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Lu Yun sat silently in the middle of the Inception Spiritrial Arena, not shifting an inch. Hed stilled all of the nine divine sects with his strength alone. No one dared step forward in challenge—all of their courage was swept away by his fearsome face slaps.

The nine divine sects original plan had been to conquer the underworld first and use it as a springboard with which to destroy the world of immortals, then slowly devour the rest of the worlds.

But now, in this moment, all of their courage had utterly vanished. Under these circumstances, no one dared confront anyone anymore, not unless someone could defeat Lu Yun in the arena.

The more that the Tomb of Heaven and Earth assimilated into the underworld, the smaller that realm became. Cultivators of the nine divine sects thatd made inroads into the underworld had no other choice but to retreat out of the battlegrounds and return to their own sects. They werent able to complete their conquest in time.


Nirvana Palace.

The Nirvana princess couldnt be bothered with Lu Yun in the arena. He was invincible on its stage, but itd be all too easy to kill him once he left it.

All she cared about was her son.

“How is he” she politely asked an elder in front of her.

This old mans name was Mo Youdao and he was the foremost pill dao grandmaster within the chaos. His pill dao had long since reached mystical heights, to the point of turning the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal. No matter how severe the ailment, his pills could heal it from the root.

Even the six sacred monarchs treated Mo Youdao with respect when meeting the old man.

Out of concern for her son, the Nirvana princess had spared no expense to bring Mo Youdao to Nirvana Palace.

“Sir Chi hasnt suffered any physical injury.” The old man shook his head after a careful observation. “From the surface, it looks like someones robbed him of certain soul parts.”

“What!” Horror crossed the princess face.

Though Chi Wuxia could be reborn, he would have to start over from the beginning if he utilized that combat art. Since he was still alive, the princess wanted to cure him if possible. Though Lu Yun had explained that he was going to strip Chi Wuxia of his five senses and six sensory organs, none other than Chi Wuxia could fully understand the experience.

“Strange, very strange… All signs point to his soul parts being taken, but his soul is complete without any harm. How very odd.” Mo Youdaos brows drew together in a tight frown after some calculations, at a bit of a loss.

“The rat said he was stripping my son of his five senses and six sensory organs!” the princess hurriedly explained.

“His five senses and six sensory organs” Mo Youdao widened his eyes and placed two fingers at the center of Chi Wuxias brows. He continued after a long pause, “This person is most likely an awe-inspiring personage. Did one of the sacred monarchs do this”

Though all of the chaos knew that Lu Yun had blockaded the doors of the nine divine sects, Mo Youdao spent his days studying pill dao and completely abstained from the affairs of the outside world. He wouldnt even have come this time if it wasnt for the Nirvana princess personally extending an invitation.

“…the prince of Inception Palace did this.” The Nirvana princess heart sank when she heard Mo Youdaos analysis.

“I see,” Mo Youdao murmured. It remained unknown as to whether or not he truly knew of this sacred prince. “There are many ways to take the five senses and six sensory organs, the most common of which is through attacking the physical body.

“The eyes, for example, can be stabbed or dug out. That will rob the victim of their sight and organ of sight at the same time. A situation like this can be remedied by pills to regrow the eyes and recover vision.

“A more sophisticated method would be to employ secret arts to hoodwink the nascent soul and sever its connection with the physical body. That will also affect the five senses and six organs, and such an art can be voided by swapping out for a new body.” Mo Youdao shook his head as he examined Chi Wuxia in detail.

“Then my son…”

“When beings reach third level mortal realm, they can utilize the orders of the chaos to refine a true spirit from the soul.” Instead of answering the Nirvana princess, Mo Youdao continued muttering to himself, “The so-called soul is a combination of true spirit and soul parts. It forms the basis of the living being.”

The Nirvana princess continued frowning. She knew everything that the pill grandmaster spoke of, and he spoke of everything but what was afflicting her son.

“Many people think that all creatures have a chance of rebirth once they form their true spirit, as long as the true spirit remains. However, that notion is incorrect.

“The true spirit is the essence of the soul parts as derived by the orders of the chaos. Thus, the true spirit bears the seeds of the soul parts. As long as that remains, the true spirit can reform the three ethereal souls and seven corporeal souls, making the soul whole again.”

Mo Youdao stroked his beard of pure silver and looked keenly at Chi Wuxia, sending two rays of white light glittering out of his eyes.

The Nirvana princess patience was rapidly running out, but she had to soldier on for the sake of her son.

“Everyone thinks that the five senses and six organs come from the physical body, but that is a mistaken notion.” The grandmaster had finally reached his main point. “The physical body is a shell, and the nascent spirit a transport for the soul. Everything that pertains to the physical body comes from the soul.

“Sir Chis physical body is unharmed, his nascent spirit undamaged, and even his soul parts intact…”

“His true spirit!” shrieked the princess. “That rat harmed my sons true spirit”

“Correct.” Mo Youdao nodded. “I suspect that the Inception prince used a unique combat art to harm the seeds of the soul parts inside Sir Chis true spirit. The five senses and six organs come from the soul parts, but their true core lies within those seeds!

“Of this, this old man can do nothing,” sighed Mo Youdao. “However, there are two methods within the chaos that can save your son.”

“Which two” The Nirvana princess looked on hopefully.

“The first method utilizes the talents of the nirvana phoenixes. When your art of rebirth is employed, even a scattered true spirit can be resurrected. However, that means the complete loss of your sons cultivation and starting over entirely from the beginning.”

“The second” The Nirvana princess asked hastily.

“The six sacred monarchs can direct the six greatest orders and shift the thousands of other orders within the chaos to recast your sons true spirit.”

“I cant say for certain about the other five… but the old fart in charge of Nirvana will never agree to that.” A ghastly smile spread across the princess face. “It looks like Im unable to save my sons cultivation in the end.”


Having run through her options, she acted decisively and reduced Chi Wuxias body to dust with one blow. His soul parts and true spirit scattered upon the air. She then beckoned with her other hand and formed a tiny gray flame in her palm. There seemed to be a tiny phoenix slowly growing larger there.


One of the innate combat arts of the nirvana phoenixes, the art of rebirth.

The little phoenix was the size of the palm after just a hundred breaths—the nirvana phoenix version of the art was extremely fast and didnt require the user to return to the egg.

“Hmm!” Standing next to the Nirvana princess and observing the process of rebirth. Mo Youdao jerked with shock. “The injuries of Chi Wuxias true spirit still exist… his senses and organs havent returned!”-

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