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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1118: The Ten Yama Kings

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Dissatisfaction brimmed in the old mans voice because Leize hadnt told them about the Dragonquake Scripture returning to Inception Palace. Instead, hed idly stood by while they attacked the three-eyed man and tried to take the scripture from him.

Theyd suffered heavy casualties after a series of battles and, apart from the old dragon speaking to the Inception monarch, everyone else was being reborn in a soul lamp.

However, neither did the three-eyed man come off unscathed after being surrounded by five sovereign realm chaos dragons. His soul had almost completely scattered and hed escaped with only a sliver of true spirit.

At the same time, the old dragon was immensely gratified that they hadnt obtained the real Dragonquake Scripture. If they had, anyone who tried to cultivate it would be struck dead by the fearsome tribulation in front of them!

The Dragonquake Scripture was similar to the Myriad Inception Fist. The Dragonsearch, Dragonshift, and Dragonspike Methods seemed to be the entirety of the scripture on the surface, but they could be combined to create a plethora of mystic arts. 

However, everything else was taboo apart from those three methods. Attempting to access anything else would result in the sight over the palace. Not only that, but the layer of tribulation clouds that resembled a black hole overhead would affect any cultivator whod ever practiced the Dragonquake Scripture.

Leize turned his head and swept a cold glance over the old dragon. Shuddering, the old dragon kept quiet. The Inception monarch looked back upon the sacred princes palace with worry.

“Wait!” Alarm crossed his face when he suddenly recalled that Lu Yun and the three-eyed man werent the only ones to have practiced the Dragonquake Scripture—so had Qing Yu and the little fox, who were now both in Creation Palace!

“But, if Lu Yun can withstand this tribulation, then anything to come will be but a joke. If he cant…” Leize took a deep breath. He and Huaxu were of one mind, and his dao partner naturally knew whatd happened here. Shed already reached out protectively around Qing Yu and the little fox.

For the moment, the thunder tribulation surrounded only Inception Palace and didnt show signs of manifesting at Creation Palace.


Black tribulation clouds had enveloped Inception Palace to the point where not even a breeze or hint of light peeked out. Dark electricity sizzled through the clouds like water ripples, permeating with the power of something alive.

Despite the commotion, Lu Yun remained deep in the throes of studying the Dragonquake Scripture and had no idea what was taking place in the outside world.

“Hear my orders! All Inception disciples… anyone living within Inception Palace should retreat to the outskirts of Dubiety Realm!” Leize intoned.

“Understood!” All of Inceptions denizens, whether they were in closed door cultivation or preoccupied elsewhere, immediately dropped their task at hand and proceeded to the Dubiety Realm gate in an orderly fashion.

There was no one else left within the palace grounds after five breaths, apart from Leize, Wahuang, the old dragon, and Lu Yun. The old dragon hadnt left because he wanted to see who was disturbing the prohibited methods in the Dragonquake Scripture.

“Hes still cultivating, he hasnt registered the appearance of the thunder tribulation yet!” Wahuang could see everything taking place inside the princes palace. Lu Yuns breathing was calm and steady, wholly unperturbed by the occurrences outside. While sparks of black lightning flickered around his body, he remained completely oblivious.

“Hes already broken through.” Leize nodded faintly. “Hes supreme pure realm now and likely wont awaken until he reaches empyrean realm.”

Wahuangs slender eyebrows drew together in a tight frown. She, too, had discovered Lu Yuns current state. He was as if a preset timer, unable to return to his senses before he reached empyrean realm.

Overhead, the thunder tribulation brewed in the clouds and grew ominously stronger. Even Leize was feeling the pressure now, while the old dragon was forced to retreat to Dubiety Realm from the harrowing presence in the air.

Though Dubiety Realm was very dangerous, it was currently the safest location in all of Inception Palace.


A ripple spread through the void as ten worlds in succession appeared over Inception Palace. A graceful figure stood atop all of them, each of them holding something similar to the Tome of Life and Death with both hands.

The Ten Yama Kings and the Ten Yama Worlds!

In Lu Yuns moment of need, the Tome of Life and Death summoned his envoys and materialized the ten Yama Worlds from hell. When they took form in the chaos, they assembled into a unified whole and transformed into an enormous world that isolated the layer of tribulation clouds around the palace.

“The kingdom of hell that exists in the mythological realm!” Leize gasped when he saw the world created by the ten Yama Kings. He was the first dragon to exist in the chaos and had weathered countless rises and falls. Hed naturally also witnessed the heavenly palace and kingdom of hell in the mythological realm.

That was why hed been able to identify the world with one glance.

“But how is this possible Wasnt the kingdom of hell destroyed How can it be here again These ten women…” Leize frowned ferociously. “They seem to be the ten rulers of hell, the existences beyond the chaos!”

Wahuang gaped at the developments, not knowing what to say. Though she was Leizes daughter, shed been born after the establishment of Inception Palace. As such, there were many secrets about the chaos that she didnt know of.

“Theyre still alive”





There was no time for Leize to mull over the matter. The thunder tribulation had finished brewing overhead and spewed forth in a waterfall of black lightning. It raced down toward Lu Yun in the sacred princes palace, but a titanic world loomed in front of the human.

The mythical kingdom of hell!

A storm of black electricity barrelled into hell. The ten Yama Kings were only great emperors, but the kingdom of hell bolstered them beyond chaos realm for the duration. This was very similar to how the mausoleum keepers and holy kings were likewise reinforced in the underworld.

“Hah!” Standing at the front, Yuying crossed her arms in front of her chest and released a painting of black ink from her body. It circled the void like a divine white dragon, tearing at the black lightning above.

Her most well versed treasure was the Panorama of Clarity, but itd combined with the Portrait of Emptiness and Profile of Harmony to form the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, which now belonged to the little fox.

The painting scroll that she wielded in lieu was a treasure born of the ten Yama Worlds. Shed summoned it to her with a thought, and it joined the ten Yama Kings in blasting away at the tribulation clouds overhead.

With this development, a pair of inky black eyes came into being over the clouds and coolly regarded the ten women.-

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