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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1135: Imparting Dao

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The Nirvana monarch gave the same order at the same time, sending out four sovereigns from Nirvana Palace. But when they set foot in the fire origin divine sect, they found no trace of Huo Zongxing.

He hadnt returned to the sect after his second departure from the Inception Spiritrial Arena.

“Find him, even if you must turn the chaos upside down!” the Nirvana monarchs stilted voice sounded again.

“Your Majesty, Huo Shentong and a whole host of others connected to Huo Zongxing still remain within the fire origin divine sect,” someone raised in reminder, causing everyone of the sect to tense.

“Theres no need to embroil innocent bystanders into this. Huo Zongxing was the one behind this, no one else was involved,” Lu Yun suddenly spoke up from the arena.

“Mmhmmm.” The Nirvana monarch nodded, setting the fire origin divine sect at ease.

“Whats that about the Profound Scripture of Rebirth” asked the Nirvana monarch as he looked at Lu Yun.

The monarch of Nirvana Palace was human, not a nirvana phoenix. The nirvana phoenixes were a top race within the nirvana sacred clan. If anything happened to this race, itd be a devastating blow to the Nirvana Palace.

That the Nirvana princess had retained her position all this time was in part due to the monarchs inability to break her art of rebirth, but also due out of consideration for this race. They were currently the ones looking most nervously at Lu Yun.

“The Profound Scripture of Rebirth limits the potential of the nirvana phoenixes,” sighed Lu Yun. “This method is also the catalyst of the chaos dragon curse. After all these chaos tribulations, Chi Wuxia is the only one whos truly grasped the true meaning of this method. Thus, he immediately received the cursed methods heritage when he entered the Tomb of Heaven and Earth.

“Though the cursed method is one beyond the chaos, its an inauspicious method that will result in entanglement by retribution. Practicing it will collect retribution on the wielder and levy a cursed power to curse ones entire race!

“The chaos dragons curse comes from this method as well, but they didnt practice it. They were affected by the cursed weapon. If the nirvana phoenixes took up this method, they would end up very much like the chaos dragons.

“Chi Wuxia probably discovered this, which is why he didnt share it with the rest of his kin.” Lu Yun continued knocking on the forehead of the inert body in front of him as he talked.

“Forget the Profound Scripture of Rebirth while youre at it. The nirvana phoenixes hail from the order of nirvana and possess the divine nirvana fire. Your dao and path is a natural one. Simply following the fires guidance will lead you down the proper way, so why cultivate someone elses”

The nirvana phoenixes had been taken in by anothers pretty words and gone down the wrong path a long time ago.

“Ah, forget it. If it wasnt for Wei Yuan being a nirvana phoenix, I wouldnt be bothered with all this. Listen up now!” Lu Yun suddenly spoke in booming tones that rolled throughout the gathering.

All fell silent throughout the chaos as pure white flowers floated down from above—images of the Dao Flower. Lu Yun was imparting dao!

Just as he once had in the Dao Academy, lecturing on the various combat arts and cultivation methods that hed derived, so was he now discussing the order of nirvana within the chaos! The sacred prince of Inception Palace was teaching the order of nirvana to the nirvana sacred clan of the Nirvana Palace!

If this had taken place at any other time, he wouldve been laughed off the stage. No one was laughing now.

Petals danced wildly through the air as he spoke and exotic fragrance filled the nose, accompanied by holy music. Plainly, his lecture regarding the order of nirvana truly encompassed this highest order within the chaos.

That only made sense as his past self had cultivated all six orders at the same time and thus ascended beyond the chaos.

Even the Nirvana monarch sat down cross-legged to carefully take in Lu Yuns lecture. Anyone who noted that sight began to doubt their very lives. However, more and more numbers of chaos creatures were gathering in this area to listen to Lu Yun speak.

The order of nirvana was one of the highest orders of all within the chaos. These six highest orders represented the mainstream daos of the realm. Anything and everything had to do with them. Even those who didnt walk that path would benefit enormously from this lecture.

Most importantly, Lu Yun was incorporating the immortal dao into the order of nirvana as he spoke, thus planting a seed of immortal dao in everyone who listened to him.


He finally stopped talking after an indeterminate period of time. Masses of beings teemed around the arena, and they remained in deep contemplation when his lecture concluded.

“Thank you for your help, fellow daoist.” Laying in front of Lu Yun all this time, Chi Wuxia had stood up at some unknown point, free of the Profound Scripture of Rebirth and cursed method thatd plagued him.

Resolved by the order of nirvana, the only thing left on him was the purest form of that great dao.

This also marked Chi Wuxias true entrance into nirvana. When stripped of his five senses and six sensory organs, hed entered a state of undefined nothingness. That state was true nirvana.

With Lu Yuns help, hed returned to himself with true knowledge of his great dao. Though he didnt possess any cultivation at the moment, he was almost one with the ultimate truth. 

Lu Yun inclined his head with acknowledgement. Chi Wuxia remained by his side, not showing any signs of leaving.

The Nirvana princess had noticed the moment her son awoke, but she didnt make it known. Instead, she quietly digested what the Inception prince had just taught them.

“Troubles coming, and its here for you,” Lu Yun suddenly said to Chi Wuxia.

“This karmic relationship does indeed need to be taken care of.” Chi Wuxia nodded at their incoming visitor and smiled ruefully. “I need your help, fellow daoist. I cant do anything right now.”

The experience of dao that hed just comprehended had resulted in changes to his mentality. Everything hed undergone before really had tempered his heart and resolution. He now knew himself and his limitations well.

“Alright then.” Lu Yun nodded. “You can leave.”

Chi Wuxia raised a cupped fist salute and bounded off the arena, returning to the Nirvana delegation.

The sect leader of the fire elemental divine sect watched this broodingly. Chi Wuxia had originally cultivated both the Profound Scripture of Rebirth and the fire elemental way. However, Lu Yun had struck the latter from the genius and he possessed only the dao of nirvana now.


“Prince of Inception Palace, I told you that there are some consequences that you cannot endure.” Huo Zongxing stood in the air and looked down loftily, remotely at Lu Yun. “Your patron, the one in the chaos sea, is now too preoccupied to help you. Thus, today is your death day.”

He slowly descended until he stood firmly on the Inception Spiritrial Arena. The arena shook, trembled, and crumbled away in a pile of broken rocks, leaving both Lu Yun and Huo Zongxing standing in mid air.

It couldnt suppress Huo Zongxings cultivation.

“What level is this Huo Zongxing at The arena couldnt keep him down!” Inception experts exchanged shocked glances with each other. Even sovereigns would be constrained to sixth level mortal realm if they set foot in an Inception Spiritrial Arena.

In all of history, only eight people had been unfettered by the treasure—the six monarchs, Wahuang, and Fuxi. Today saw the arrival of a ninth, Huo Zongxing, someone who shouldve been complete trash!

A disturbance ran through the fire origin divine sect as well.

“Who says the sacred lands are less than the sacred palaces Today, I will destroy the sacred palaces on behalf of the sacred lands! From this day forth, there will be only the sacred lands in the chaos!” proclaimed Huo Zongxing.-

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