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The Nirvana princess glowered menacingly at the declaration, but didnt say anything. She fixed her eyes on the tiny phoenix in front of her. It grew steadily bigger within the divine nirvana fire and in the end, a Chi Wuxia returned to human form lay quietly in the void.

His eyes were slightly open, but there was no light in them.

“My son, can you see your mother” The Nirvana princess whispered quietly next to his ears. However, Chi Wuxia remained listless. If it wasnt for the rise and fall of his chest, he would be as good as dead.

The art of rebirth had failed.

Or rather, using the art of rebirth to restore his five senses and six organs had failed. With the disappearance of the five senses, Chi Wuxia could no longer see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. The further destruction of his six sensory organs cut off all mobility and perception of the outside world to him.

“Will he really recover if the six monarchs are willing to utilize the six highest orders to reforge his true spirit” The princess whirled around and looked pleadingly at Mo Youdao.

“No,” the old man sighed. “If even the art of rebirth of the nirvana phoenixes has failed, then the result will be the same even if the monarchs make an attempt.”

The light faded from the Nirvana princess eyes as she stared helplessly at Mo Youdao.

“Is there really no other way” A tiny bit of hope still flitted around her voice. She shook and trembled like a woman drowning, trying to grab onto any driftwood in the area. “Ill pay any price there is, even if it means my life!”

All of a sudden, any method beyond the chaos or the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals was inconsequential compared to her son.

Pity flashed through Mo Youdaos eyes to see the Nirvana princess this way.

“There are two personages in the chaos whose existence has exceeded our realm,” he sighed. “One of them is the insubstantial sword, Violetgrave, and the other is Senior Lu within the chaos sea.

“No one knows where the sword may be. It may be in the third realm or in the worlds… But Senior Lu once appeared within the chaos sea and I was so fortunate as to meet him then. Perhaps if he was willing, hed be able to save Chi Wuxia.


“We go to the chaos sea!” The Nirvana princess interrupted and picked up Chi Wuxia, ready to be on her way.

“The chaos sea has already vanished.” Mo Youdao shook his head. “Its Senior Lus treasure. When I came here, I saw him retract it and charge into the depths of the chaos with it. I dont know where hes gone.”

The Nirvana princess sank to the floor, all of her strength escaping out of her limbs.

“Theres a much easier way to save him.” Mo Youdao frowned to see her bleak expression. “In order to untie a bell, the one who tied it is necessary. You should go talk to the Inception prince, perhaps he will have a way.”

“Right, right! The prince of Inception Palace!” Light and hope flooded back into her face. “If he could take my sons senses and organs, then he can bring them back! …Wei Yuan! Right, he wants Wei Yuan! I just need to give Wei Yuan back to him!”

Still holding her son, the Nirvana princess vanished on the spot.

Staring at the spot where shed vanished, Mo Youdao sighed softly. “Perhaps Senior Lu wouldnt be able to help Chi Wuxia either. The only one who can do so is the prince of Inception Palace.

“…so hes the Inception prince,” the old man murmured to himself. Plainly, he knew Lu Yun.


Three years.

Three years had passed in the world of immortals. Lu Yun had also sat in the Inception Spiritrial Arena for three years.

There was no passage of time in the chaos, so three years wasnt much to the chaos creatures.

He sat silently in the arena during this period of time. Only once did an ancient heavyweight—about to break through to sovereign realm—come to challenge him. Lu Yun defeated him in the simplest way possible and sent him into the next cultivation realm.

And then, sovereigns from the Inception Palace took the challenger away.

No one dared challenge Lu Yun after that.

On this day, the Nirvana princess reappeared on stage with Chi Wuxia in her arms. A sheepish Wei Yuan followed behind them.

“Prince of Inception Palace, I was in the wrong before. I now return Wei Yuan to you, so please free my son!” The Nirvana princess carefully placed Chi Wuxia in front of Lu Yun and bowed to the prince, sending shocked gasps and murmurings through the nine divine sects and six sacred palaces.

Previously full of confidence and self assurance, the Nirvana princess had come back with Chi Wuxia!

In addition, everyone noticed that Chi Wuxia was now a mortal soul. There were no ripples of cultivation emanating from his body. Plainly, hed undergone a cycle of rebirth. However, the great genius remained in deep sleep—or rather, a fake death. The rebirth art of the nirvana phoenixes had failed!

Not only had the Nirvana princess returned with Wei Yuan, but she was admitting fault to Lu Yun!

“Alright, just leave Chi Wuxia here and go back with Wei Yuan. Hes one of yours, all you need to do is treat him right in the future.” Lu Yun waved a hand.

“…understood.” The Nirvana princess didnt dare give a hint of dissatisfaction, deathly afraid that Lu Yun would change his mind.

“Thanks, brother.” Wei Yuan naturally knew that everything taking place at the moment and Chi Wuxias current stage was all for him.

Lu Yun grinned at the newly freed Six Royal. “Youve fallen behind, Wei Yuan. The five of us are all sixth level mortal realm now. Youre the only one not here yet.”

“Dont worry, Ill be right there!” Wei Yuan answered confidently.


Wei Yuan left with the Nirvana princess, leaving only Chi Wuxia in front of Lu Yun. However, the princess didnt go far. She only returned to the Nirvana delegation and closely observed the events of the arena.

“Look at you, you were a fine person to begin with, but youve been destroyed by that cursed method. You probably knew of its failings too, which was why you didnt pass it on to your mother.” Lu Yun looked over Chi Wuxia and lightly knocked on his forehead three times. “If you really were fool enough to teach that method to your mother, then your family wouldnt be the only ones struck with misfortune. The entire nirvana phoenix race would likely pay the price.”

Chi Wuxias body seemed to tremble.

“The nirvana phoenixes are creatures born from the order of nirvana. Your divine nirvana fire is incredibly strong. If your race continued down that path, it would only be a matter of time before you ascended beyond the chaos.

“Why imitate the chaos dragons and use an outsiders method over your own” Lu Yun continued knocking on Chi Wuxias forehead. The genius trembled with every knock.

“Oh, I get it.” A sudden thought occurred to Lu Yun. “It wasnt actually your opportunity that the weapon cursing the chaos dragons came into your hand. Someone orchestrated it all, didnt they Someone like… Huo Zongxing

“Just forget it, forget it all. What the nirvana phoenixes cherish as their Profound Scripture of Rebirth is a massive trap. Just look at what its done to you and how weak you are.

“Forget that piece of crap as soon as possible. Thats better for you and everyone else.” Though Lu Yuns voice wasnt loud, it traveled clearly into everyones ears.

“Someone arrest Huo Zongxing of the fire origin divine sect!” shrieked the Nirvana princess.-

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