limitless, and incomparably esoteric. It was impossible to fully explore it within a short amount of time.

“Dragons… are derived from the laws of creation. When we say from dao comes one, we dont mean the number one or a single line, but the shape of a dragon. A dragon in motion is the shape of one from the dao!

“When dao takes the shape of living creatures, it does so in the form of a dragon!”

As he deployed the Tome of Life and Death to study the Dragonquake Scripture, its deeper levels of meaning opened up to Lu Yun. From dao came one meant the form of a dragon, and so the scripture was a scripture to quake the dao!

The order of inception within the chaos also represented the true meaning of from dao came one, and one begat two, two gave birth to three, and from three resulted all living things. Monarch Leize of Inception Place was a connate divine dragon—the first dragon within the chaos, the dragon of inception.

Thus, Leize naturally became its ruler after Inception Palace came into being. Or it could be accurately said that itd been Leize who refined the order of inception in a chaos star, created the Inception Dao Palace, and then the Inception Sacred Palace to shelter all chaos creatures.

The Dragonquake Scripture also contained the meaning of inception, but the draconic meaning within the method was at a higher level than the dragon of inception.

Focusing completely on the meaning of dao within the Dragonquake Scripture, Lu Yuns cultivation shot forward by leaps and bounds, crossing into supreme pure realm.


Lu Yun had no idea that while he studied the Dragonquake Scripture and probed its innermost meaning, a bank of tribulation clouds as thick as a world moved over Inception Palace. The previously turquoise sacred palace turned dark, as if all sources of light had been severed.

Only the darkest of night reigned over their heads.

“What is this” Leize was startled out of seclusion. He was assimilating the reflection beyond the chaos that Lu Yun had gifted him, but now, suddenly felt a powerless fear from the top of his head.

Unbidden, he, Wahuang, and a hundred Inception sovereigns took to the air.

“This bank of tribulation clouds…” Eyes wide at the sight, he stared at a black hole of clouds in the void and murmured to himself, “This is the thunder tribulation that once destroyed the chaos dragons… Just what is going on”

“Its the Dragonquake Scripture. Someones gleaned the forbidden texts of that method beyond the Dragonsearch, Dragonshift, and Dragonspike Methods,” an aged voice slowly rose behind Leize. “That person is within the sacred palace. Since the Dragonquake Scripture has returned, why does Your Majesty keep it from us”

Dissatisfaction and gratification marked the wizened voice.-

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