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Surprise and astonishment cascaded through the world of immortals; even the connate demon gods in the chaos were beside themselves.

Theyd accepted the human dao and willingly took human form because the cultivation methods within human dao were accessible to them. It gave them the hope of becoming creators. However, even after learning the proper way and increasing their cultivation level, they still couldnt find the path to ascending to creator realm.

But now, creator realm was a real and tangible goal within the immortal dao! This meant that anyone with enough perseverance, dedication, potential, and fortune could break through to it.

It was no longer undefined and out of reach!

Previously swirling with worries due to the attacks on the underworld, the world of immortals calmed down entirely.

The Dao Flower had blossomed once again and resonated with the immortal dao. This was to be another era of great growth and advancement! If they could make full use of this opportunity, their cultivation would progress by leaps and bounds with a similar amount of effort employed as before.

Their current era far surpassed any since the founding of the immortal dao. The world was truly whole again and the twenty-four facets illuminated the heavens.

Out in the chaos, the three thousand demon gods itched to rush back to the world of immortals immediately. They could make use of this chance to be reborn as a being beneath the immortal dao and step into creator realm with one quick bound!

Tianqi, however, kept them firmly outside. Whoever dared set foot in the world of immortals would die! His Quietus was an ultimate treasure of the chaos and hed already ascended to creator realm, thanks to his weapon. It would hardly be difficult for him to kill all three thousand of them.


Within the Inception sacred prince palace, Lu Yun had truly broken through and consolidated his cultivation level in the empyrean realm. Hed returned to his prime in the great wilderness!

Though he had yet to reach chaos realm, the current Lu Yun was much stronger than his Xing Chen replica in the great wilderness.

A sharp aura blazed from his body and rushed around Inception Palace. The light of immortal dao from Mount Xuanhuang streamed into his body, transforming him into a true empyrean realm master beneath the immortal dao!

Most importantly was that the six sacred powers from the six orders hed grasped all came under the jurisdiction of the immortal dao. Instead of being from the chaos, they were now the six ultimate sacred powers of the immortal dao.

These powers were a byproduct of the highest orders and would lead the order they originated from to joining the immortal daos banner. Everything was in accordance, they awaited only on Qing Yu.


Though the nine divine sects had been stripped of their sacred land title, they didnt relax with regard to their mission of destroying the worlds. The underworld was an opening into the world of immortals, so they had to try and conquer it, even if that resulted in painful casualties.

While eternal overlords didnt take to the field, immortal lords could be glimpsed in the underworld. Since the underworld was devouring the Tomb of Heaven and Earth, its power was limited to a certain degree. This imparted certain hope to the nine divine sects.

“If the eternal overlords are willing to make a move, those holy kings would be dead in short order.” Nine divine sect leaders were gathered together and assessing the underworld with calculating gazes.

“Why wont the six sacred palaces destroy the worlds If they launched a joint offensive at the perimeter of the worlds, they could instantly and easily destroy the worlds and the polluted part of the chaos!” The sect leader of the metal elemental sect brooded sullenly.

Though itd been the six palaces thatd deposed them, the six palaces were still regarded as the final hope of the chaos.

“Because the energy of the worlds wont affect them, even if the chaos is completely swallowed up!” The leader of the earth elemental sect gnashed his teeth. “Their goal now is to ascend beyond the chaos, they dont care about us at all!”

The longstanding enmity between the four origin sects and five elemental sects had been greatly alleviated after their names had been taken from them. They were much more inclined to genuinely work together now.

“Its all up to us. Once we destroy the worlds, there will certainly be great rewards from the creation seeds. Perhaps even…” the fire origin leader suddenly mused.

With that, the nine sect leaders shut their mouths in remarkable unity. A strange light sparkled out of all of their eyes.

“Perhaps well replace the six sacred palaces and become the masters of the chaos. And those six palaces… heh heh,” the water elemental leader suggested merrily to the great amusement of the others.

“Send out the eternal overlords and conquer the underworld immediately. Well use that as a starting point to raze the world of immortals. We wont have to bother with the six highest orders then,” frowned the leader of the earth origin sect. “The six sacred palaces were probably under some kind of pressure when they gave us the six dao palaces.

“Based on how theyre acting now, the six highest orders may not be sufficient to destroy that world anymore.”

“Very true.” The others all nodded in agreement.


An absolutely astounding collision sounded from their main gates before a strange power appeared out of nowhere, connecting the nine divine sects with the rest of the chaos. Almost all chaos creatures could see the nine divine sects from wherever they were, as well as the figure standing in front of the sect gates.

“Who goes there!” Experts of the various sects roused themselves with great shock and consternation. What was most alarming about the disturbance was that the nine divine sects were supposed to be scattered in various spots around the chaos, but they were somehow all gathered in one place at the moment!

Such was the power of space. While there was no such concept in the chaos, an expert with incredible spatial abilities could forcefully impose the notion on the chaos. It was a display of brute force.

“I do, the Inception sacred prince.” Lu Yun stood on a mammoth Inception Spiritrial Arena and frostily regarded the nine divine sects arrayed in front of him. “I hear that you call yourselves the divine sects these days after you lost the sacred land title”

“The Inception sacred prince” A variety of expressions crossed the faces of all chaos denizens. What did he mean by that Did he take offense to the “divine sect” name

“What do you want” Everyone in the nine divine sects, including the sect leaders, scowled threateningly to see their own front gates being blocked by another.

Keeping them holed up inside

Itd be one thing if it was a sovereign from the sacred palaces doing the deed, but a mere sixth level mortal realm ant This was an insult of the gravest degree, even if he was the prince of Inception Palace!

Unfortunately, Lu Yuns patron had strength enough to impose the laws of space over all of the chaos, deterring the nine divine sects from taking any action.

“This prince has just ascended to this position and desires to confirm my cultivation.” The corner of Lu Yuns mouth quirked upward as he looked at the sect leaders walking out of their territory. “And so, this prince has come to challenge the nine divine sects today. Any person of any realm may approach the arena for a battle!

“The name of sacred land will be returned to you if you triumph over this prince. If not, you will shed thedivine part of your name and be known as only the nine sects throughout the chaos!”

“You go too far!!” The sect disciples boiled over and three people vaulted onto the stage.-

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